Past Memorial Day Observances
in Hamilton County
Program Pamphlets

Source: Memorial Day Celebration Program Pamphlets as indicated. Donated by Annie Weaver.

Observance of Memorial Day, Speculator, N. Y.;
Sunday, May 30, 1943

In honor of those men of Hamilton County who made the Supreme Sacrifice in Defense of Our Country:

Parade will assemble at Lake Pleasant Central School at 3:00 p.m. and will march through town to Grace Methodist Church.
Procession Starts Promptly at 3:15 p.m.
Honorary Marshal: Samuel G. Anibal, G. A. R.
Marshal of the Day and Parade: Carl L. Earley, County Commander
Aides: John Ostrander, Hon. Dennis Dillon, Henry Rogers, Earl C. Farber, Leo W. Rogers, Arthur Fowler. George Craig, Ralph Bonesteel, K. Leonard Harwood, Kenneth Sturges, Edmund Clement, George A. Raux, Leon Perry, William Remmey.

Organizations and Civic Bodies Represented in Parade:

Civil War Veterans (Honorary)              Speculator Girl Scouts
Spanish War Veterans                       Lake Pleasant Central School
Stanley Steves Post, 1157                  Wells High School
   Lake Pleasant                           Entrée Nous Club
Stanley Steves Post, Auxiliary,            Women's Society of Christian Service,
   Lake Pleasant                              Lake Pleasant
American Legionaires:                      Women's Society of Christian Service,
   Warren County, Fulton County,              Speculator
   Hamilton County, Herkimer               Speculator Volunteer Fire Company
   County                                  Wells Volunteer Fire Company
Hamilton County Red Cross                  Hamilton County Defense Council

Musical Selections by Wells High School Band

Grace Methodist Church, Speculator

Introduction of Master of Ceremonies: Raymond J. Burke, Past Hamilton Co. Commander, American Legion
Carl L. Earley, Hamilton County Commander, American Legion, Master of Ceremonies

Selection: Wells High School Band
Address of Welcome: Major William Remmey
Invocation: Rev. Fr. Charles Neukirch
In Flanders Fields: Beatrice McGee
Dedication of Honor Rolls, Towns of Lake Pleasant and Arietta: George F. Tibbitts
Address: Edward G. O"Neill, Asst. Attorney General, State of N.Y.
Allegiance to Flag: Mrs. Carl L. Earley, Pres. Ladies' Auxiliary to the American Legion
Reading of Honored Dead: Paul Whitman, Past Ham. Co. Commander, American Legion
Salute, to Flag and Honored Dead:
     Firing Squad of Stanley Steves Post, 1157, American Legion
Taps: Gordon L. Purdy, Camp of the Woods
Benediction: Rev. F. B. Grim
National Anthem: Wells High School Band
Immediately following Ceremonies, services will be held at Speculator Cemetery

General Chairman: Paul Whitman
Arietta Committee: William Lamkey
Lake Pleasant Committee: Ashley Perkins
Memorial Fund Committee: Archie Weaver
Finance Committee: Stanley G. Schoonmaker
Publicity Committee: William Osborne
Distinguished Guest Committee: C. C. Doak
School Committee: G. R. Plum, L. W. Davies
Musical Committee: Eugene L. Greene
Firing Squad Committee: George Courtney
Firemen's Committee: Robert Slack, Chief
Decorations Committee: James Welch
Graves Committee: James Lawrence

Commander Archie L. Weaver of the Stanley Steves Post, No. 1157, in behalf of Post Members, extends greetings and thanks to everyone who assisted and participated in these ceremonies.

MEMORIAL DAY 1948 Wells, New York
Souvenir Program $.25

General Chairman: Michael Cymbalak
Publicity: John E. Hefferman
Program: Gerald Schuyler and Eugene Zoller
        Carl Reese, Frank Belmont
        Clayton Schuyler, James Zullo
        L. W. Davies. Arthur Earley
        Pauline Burgess
Firemen: Frank Morrison
Line of March: Frank Parker
Music: Milton Wolven
Dance: Leon Conway, Elmer Stuart
Finance: John Beatty
Firing Squad: Morgan Stuart
Refreshments: Wells Post Auxiliary

Members of Wells Legion Post Auxiliary:

Alberta Wilbur               Leo Belmont
Agnes Perry                  Theresa Conway
Anna Smith                   Mary DiCaprio
Ruth Earley                  Marjorie Hall
Elizabeth Stuart             Josephine Hammer
Helen Zullo                  Ada Morrison
Genevieve Davies             Bertha Weaver
Virginia Morrison            Maude Babcock
Shirley Hefferman            Bertha Coulombe
Martha Craig                 Ruth Orr
Helen Buyce                  Edna Polmateer
Margaret Wolven              Virginia Hosley


Parade will assemble at 1:30 p.m. at the Overrock Corner on the Speculator Road and will march through the town to Parker's Store and then back to the Wells High School grounds.

