Revolutionary War Pension
Ezekiel Sloan

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Revolutionary War
Declaration for Pension
Ezekiel Sloan
Series: M805, Roll: 743, File #S42013

Sloan, Ezekiel
Service: Massachusetts

Ezekiel Sloan; Voses R T, private, Massachusetts Line
Inscribed on the Roll of Vermont at the rate of eight Dollars per month to commence the 4th of April 1818.
Certificate of Pension issued the 14th of October 1818 and sent to George Rich [?] Montpelier, V.T.
Arrears to the 4th of September 1818 [$]40.76
Semi-Anl. All'ce ending 4th March 1819 [$]48. [Total] [$]88.76
{Revolutionary claim, Act 18th March 1818}

I Ezekiel Sloan of Montpelier in the county of Washington & state of Vermont of the age of fifty four years testifies & declares that in the summer of 1780 [???able] to my best remembrance I enlisted into the three year service to one Perry who had enlisting orders to enlistment & soon after I went to Boston;s Fort [Mizton ?] & under the direction of a recruiting sergeant with about one hundred others was marched to West Point & there joined Capt. Remick's company. [Four ?] Lieuts. were Williams X Brown in [Co Co ?] in Massachusetts line Elijah [Close's] Regiment in Genl. Patterson's Brigade and in about one year after our company was under the command of Col. Hull & we were marched Westchester - Worchester - [?] [Crumpon ?] & NewRochel [sic]. I do not recollect [?] tarried but a few weeks at either of the places. Our business seemed to be upon the scout & after the low boys we were called Rogers we crossed many times into the state of N. jersey and at or about the close of the war we were marched up to West Point where Genl. Washington was. I was there about ten or twelve days only when we were ordered down to the city of New York & we tarried in the city about five or six months & I think it was in December of 1783 we were discharged. It was nearly a year after the [losers ?] of the war (as we called them) had gone home - my discharge was signed & given by a genl. Officer who Genl. Washington left in the city for that purpose (as I suppose) after Genl. Washington had gone home. I cannot recollect the genl.'s name who gave me & our company our discharges. My discharge was burned in [Roper ? West ?] house in the town of Greenwich in Massachusetts many years ago. I further declare that at the time of my passing muster at Boston until I was discharged at new York I never left the service one day nor had any furlough during the whole time which was two years & seven months according to my best recollection. I was in the battle or skirmish at Horseneck & in one other battle [effency ?] at Froff's Point. Capt. Remic, Mills & [Wortten] were the commanders of the three companies at Horseneck - When I first arrived at West Point the now Honl. James Fisk of Barre in this state was a private in Co. C, Brook's Regiment & there continued many months. We were there intimately acquainted with each other - and that by reason of his reduced circumstances [ ? ? ?]
March 26 AD 1818
[Signed] Ezekiel Sloan

State of Vermont
        On this 29th day of June 1820 personally appeared in open court...Ezekiel Slone [sic] aged fifty eight years, resident of Montpelier in said county who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary war as follows: served in Capt. Remick & Mills company in Col. Vose Regiment from June 1781 to Dec 1783 of the Massachusetts line. That the date of my original declaration is march 28th 1818 and my certificate issued there on is numbered 3.636 and dated 14th October 1818...[Listing of property]
One hog, one five pail kettle, one three pail kettle, four kitchen chairs and one table. - That I am by occupation a farmer and am tolerably able to labor. My wife [Swenda ?] of the age of fifty six years is tolerably healthy, my daughter Lucinda of the age of seventeen is sickly and unable to support herself. My son Loran of the age of eleven & daughter Hannah of the age of eight years are unable to support themselves.
[Signed] Ezekiel Sloan

State of Vermont
Washington County
        On this 17th day of February A..D. 1844, before me the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace for said county of Washington, personally appeared Ezekiel Sloan, who on his oath, declares that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the company commanded by Captain John Mills, in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Elijah Von in the service of the United States; That his name was formerly placed on the pension roll of the Vermont agency and afterwards removed into the state of New York and was placed on the pension roll of the New York agency where I have received my pension for the last eight or ten years or ever since I left Vermont and that in November AD 1843 I removed from the state of New York to Calais in the County of Washington and state of Vermont and that I now reside in Calais aforesaid where he intends to remain and wishes his pension to be made payable to the pension Agency in Montpelier, VT. The following is the reason for my removing to Vermont - being unable to perform my manual labor myself and having a grandson in Calais, VT said if I and my wife would come and live with him he would support us by receiving out of my pension the sum of eighty eight per annum to be paid him after I received my semi annual payments and considering my health and my wife's health have come to the conclusion that this arrangement would be to my own comfort & that of my wife and have therefore accepted his offer and removed myself & wife to Calais where I now expect to remain so long as I live.
Ezekiel Sloan X his mark


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