1859 Business Directory


Source:  "The New York State Business Directory, 1859" - This source lists the businesses by type, then county, so there may very well be many businessmen missing, as I had to peruse this large volume to develop this list! - Lisa New York City Business Directory, 1859

Ezekiel P. Dunning (Sageville) Arietta
John Smith (Sageville) Arietta
Bazil Bennet, (Morehouseville) Morehouse
John Martin, (Morehouseville) Morehouse
Albert Carlin, Wells
Stephen Flint, Wells
Lyman Holmes, Wells Boot and Shoe Manufacturers
Hyer, Alexander B., Wells

Butter Dealers
Ronald Thomas, Wells

Zadock Bass, (Sageville) Arietta
Amos Dunning, (Sageville) Arietta
Francis Kassing, (Morehouseville) Morehouse
John Schweitzer, (Morehouseville) Morehouse
Elijah Cowles, Wells
Ulysses H. Cowles, Wells
Thomas L. Ostrander, Wells

Horatio Graves, B., Wells
S. E. Lockwood, M. E., Wells

Peter Maheux, (Morehouseville) Morehouse

Country Store
Adolphus B. Raux (Morehouseville) Morehouse
William Burnham, Wells
William Pettit, Wells
Powell, W. J. & co., Wells
William R. Weld, Wells

Peter Haremaker (Morehouseville) Morehouse

Furniture Dealers
Samuel N. Jones (Morehouseville) Morehouse

Grist Mill
John Cumming (Morehouseville) Morehouse
W. J. Powell & Co., Wells

John B. Raux, (Morehouseville) Morehouse
Havilla Winchell, (Morehouseville) Morehouse
Northern, A. Francisco, Wells
Traveller's Home, W. Pettit, Wells

Lumber Dealer
David B. Abrams, Wells
Hawley, Fulsom & Burnham, Wells

Haremaker, Peter, (Morehouseville) Morehouse

Saw Mills
George MOrris (Devereux) Arietta
Brown, Ambler & Co. (Sageville) Arietta
Amos Dunning & Co. (Sageville) Arietta
John M. Ferris, (Sageville) Arietta
George Morse & Co. (Sageville) Arietta
Daniel Rudes & Co. (Sageville) Arietta
Wm. Kramer, (Morehouseville) Morehouse
Samuel N. Jones (Morehouseville) Morehouse
David B. Abrams, Wells
F. G. Macomber, Wells
John Russell & Co., Wells

Tanners and Curriers
Lamker & Bro. (Morehousevilee) Morehouse

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