Parade promptly at 2:00 p. m.
Honorary Marshall: Harry Owens
Marshall of the Day: Frank Parker
Aides: K. Leonard Harwood, Arthur Parker, Ralph Bonesteel, Arthur Furgeson, Leo Rogers, Kenneth Sturges, Carlo DiMezza, Don Wadsworth, John Beatty.

Organizations and Civic Bodies Represented:

Hamilton County Red Cross               Speculator Fire Co.
Wells Legion Post                       Wells Fire Co.
Wells Legion Post Auxiliary             Long Lake Fire Co.
Speculator Legion Post                  Indian Lake Fire Co.
Speculator Post Auxiliary               Lake Pleasant Fire Co.
Long Lake Legion Post                   Long Lake H. S. Band
Long Lake Post Auxiliary                Speculator H. S. Band
Indian Lake Legion Post                 Wells H. S. Band
Indian Lake Post Auxiliary              Indian Lake H. S. Band
Raquette Lake Legion Post               Mayfield H. S. Band
Raquette Lake Post Auxiliary            Mayfield H. S. Majorettes
Northville Legion Post                  Hamilton County Gold Star Mothers
Piseco V. F. W.                         Spanish American War Veterans
Piseco V. F. W. Auxiliary

Wells High School Grounds, Wells N. Y.
Introduction of Master of Ceremonies: Harry Owens, Co. Commander
Master of Ceremonies: W. C. Hopkins, Ham. Co. Supt. Of Schools
Invocation: Rev. Donald O'Meara
America: Wells High School Band
Address: Major Gen. Bernard W. Kearney, Ret., and Member of Congress
Benediction: Rev. John Robinson
Salute: Wells Firing Squad
Taps: Robert Earley and William Davies
National Anthem: Massed Bands

Additional Attractions:
Drill and Exhibition: Mayfield High School band and Majorettes
Long Lake High School
Tri-County League Baseball Game: Wells H. S. vs. Mayfield H. S.

Members of Wells Legion Post 1565:

Sanford Morrison                     John Hefferman
Frank Morrison                       Frank Belmont
Hassan Simons                        Lewis Davies
Leon Conway                          Clayton Schuyler
George Babcock, Sr.                  Arthur Earley
John Babcock                         James Zullo
Vincent Craig                        Milton Wolven
Forrest Bradt                        Harvey Weaver
Allison Buyce                        Calvin Young
William Dampier                      Michael Cymbalak
Gordon Gallup                        Nelson Stuart
Elsworth Schuyler                    Roy Buyce
Richard Rulison                      Louis DiCaprio
Arthur Nubel                         Charles Orr, Jr.
Elmer Stuart                         Frank Parker
Linden Schuyler                      Carl Reese
John Hosley, Jr.                     Morgan Stuart
Robert Dampier                       Eugene Zullo
George Fuller                        Gerald Schuyler
Edgar Beaudin                        C. C. Doak

