1850 Business Directory

Source:  "The New York Mercantile Union Business Directory, 1850-1," S. French, L. C. & H. L. Pratt, 1850.  This source lists the businesses by type, then county, so there may very well be many businessmen missing, as I had to peruse this large volume to develop this list! - Lisa

Denny, H., public house
Olmsted, A., public house
Wadsworth, D., public house

Lake Pleasant
Batchelor, Benjamin, boot & shoe manufacturer
Burnett, Franklin, dry goods
Burritt, Nelson B., dry goods
Call, Samuel, dry goods
Holmes, John C., public house
Peck, Richard, dry goods
Saterly, Clark, public house
Skidmore, Jas., public house
Sturgis, Aaron, boot & shoe manufacturer
Weld, William R., dry goods

Morehouse, A. R. [probably should be A. K. Morehouse], public house

Abrams, D. B., blacksmith and groceries & provisions (retail)
Chamberlain, Wm., flouring and/or grist mill
DeForrest, Isaac, blacksmith
Francisco, Archibald, public house
Hasley, Benj., public house
Neally, Elder, clergyman
Pecket, Samuel, clergyman
Rutherford, --, clergyman
Wait, Benjamin, boot & shoe manufacturer
Weld, Wm. R., public house
Whitman, C., blacksmith

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