WWII Monument
Town of Morehouse
Hamilton County, NY

MONUMENT on the North side of the Methodist Church/Cemetery, Rt. 8

Read by Elaine Scantlebury, April 2000

This tablet erected in honor of those who
served from the Town of Morehouse in WWII

George F. Remonda*
Raymond E. BohGeorge S. Lewis
Nelson G. EastonClaude L. Pardee
Kenneth J. EdickElmer D. Partello
Henry A. ErbLeonard E. Remonda
James E. FraserJames E. Russ
Charles V. HoffmeisterJohn E. Russ
Elon V. HoughtallingWilliam E. Smith
Edward F. KippLawerence H. Uebele
Henry F. KreuzerWilliam A. Williams

This tablet erected by the Town of Morehouse

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