WWII Draft Questionnaires, 1941-2
Hamilton County

Source:  The Hamilton County Record, articles published during the years of 1941 and 1942, with an introduction researched and written by Lisa Slaski.  The articles herein were those found by quick scanning the paper from Jan 1941 to Dec 1942.  A complete reading of each newspaper may well yield other similar articles which were missed during this quick perusal!


The Selective Service System was started in 1940 as a peacetime draft.  On 16 Oct 1940 the first required registration of all men between the age of 21 and 36 (inclusive) was performed.  On 29 Oct 1940 a national lottery was held to determine the order in which the men would be considered for the draft.  Each local draft board received an ordered list of men.  As required by the state draft board, each local board would send out questionnaires to a required number of men from this list, starting from the beginning.  The questionnaire would determine the individual's eligibility for military service.  After receiving the questionnaire's and ranking the men into separate classes, the local board would then determine the list of selected men for induction, based upon their lottery order and eligibility.  These men would then be sent to an induction station and would either be accepted or rejected by the armed forces.  For every man rejected at the induction station, another alternate would be sent by the same local board as a replacement.

The following are the Selective Service System required draft registrations that I know of:

  • First registration was held on 16 Oct 1940 for all men 21 to 36 years of age.
  • Second registration was held on 1 Jul 1941 for all men who turned 21 since 16 Oct 1940.
  • Third registration was held on 14-16 Feb 1942 for all men who were 20 before 31 Dec 1941 and not older than 45 by 16 Feb 1942.
  • Fourth registration was held on 25-27 Apr 1942 for all men who turned 45 on or before 16 Feb 1942 and not older than 65 on or before 27 Apr 1942.
  • A registration was held on 30 Jun 1942 for all men born after 1 Jan 1922 and before 30 Jun 1924.
  • A registration was held in Dec 1942 for all men who turned 18 by 31 Dec 1942.
  • Starting on 1 Jan 1943, men are to register on their 18th birthday, or first business day after it, if it occurs on a weekend or holiday.
  • The first 4 registrations were labeled as such by the articles that I found that listed the requirements.  The following three registrations did not indicate which one they were, thus there could be other registrations dates held that I do not have information on.

    Many of those who were sent questionnaires were not drafted.  Eligibility was based on marital status, whether they had children, their occupation and things such as disabilities, etc..  As the war progressed and the need for eligible men increased, the restrictions for eligibility were loosened.  A man who was married might have been ineligible one year only to become eligible later in the war, etc..

    In some cases, I also found lists of inductees which I have included here as well.  Again, not all inductees would have been accepted by the armed forces.  Of course, many men may well have enlisted voluntarily prior to being drafted.  Some would have done this in their enthusiasm for fighting for their country and others might have done so in order to choose the branch of the service (such as Navy or Marines) that they wished to participate in.  Thus, these lists do not provide names of soldiers, but rather names of individuals who were being considered for the draft and some of those who were inducted during 1941 and 1942.

    Lists of Men Who Received Questionnaires or Were Inducted
    extracted from the Hamilton County Record newspaper published in Wells, NY.

    published 2 Jan 1941

    Lake Pleasant - First local draftees selected for induction were:
    James Patrick O'Keefe
    Michael James Downey
    William McCleary Dunlop
    Andrew Simonds
    published 17 Apr 1941

    Draft Questionnaires Distributed in Hamilton County April 3, 1941
    (reordered alphabetically - originally published by Order No. 229-252)

    Order # Name Address
    235 Francis Earl Breakey Inlet
    230 Edwin Christean Christiansen Long Lake
    232 Donald Henry DeMarsh Indian Lake
    239 George Dunbar Inlet
    241 Myron Henry Earley Wells
    243 Ray Loomis Earley Wells
    245 Kenneth James Edick Stratford, NY
    244 Wallace Harper Emerson Long Lake
    246 George Edward Hastings Long Lake
    252 Arthur George Hutchins Long Lake
    233 Stanley Vincent Jennings Indian Lake
    236 Victor Spencer Knapp Lake Pleasant
    240 Desmond Joseph Lance Long Lake
    250 Franklin Wright Lobdell Hope
    248 John Robert Morris Long Lake
    249 Arthur Everett Parker Long Lake
    238 Joe Edward Potter Blue Mt. Lake
    251 Kenneth George Randall Indian Lake
    242 George Lewis Savage Lake Pleasant
    229 Hasson Carl Simons Wells
    247 Malcoom Smith Indian Lake
    231 Alviro Francis Springs Indian Lake
    234 Percy Waldo Stanton Indian Lake
    237 Lewis Tilden Wadsworth N. Hampton, NY