James Emerson: Insurance, Long Lake
The Village Inn: Wm. J. Black, Prop., Long Lake
Robin Wood: At Lake Eaton, Fred A. Freeman, Prop.
Farrell's Tavern, Indian Lake
Cordone's Beverages, Gloversville
Superior Ice Cream
J. Martinec Packing Co., Scotia
Marty's Hotel and Bar; Marty and Mary Harr, Prop., Indian Lake
Cal Young's Shop: Wells
The Overrock Inn: C. C. Doak, Manager
Melody Lodge
Livingston's Home Furnishings, Gloversville
Van Arnam's Garage, Northville
Wm. J. Cady Co., Inc. Contractors, Amsterdam
Adirondack Lumber, Wells
Hunts Hotel: George Hunt, Prop., Wells
Inlet Appliances, Inc.
White Swan Inn: Alfred Cole, Prop., Long Lake
Lahey's Store, Long Lake
Freeman's Store, Long Lake
Parker Bros.
Slims Nu Bell Club, Northville
Becker's Store, Long Lake
Sabattis Stage, Long Lake
Leonard's Garage, Indian Lake
Lewis Goldmeer Wholesale, Amsterdam
Wells Fish and Game Club
Wells Drug Store: F. Scriber, Prop., Wells
Bauder Gas & Electric, Northville
Indian Lake Garage, Indian Lake
King's Garage: Emmett L. King, Prop., Indian Lake
"Squires", Indian Lake
Rogers Hotel, Oxbow Lake
Frank Buckley, Troy
T. Southworth Tractor and Machinery Co., Albany
Hamilton County National Bank, Wells
Mosher Bros., Northville
Oberg Drug Store, Northville
Overrock Gift Shop: Shirley Hefferman, Wells
Mammoth Garage: Eugene Greene, Prop., Speculator
Lewis M. Simons, Wells
Tefft's Adirondack Studio, Speculator
Raquette Lake Supply Co., Raquette Lake
Ste. Marie's: Douglas J. Fish, Prop., Indian Lake
Wilderness Lodge, Indian Lake
Indian River Hotel: Bus Spring, Manager, Indian Lake
Adirondack Hotel, Long Lake
Helm's Aero Service
Linger-Longer, Blue Mt. Lake
Long Lake Garage: Earl Plumley, Prop., Long Lake
Howard A. Burkhard, Inlet
Sea Biscuit Inn: Andrew Paquin, Prop., Wells
R. H. Perry's Store, Wells
Indian Luncheonette, Indian Lake
Edinger Beauty and Barber Shop, Indian Lake
Turner Electric, Indian Lake
Al's Adirondack Service, Inlet
Oneida Markets, Inc: Morgan Stuart, Mgr.
S. Griffiths, Speculator


General Chairman: Stanley G. Schoonmaker
Publicity: John Freiberger
Entertainment: Donald Warner
Program: John K. McAfee
Decoration: Mike Casline, Donald Warner, Antonne Elger
Firemen: Alvin Mayers
Line of March: Stanley G. Schoonmaker
Music: Ronald Lalik
Dance: William H. Osborne
Dinner: Fred York
Finance: Sydney Griffiths
Firing Squad: Ronald Lalik
Refreshments: Mrs. John K. McAfee (Auxiliary)
Speakers: William Deming

Mr. And Mrs. Allan Stevenson, Utica
Mr. And Mrs. Bernard W. Kearney, Gloversville
Mr. And Mrs. Walter Van Wiggeren, Herkimer
Mr. And Mrs. Joseph R. Younglove, Johnstown
Comdr. And Mrs. Edward H. Jennings, Long Lake
Adjutant and Mrs. Robert E. Jennings, Long Lake
Vice-Comdr. Francis R. McGinn, Indian Lake
Mr. And Mrs. Raymond J. Burke, Raquette Lake
Mr. And Mrs. James B. Hall, Long Lake
Mr. And Mrs. Michael Cymbalak, Wells
Mr. And Mrs. Sam Herman, Inlet
Mr. And Mrs. Dennis Dillon, Raquette Lake
Mr. And Mrs. Leslie Turner, Indian Lake
Mrs. Stella King, Speculator
Mr. And Mrs. K. L. Harwood, Inlet
Mr. And Mrs. William Baker, Piseco
Mr. And Mrs. Carlo DeMezza, Benson
Mr. And Mrs. Donald Wadsworth, Hope
Mr. And Mrs. Ralph Bonesteel, Indian Lake
Mr. And Mrs. Kenneth Sturges, Speculator
Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Parker, Long Lake
Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Fergeson, Morehouse
Mr. And Mrs. John Beatty, Wells
Mr. And Mrs. Henry Rogers, Lake Pleasant
Hon. And Mrs. Lansing K. Tiffany, Inlet
Mr. And Mrs. Earl C. Farber, Hoffmeister
Mr. And Mrs. Merritt Lamos, Lake Pleasant
Mr. And Mrs. Edwin Galusha, Indian Lake
Mrs. Hattie L. Snell, Northville
Rev. and Mrs. Frederick B. Grim, Speculator
Rev. Callistus Scheid, Wells

American legion, Speculator:

Commander: Stanley G. Schoonmaker
Adjutant: John K. McAfee
First Vice-Commander: William H. Osborne
Second Vice-Commander: G. Howard Romaine
Finance Officer: Sydney Griffiths
Sergeant-at-Arms: Gerald M. Buyce
Chaplain: Fred York
Historian: John Freiberger
Service Officer: Alfred W. Gifford


