WWI Draft Registration
Hamilton County

The following is not a complete list!

The “History of Hamilton County” by Ted Aber and Stella King, 1965 provides a list of veterans of WWI.  I took this list, looked up each veteran in Rootsweb's WWI Draft Registration Database and included this information when I could.  I also looked up additional Hamilton county registrants of similar surnames to those included in the veterans list, along with a few other surnames that I personally know of.  This list is NOT COMPLETE!  If you have information on other registrants from Hamilton county, I'd be willing to add them to this list!


Name; Town/Hamlet (as listed in Aber & King):  comments from WWI Draft Registration Database, or other comments [my own comments are written in these square brackets] - all are registered in Hamilton county, NY.
Abrams Abusia Adams Aird
  • Douglas Call; NKT: b. 10 Feb 1900.
  • Edgar D.; NKT:  b. 8 Apr 1888 in Lake Pleasant, NY.
  • Emory; Lake Pleasant: SMD
  • Herbert C.; Arietta and Lake Pleasant:  SMD
  • James O.; NKT: b. 27 Nov 1877.
  • John L.; NKT:  b. 16 Oct 1875.
  • Pierson C.; Lake Pleasant:  SMD
  • Arnold Arsenault Austin Babcock Bennett
  • Charles; Indian Lake:  [Bennett, Charles E.] b. 30 Aug 1896 in Indian Lake, Hamilton county, NY.  His dad was also born in Indian Lake.
  • George; Indian Lake:  SMD
  • Benton Bibby Bijould Bishop Blair Boh Bonesteel Brewster Brown Bryere Burgess Burkhard Burns Burton Buyce Call Cameron Campney Carlsen Casline Clayton Clement Cleveland Clouthier Cole Conley Conway Courtney Cronin Cross Curtis Danforth Davis Davison Devine Duane Dunham Dunn Dunning Earley Erb Farentico Farrell Fehlner Filkins Fish Flory Fredette French Fry Fuller Gallagher Gardner Gilbert Gionnett Godfrey Greene Hall Hanley Hanna Harington Hart Heitman Helms Hoffmeister Houghton Hudson Hughes Hunt Hunter Jennings Jones Kellogg Kelly Kelton Kenell Kenville King Knox Kopp Kreuzer La Berty Lamkey Lamos La Pelle La Prairie Lawrence Little Loftus Loomis Lucas Manzer Maxam McGinn Merwin Monk Moulton Murdock O'Hara Osborne Otis Ovitt Paddock Parks Partello Pawling Payne Pelcher Prevost Quarry Quillen Raine Rea Reed Remonda Rice Richens Robinson Roden Rogers Rowe Russ Russell Sandner Saunders Sawyer Schaller Schoonmaker Searls Silliman Slack Smith Snell Snyder Stanton Stanyon Steves Stoddard Stuart Sullivan Sweeney Sweet Tambarino Terryberry Tiffany Tracy Trumbley Turner Uebelle Van Ulm Virgil Waddell Wadsworth Wagar Washburn Watsau Weaver Wenger West Whitman Williams Winship York

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