    Draft Questionnaires Distributed in Hamilton County April 14, 1941
    (reordered alphabetically - originally published by Order No. 253-279)

    Order # Name Address
    263 William Henry Aldous Indian Lake
    269 Dolan Eugene Brooks Speculator
    260 Roy Buyce Wells
    262 Roscoe Francis Carlin Raquette Lake
    273 Harsan Stewart Fish Indian Lake
    276 DeWitt Brown Griffiths Speculator
    279 Robert George Hanna Blue Mt. Lake
    266 Arthur F. Helms Long Lake
    257 Alfred Kenneth Hoover Speculator
    258 Raymond Francis Jock Long Lake
    265 John Peary Lanphear Speculator
    264 Stanley George Lanphear Speculator
    259 Gordon Lee LaVergne Indian Lake
    267 Arthur Martin Locke Indian Lake
    274 George Henry Morrison Speculator
    272 Elmer Benadict Morrissey Long Lake
    261 Francis Edward O'Connell Raquette Lake
    275 Arthur Harold Patrick Inlet
    278 Burton D. quillan Benson
    271 Verne Harland Raymond Indian Lake
    254 Ralph Mortimer Remonda Morehouse
    256 James Harrison Roblee Raquette Lake
    253 Howard Franklin Ryan Wells
    276 Thomas LeRoy Ryan Wells
    255 Colin Clifford Waterston Indian Lake
    268 Calvin Harvey Wilbur Speculator
    270 enlisted  

    published 1 May 1941

    Draft Questionnaires Distributed in Hamilton County April 24, 1941
    (reordered alphabetically - originally published by Order No. 305-331)

    Order # Name Address
    312 Walter Becker Long Lake
    318 Abraham Lincoln Curtis Wells
    329 Camille Deprey Indian Lake
    330 Carlo DiMezza Northville, NY
    309 Robert James Donovan Long Lake
    319 Duane Russell Fredette Inlet
    325 Frank Theodore Gates Blue Mt. Lake
    326 Harrison Beecher Hall Indian Lake
    308 James Benjamin Hall Long Lake
    306 George Elmer Haskell Piseco
    313 William James Houghton Long Lake
    315 Elmer Leon House Raquette Lake
    305 Guy Henry Lamphear Indian Lake
    321 Erdix Pelon Indian Lake
    323 Joseph Cyril Rowlands Raquette Lake
    327 Edmund Francis Sawyer Blue Mt. Lake
    307 Preston Henry Simons Wells
    322 Clifford Arden Slack Speculator
    316 John L. Stuart Hope
    310 Leonard Allen Sweet Wells
    314 Harold Rowe Thorton Raquette Lake
    317 Robert Jasper Wadsworth Wells
    324 W. Wilson Wadsworth Hope
    320 Ralph Wilhelm Speculator
    311 Robert Leland Worthington Indian Lake
    331 Theodore Willis Yennard Speculator
    328 volunteer  

    Draft Questionnaires Distributed in Hamilton County April 25, 1941
    (reordered alphabetically - originally published by Order No. 332-358)

    Order # Name Address
    338 Andrew Archambault Indian Lake
    348 Malcolm Atterbury Lake Pleasant
    352 Jules Albert Beckary Indian Lake
    342 Robert Wilbur Carey Long Lake
    357 Robert Glenn Easton Hoffmeister
    335 Henry Vincent Failing Lake Pleasant
    345 Bernard Edgar Fish Indian Lake
    344 James Edward Fraser Morehouse
    343 Maurice Paul Frulla Indian Lake
    354 Horace Gilbert Harris  Long Lake
    349 Gilbert Rhoades Helms Long Lake
    347 Rodney Earl Holden, jr. Canada Lake, NY
    353 Leo Edward Joyce Blue Mt. Lake
    340 Henry Maxon LaPrairie Blue Mt. Lake
    336 Robert Lobdell, jr. Hope
    337 Stanley Scott Maynard Indian Lake
    339 Robert Eugene Morrison Speculator
    333 Sherwood Marshall Ovitt Long Lake
    334 John Raymond Parker Wells
    346 John Burton Preston Higgins Bay
    341 Adoph G. Sabattis Long Lake
    351 Harry Delbert Stone, jr. Long Lake
    355 Norman C. Storer Benson
    358 Timothy Daniel Sullivan, jr. Long Lake
    332 Laurence Mortimer Tracey Indian Lake
    350 James Ira Tubbs Lake Pleasant
    356 volunteer  

