The 2nd New York Heavy Artillery
from Hamilton County

  • Service records- NYS Adj.Gen.Reports various volumes for the regiments listed.
  • (  )* "History of Hamilton County," by Ted Aber and Stella King, 1965, Great Wilderness Books, Lake Pleasant, NY  974.752
  • Burial sites- local from personal notes of Charles Shaw
  •   "      "  - Southern states and Long Island from: Roll of Honor, Volumes 1-27 US Quartermaster's Dep't. Reprinted 1994 by Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc.,Balt.,Md.
  • Thank you Charles Shaw!!

    This is a listing of soldiers for the 2nd Art from Charles Shaw who used the above sources to compile service records for many Hamilton county Civil War veterans.  These soldiers had either enlisted or resided at some time within the county.  From these sources it is unknown which of these men were residents of the county at the time of enlistment (although most likely those who enlisted within the county were residents).

    Please note that information from the 1890 census records, now online, is not part of this compilation!  Look for the 1890 census records on our Military Page.

    Info includes (but may be missing portions thereof):  name, company, regiment, enlistment date, enlistment location, residence according to Aber & King in (  )*, age at enlistment, service record [discharge date, reason, muster out info, etc.], burial place. 


    • disdis- discharged for disability
    • diswds- discharged for wounds
    • dod- died of disease
    • dow- died of wounds
    • mo/co- mustered out with company
    • nfr - no further record
    • VRC- Veteran Reserve Corps
    • wia - wounded in action

    Those who enlisted within the county

    Bennett, Isaac B 2Art 1/19/64 Hope 29-disdis 5/27/65 

    Boyce, Mich'l. B 2Art 12/29/63 Wells 22-dod 9/9/64 Wash. DC tombstone in Wells Cemetery no dates buried Arlington National Cemetery, Va. 

    Brown, Wm. A. B 2Art 1/2/64 Lake Pleasant 41-5/26/65 hospital buried Speculator Cemetery 1821-1890 

    Brownell, Wm. B. Cpl. B 2Art 12/29/63 Benson 26-9/29/65 mo/co buried Northville Methodist Cemetery, Fulton Co. 

    Carpenter, Caleb Cpl. B 2Art 1/4/64 Hope 29-9/29/65 mo/co 

    Corey, Abram T. I  2Art 1/4/64 Hope 38-7/18/65 Northville Methodist Cemetery 

    Darrah, Hiram B 2Art 1/2/64 Indian Lake 38-disdis 4/17/64 

    Fish, Joseph F. B 2Art 1/19/64 Wells 18-disdis 4/17/64 

    Howland, Geo. Hiram B 34Inf 11/19/61 Lake Pleasant 38-disdis 3/19/62 2nd enlistment B 2Art 12/29/63 Wells 38-disdis 4/7/64 

    Hutchinson, Wm. E. B 2Art 12/29/63 Benson 25-mia 6/10/64 Cold Harbor, Va. died 9/18/64 Andersonville, Ga. buried Andersonville National Cemetery, Ga. 

    Lobdell, Wesley B 2Art 1/1/64 Hope 20-disdis 5/19/65 buried Northville Cem

    Mulholland, Andrew N. B 2Art 1/1/64 Long Lake 34-VRC 10/31/64-nfr

    Palmer, Ransom J. F 2Art 12/31/63 Long Lake 27-disdis 2/6/65 (lost arm in Battle of Wilderness, Va.)* 

    Porter, W. W. B 2Art 1/1/64 Indian Lake 18-9/29/65 buried Indian Lake Cemetery 1847-1916 

    Randall, Wm. B 2Art 1/12/64 Lake Pleasant 44-dod 7/17/64 Wash. DC buried Arlington National Cemetery, Va. 

    Rudes, Geo. T. A 2Art 12/28/63 Arietta 23-VRC 10/24/64 nfr buried Higgins Bay Cemetery 1840-1914 

    Simons, Peter (Henry) F 2Art 12/26/63 Wells 27-9/29/65 mo/co 1st enlistment 97Inf 

    Snow, Daniel F 2Art 12/23/63 Wells 27-dod 9/17/64 Wash. DC buried Arlington National Cemetery, Va. 

    Stewart, Alex. L. F 2Art 1/1/64 Hope 38-9/29/65 mo/co 

    Sutherland, Wm. A 2Art 1/19/64 Hope 33-9/29/65 mo/co Northville Cemetery 

    Wager, Levi A. L 2Art 12/26/63 Wells 24-VRC 4/5/65-7/21/65 1st enl 97Inf buried Wells Cemetery 1839-1912 

    Those who enlisted outside the county
    (but Aber & King list as soldiers residing in the county)

    Deming, Andrew Sgt. E 2Art 1/5/64 Charlton (Wells)* 33-9/29/65 mo/co buried Northville Cemetery, Fulton Co. 

    Harris, Wm. H. B 2Art 1/5/64 Mayfield (Hope)* 35-dow 6/19/64 Petersburg, Va 

    Murray, John K 2Art 12/1/61 Herkimer (Wells)* 18-9/29/65 mo/co 

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