War of 1812 Pension Application of Washington Craig of Wells, NY

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We was set Of here in [ ] County by govner to [ ] in Albany and he found us guns and amanishon to take Care of aure selves and we driled under John L. Francisco he was our house gard Captain and when we traind we was inroled and Commandid under Captain Burroughs he lived in this County in Proudalben. The County has ben divided Sinse that time. I wated more than a year to find out my Captain name one of our Company moved west and I sent to him and he Sent his name my house was burnt and my discharge and all other papers was burnt I am old and forgetful eighty Seven years old in August next. The names of the Regiment Company and the Augniseation is on the other paper we take a goodele of trouble to git the Captain name they said that was all they wanted I will send the Soldiers names John M. Craig, Henry Overaker, Joel Vanderhoof, Henry Vanderhoof, John Vanderhoof, John Sisco, John Begle, John Sisco, James Beagle, Asher Osburn, Peter Beagle, Michael Overacker, John Arnol, Thomas Turner, Rose Turner, David Winna, Michael Sisco, Giles Vanderhoof, Gilbert Vanderhoof, John Smith, James Snow, Joel Swet, Samuel Picket, George Spaldin, Henry Walker, John Dunham, Richard Peck, John M. Craig , David Winna all has got Land Warrents and pension to they are all ded now these fore had Land Warrents I have not named was named all the Soldiers & our Company C our Rigament is and we was augnised in June we driled under Sisco. He was our home gard Captain I had A discharge it was burnt in my house and all other papers So I forgot the Captains name write and Let me know if there is any thing wanting more this from the main Soldier Washington Craig.

[This letter, no heading, closing or date, is from the pension application file of Washington Craig of Wells, Hamilton Co., NY.] 


Wells February 13 1872

Zerah S. Westbrook Esquire

My dear Sir__In reply to yours of the 26 Oct will state that immediately after declaration of War against Great Britton, June 18th, 1812, the Inhabitants of Wells and Lake Pleasant then the County of Montgomery wer terror stricken in fear of an attack from the Canadian Indians who were roaming in all their wildness through the wilds of Hamilton County Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing.

The Inhabitants Considering thimselves on the Northern frontier Boundary of the St. Lawrence Fled from their homes and scattered themselves over the Counties of Saratoga, Rensaler and Montgomery, now Fulton. All the Inhabitants of Lake Pleasant except My father left and a large majority of Wells.

Under this ruinous condition of things, Application was made by a remaining few to the Patriotick Governor Tompkins of the State for an order to rais a company of Volunteers from the above mentioned towns to be denominated the Wells and lake Pleasant guards in order to allay the fears of the Inhabitants and protect them from the apprehended Massecre of the Savages, and to invite them to return to their desolate home.

The Petition was granted, my Brother William B. Peck was Commisioned Captain, John L. Francesco Leuetenant, Cornelius Francesco 2nd Leuetenant-with orders [to] Enlist a Company of Volunteers, which were armed and equiped with all the munitions of war. The Company was drilled, and disaplined in the art of war, and continued to be enrolled untill the Treaty of Peace signed by the two nations at Ghent.

The company was then disbanded and discharged, and the arms and unexpended ammunition returned to the Arsenal at Albany. My brother the Captain although very correct in business matters never returned the muster roll to the proper Officers--As to the service of that Company there is proof as strong as Holy writ.

If you can dress up this Skelliton so as to obtain a slice of publick bounty you will confer a favor on the few living that witnessed the Heartrending scenes of that Campagne.

Most Respectfully yours Richard Peck

[ Richard Peck was a county judge in Hamilton Co., NY. and Zerah S. Westbrook was an attorney in Amsterdam, NY. The letter is part of the pension application file of John M. Craig.]


Wells, Hamilton

Co. N. Y. Dec 13th/79

J. H. Bentley

Commissioner of Pensions

Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir

In reply to yours asking for the name of the officer, no. of regiment, letter of Co. & also whether I have a Middle letter in my name permit me to say first that my name is simply Washington Craig, born Aug. 16th 1794. 2nd the number of Regiment (if numbered) I have forgotten. At the breaking out of the war in 1812 or soon after the inhabitants in this section being fearful of an attack from the Indians sent John L. Francisco of this town and William B. Peck of the town of Lake Pleasant to Albany to confer with Governor Thompkins in regard to military matters, an arrangement was entered into by which we were to organize into companies and drill daily he/the [Govr.] to furnish Arms Ammunition etc. The Co. for this town was [officerd], as near as I remember as follows.

Captain John L. Francisco, Lieutenant Cornelius Francisco, Ensign Josiah Wadsworth, 1st Captain Gilbert Vanderhoof, Drummer Gardiner Odell, Fifer Jesse Whitman, John M. Craig, John Dunham, and Richard Peck was in one of the companies that is [ ] or lake Pleasant.

If we were in any Regiment I have forgotten the number, after the close of the war we were in a regiment commanded by Col. Tiffany Brockway who was our Colonel if we had any during the war.

At the close of the war the arms were returned to Albany.

Every one of the above mentioned officers etc. are dead I alone remain consequently can bring no witness.

Should anything further be wanted please let me know and send blanks etc. if any are needed by me.

Please write on receipt of this.

Respect Yours

Washington Craig

Per J. B. Morrison

[Letter from the pension application file of Washington Craig of Wells, Hamilton Co., NY.] 

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