    published 15 May 1941

    List of men selected for induction on May 13, 1941
    V356 - James LeRoy Springs
    264 - Stanley George Lanphear
    267 - Arthur Martin Locke
    256 - James Harrison Roblee
    280 - Harry Amos Moulton
    308 - James Benjamin Hall
    312 - Walter Becker
    313 - William James Houghton
    319 - Duane Russell Fredette
    323 - Joseph C. Rowlands
    336 - Robert Lobdell, jr.
    342 - Robert Wilbur Corey
    Between 180 and 190 questionnaires were mailed to selective draft registrants in Hamilton County last week.  This completes the list of those who registered last October.
    published 12 Jun 1941
    List of selected men for induction to report on 16 Jun 1941:
    111 - John Ralph Brasile
    117 - Laurence Erwin Davis
    194 - Daniel Jay Eldridge
    210 - Archie Soloman Mead
    228 - Harold William Page
    302 - Thomas Edward Wilkie
    341 - Adolph G. Sabattis
    362 - Edgar Maxwell Lanphear

    published 17 Jul 1941

    List of Second Registration

    At the second selective draft registration, held July 1st, the names of twenty four men were added to the roll of the Selective Service Draft Board of Hamilton County, as follows:
    (all the same men as listed in the next table)

    published 31 Jul 1941

    Draft Questionnaires Distributed in Hamilton County July 24, 1941
    (reordered alphabetically - originally published by Order No.)

    Order # Name Address Serial #
    S-366 Bartle Arthur Avery Lake Pleasant S-18
    S-390 Ernest Clarence Blanchard Blue Mt. Lake S-7
    S-533 Wm. Henry Breen, jr. Long Lake S-3
    S-453 George Spring Burgess Indian Lake S-23
    S-485 Thorpe Gardner DeVoid Long Lake S-6
    S-382 John Wm. Farley Indian Lake S-26
    S-422 Donald Lester Gauvin Blue Mt. Lake S-13
    S-406 Harold Francis Houghton Wells S-10
    S-374 Leon Erwin Lamos Long Lake S-17
    S-545 Thomas Justine Lamos Long Lake S-24
    S-461 Louis Charles LaVergue Indian Lake S-19
    S-358 Frederick Joseph Lawrence Piseco S-11
    S-541 Roger Fountain Lawrence Wells S-8
    S-517 John Arthur Lindeberg Hope S-15
    S-525 Erdyx Floyd McIntyre Long Lake S-4
    S-429 Franklin Guy Mitchell Indian Lake S-12
    S-469 Robert Morton Moore Raquette Lake S-21
    S-493 James Elmer Page Speculator S-2
    S-350 Roger Clifford Parker Indian Lake S-9
    S-477 Farrand James Russell Long Lake S-22
    S-445 Edwin Charles Seaman Long Lake S-16
    S-437 Elmer Edward Smith Indian Lake S-14
    S-509 Gordon William Smith Lake Pleasant S-5
    S-414 Lloyd W. Stuart Wells S-25
    S-398 Howard Leslie Vanderwarker Indian Lake S-20
    S-501 Robert Frederick Young Long Lake S-1

    published 19 Mar 1942

    The follwoing men from Hamilton county were inducted into the United States Army:
    Bradley Fitch Parslow Lake Pleasant
    Leo Edward Joyce Blue Mt. Lake
    Edgar Lanphear Maxwell Raquette Lake
    Ernest Clarence Blanchard Blue Mt. Lake
    Bernard Louis Patrick Inlet
    Howard Leslie Vanderwarker Indian Lake
    Joseph Gerard Cole Indian Lake
    George Cummings Piseco
    Edward Wheeler Blue Mt. Lake
    William Dampier Lawton Wells
    In the near future cards will be mailed giving the Order and Serial Numbers to the registrants that registered on February 14, 15 and 16, 1942.

    published 27 Aug 1942

    Selective Service Notes

    The following boys who were accepted by the army on August 7th, and granted a fourteen day furlough were returned to active duty on August 21.
    Hugh F. Carroll
    Long Lake
    Clarence C. Morrison
    Hursel H. Lanphear
    Artless A. Slack
    Raymond E. Danforth
    Artless A. Slack
    Ned Washburn Locke
    Indian Lake
    Fred F. Slack
    Lake Pleasant
    Joseph Alfred H. Gagnon
    Wilfred Andrew Burnett
    Long Lake
    Nelson C. DeMarsh
    Indian Lake
    Calvin D. Young
    John H. Donahue
    Francis L. Hunt
    Indian Lake

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