War Casualties
WWII thru Vietnam
Hamilton County

SourceNational Archives (extracted from online information)

WWII Casualties - Army and Army Air Force

There is also a seperate document for Navy, Marines and Coast Guard but it is alphabetical rather than by county, thus too time consuming to extract.  To find this document, go to: NARA: WWII Casualties and follow the instructions for searching the NAIL database.

Type of Casualty:  DNB: Died non-Battle; KIA:   Killed in Action; FOD:   Finding of Death)
Surname First Name Army Serial # Grade Casualty Type
Avery Bartle A. 0-548080 Capt. KIA
Avery Milton L. 0-691466 2 Lt. KIA
Brooks Robert O. 32856484 Cpl. DNB
Brown George E. 32941292 Tec4 KIA
Canfield Lewis C. 32670090 Pfc KIA
Cole Alfred W. 32741592 S Sg FOD
Coulombe Carl W. 32943936 Pfc KIA
Danforth Raymond E. 32447604 Pfc DNB
Downey Michael J. 32040624 Pfc KIA
Duane Robert B. 42085661 Pvt FOD
Gilbert William N. 6980436 Pvt DNB
Goldstein Alvin P. 0-793246 1 Lt FOD
Green Louis S. 0-661620 Capt DNB
Keeler Leonard B. 32943933 Pvt KIA
Kohn Robert 0-723580 2 Lt. DNB
Lapelle Philip B. 12174908 Pfc KIA
Leonard Philo E. 12002655 S. Sg KIA
Mc Ginn Edward A. 32373665 Pfc KIA
Reilly Bernard J. jr. 12062783 Pvt. DNB
Stuart Earl 32741599 Pvt. DNB
Williams Charles A. 32949312 Pfc FOD
Woshchynski Casimir 42052358 Pvt KIA
Korean War Casualties

Atkins, Albert E., Pvt, Army, 23 May 1951, "died while missing"
Butler, Paul M., Pfc, Army, 7 Jan 1951, killed in action
Smith, Roger A., Sgt, Army, 11 Jul 1950, killed in action

Vietnam Conflict Casualties

Smith, Wayne Michael, Sp4, Army, Lake Pleasant, 25 Jun 1968, South Vietnam, 20 Mar 1947, "NON-HOS.DIED-MISS."

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