Eugene L. Greene                         William J. Lamkey, II
Ronald E. Lalik                          Clifford Slack
William H. Deming                        Donald F. Warner
Gardiner Kline                           H. David Gallup
Walter J. Knapp                          Thomas C. Adams
A. Augustus Low                          Ralph L. Orr
Mike Casline                             Paul Whitman
James L. Lawrence                        Jasper H. Clouthier
Halsey H. Page                           James F. Walsh
A. Douglas Call                          Louis H. Court
Alvin Mayers                             Charles E. Williams
Edward T. Griffiths                      Louise Sheridan Birch
John B. Knox                             Claude L. Pardee
Ashley Perkins                           Erwin L. Reese
Carl L. Earley                           Pierson G. Aird
Archie L. Weaver                         Antone J. Elger
Ansel Buss                               William Osborne, Sr.
Richard Diedrich                         Robert Diedrich
Robert J. Downey                         Henry F. Amadon
Guy A. Foote

Parade will assemble at 1:00 p.m. at the Lake Pleasant Central School on East Road in Speculator and will march west across the Village Square continuing west along Lake Pleasant State Highway to the Adirondack Movie Theatre and then back to the Village Square where it will turn south along the State Highway to the Recreation Field where it will terminate before the speakers platform.

Honorary Marshall: Edward H. Jennings
Marshall of the Day: Stanley G. Schoonmaker
Aides: K. Leonard Harwood, Kenneth Sturges, William Baker, John Beatty, Carlo Di Mezza, Donald Wadsworth, Ralph Bonesteel, Arthur Parker, Arthur Fergeson

Hamilton County American Legion Organization
Stanley Steves Post, 1157, Speculator
Stanley Steves, 1157, Auxiliary, Speculator
Wells Post 1565, Wells
Wells 1565 Auxiliary, Wells
Parker-Benton Post 1392, Indian Lake
Parker-Benton 1392, Auxiliary, Indian Lake
Leonard-Mick-Roberts Post 1402, Inlet
Leonard-Mick-Roberts 1402, Auxiliary, Inlet
Hamilton Post 650, Long Lake
Hamilton 650 Auxiliary, Long Lake
Hamilton County V. F. W.
Hamilton County V. F. W. Auxiliary
Hamilton County Gold Star Mothers
Spanish American War Veterans
Long Lake High School Band
Speculator High School Band
Indian Lake High School Band
Wells High School Band
Speculator Fire Company
Lake Pleasant Fire Company
Northville High School Band and Majorettes
Hamilton County Red Cross
Long Lake Fire Company
Wells Fire Company
Boy Scouts of America

Memorial day ceremonies
Monday, May 30, 1949

Introduction of County Commander: Stanley G. Schoonmaker
Message of Welcome by Co. Commander: Edward H. Jennings
Master of Ceremonies: Representative B. W. Kearney
Invocation: Rev. Frederick B. Grim
America: Speculator High School Band
Address: Allan Stevenson
Benediction: Rev. Callistus Scheid
Salute: Firing Squad
Taps: Ronald Lalik
National Anthem: Combined Bands

Drill and Exhibition: Northville High School Band and Majorettes
Presentation of Trophies Softball Game: Speculator American Legion vs. Wells Legion
Memorial Day Dinner: Hamilton Inn, Lake Pleasant, N. Y. 6:00 p.m.
Memorial Day Dance: Hamilton Inn, Lake Pleasant, N. Y. 9:00 p.m.
Door Prize at Dance: Tenderized Shankless Smoked Ham


President: Lou McAfee
First Vice-President: Rose Gallup
Second Vice-President: Eileen Griffiths
Secretary: Amy Earley
Treasurer: Mary Wilber
Chaplain: Elizabeth Stuart
Historian: Patricia Buyce
Sergeant-at-Arms: Helen Greene


Anna Aird                              Kay Gifford
Margaret Aird                          Virginia King
June Adams                             Mary King
Mary Baker                             Nina Morrison
Bertha Buyce                           Leona Orr
Ethel Buyce                            Clara Osborne
Mildred Dietrich                       Sarah Osborne
Rena Diedrich                          Emma Page
Nancy Downey                           Winnie Page
Mary Donahue                           Agnes Page
Dorothy Downey                         Olive Parslow
Dorothy Deming                         Henrietta Perkins
Marie Elger                            Cecelia Romaine
Georgia Frieberger                     Edith Schoonmaker
Elaine Greene                          Grace Walsh
Evelyn Gallup                          Helen Williams
Kay Worthum

