1872 Business Directory

Source:  "Boyd's New York State Directory, 1872-3," business directory and gazetteer, by Andrew Boyd, Syracuse, N.Y., 1872

Benson Centre
Hunter, Wm., general store
Parmenter, John & Bro., general store

Hope Centre
Mitchell, John P. & Hugh, hotel

Hope Falls
Brownell, Lewis, tannery
Mitchell, J. & P. H., hotel
Smith, Wm. A., tanner
Smith, Wm. A. & Son, tanners and grocers
Wilson, Reuben, grocer

Indian Lake
Porter, Jesse C., country store
Washburn, Milo E., country store

Long Lake
Kellogg, Cyrus H., hotel
Shaw, Robert, country store
Sheldon, M. N., country store
Shute, M. N., country store
Shute, Peter, commissioner

Dupont, A. J., painter
Forster, H. M., lumber
Hagadorn, Henry, carpenter
Henry & Theodore, lamker tanners
Mahrup, Eugene, hotel   [should be Eugene Maheux!]
Moser, Meinrad, boots and shoes
Raux, Adophus, grocer and postmaster

Sageville (Lake Pleasant)
Andrews, S. D., hotel
Bidwell, Chas., stage proprietor
Francisco, Benj., hotel
Francisco, G. H., contry store
Sturges, D., hotel

Berry, Edward, lumber and farmer
Burnham, Wm. & Son, saw mill, dreygoods
Cochran, Daniel, shoemaker
Crowie, Marcus B., country store
Crowie, Patrick N. & Son, tanners and country store
Hosley, Samson, hotel
Hyer, Alex. B., boots and shoes
Moon J., lumber
Ostrander, Robert G., tavern and billiards
Ostrander, Thomas L., grocer
Pettit, Geo. A., country store
Rooney, James, lumber
Smith, W. A., tanner and dry goods
Smith & Hanley, tanners

Also under Gloversville:
Hamilton County Journal, Geo. M. Thompson, editor and prop.; P.O. Wells, Hamiltong County
advertisement:  Joseph R. Arrowsmith, proprietor of the Gloversville Standard and Publisher of the Hamilton Republican, Wells, Hamilton Co., N.Y.
advertisement:  Geo. M. Thompson, Proprietor of the Gloversville Intelligencer  and Publisher of the Hamilton County Journal, Wells, Hamilton County, N.Y.

Also under Johnstown
advertisement:  The Fulton County Republican, Geo. M. Thompson, Proprietor and Publisher of the Hamilton County Journal, Wells, Hamilton County, N.Y.

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