Hotels and Cottages: Molly K. Amadon, Piseco
Marie Elger's Gift House, Speculator
Morgan Fountain Construction, Northville
Rogers Hotel, Lake Pleasant
The Northville Bank, Northville
L. L. Buyce's Sons, Wells
Loeben's Flower Shop, Gloversville
The Hamilton County National Bank, Wells
Hamilton County News
Henry Nolan, Speculator
Adirondack Dairy Meat Market: John Orr, Prop., Wells
Inlet Appliances, Inc. Inlet
The Morning Herald
New Senator's Restaurant, Gloversville
Parsons Inc. of Gloversville
Adirondack Lumber Company, Wells
Whitman Lumber Company, Inc., Speculator
"Asco" Burial Vaults: Art Stone Co., Gloversville
J. Martinec Packing Co., Scotia
Edwards Box and Paper Corp., Gloversville
Osborne Inn, Speculator
West End Brewing Co., Utica
Robinson and Smith, Inc., Gloversville
Melody House, Gloversville
The Fulton County National Bank and Trust Company of Gloversville
Garlock's Garage, Gloversville
Frank Buckley, Troy
Novosel Lumber Company, Speculator
The Hamilton Inn, Lake Pleasant
Melody Lodge, Speculator
Oneida Markets: Morgan Stuart Prop., Wells
Downey's, Speculator
John K. McAfee, Speculator
Osborne's Store, Speculator
Sheriff of Hamilton County
Tefft's Adirondack Studio. Speculator
Camp Merryland, Lake Pleasant
George Van Zant, Speculator
Weaver's Bait and Ice, Speculator
Sydney Griffiths, Speculator
Town of Lake Pleasant
H. J. Gallup, Speculator
Sam's Market, Speculator
Graham's Hotel, Speculator
Gerald M. Buyce
Hamilton County Veterans of Foreign Wars
Log Cabin Restaurant, Speculator
William C. Rudes, Lake Pleasant
Vikingate: Cik Nelson, Owner, Speculator
Heaslip's Laundry: Robert C. Heaslip, Prop., Speculator
Hunter's Granite Works, Inc. Represented by Claude A. Lipe, Northville
Chamber of Commerce: Spec., Lake Pleasant, Piseco, Higgins Bay
Hotel Utica: Garry Riggs, Mgr.
Oliver Judson, Lowville
S. G. Schoonmaker, Ph.G., Speculator
Dr. Rollin P. Fiero, Speculator
C. W. Elliott Taxi Service, Speculator
Mammoth Garage: Eugene Greene, Speculator
Anibal House: George Haskell, Prop., Piseco
Vergil Burch, Piseco
Pedrick's Restaurant, Gloversville

Although this pamphlet is not a Memorial Day program, it is an event involving the American Legion and contains a list of officers and past commanders. Thus I have grouped it with the Memorial Day programs which also provide information as to officers and members of the American Legion. Enjoy!


February 22, 1955

Department of New York:
Commander: John B. Ryan
Vice Commander: Joseph McFee
Auxiliary President: Mrs. Frederica L. Haley

Fourth District:
Commander: Herman A. Frantianni
Vice Commander: Farren De Nure
Auxiliary Chairman: Mrs. Margaret Mac Cormack

Hamilton County:
Commander: William H. Intemann
1st Vice Commander: Charles Stephenson
2nd Vice Commander: Hollis Ross
3rd Vice Commander: Roy Buyce
Adjutant: John K. McAfee
Finance Officer: Stanley G. Schoonmaker
Chaplain: Sherrill Alexander
Sargeant At Arms: Robert F. Hamner
Service Officer: Robert F. Jennings
Historian: Leslie Parker

Auxiliary Chairman: Mrs. Harriet Houghton
1st Vice Chairman: Mrs. Adelaide Ross
2nd Vice Chairman: Mrs. Amy Earley
Secretary: Mrs. Pauline Faxton
Treasurer: Mrs. Lou McAfee

Post Commanders:
Parker-Benton Post No. 1392, Indian Lake: Charles Stephenson
Hamilton Post No. 650, Indian Lake: Robert F. Jennings
Wells Post No. 1565, Wells: George Reese
Leonard-Mick-Roberts Post No. 1402, Inlet: Lansing Tiffany
Stanley Steves Post No. 1157, Speculator: Sydney Griffiths

Unit Presidents Auxiliary:
Parker-Benton Unit No. 1392, Indian Lake: Miss Elma Brown
Hamilton Unit No. 650, Long Lake: Mrs. Joanne Emerson
Wells Unit No. 1565, Wells: Mrs. Catherine Scribner
Leonard-Mick-Roberts Unit No. 1402, Inlet: Mrs. Adelaide Ross
Stanley Steves Unit No. 1157, Speculator: Mrs. Amy Earley

Past County Commanders:

Stanley G. Schoonmaker                     Raymond Burke
Eugene L. Greene                           Ashley L. Perkins
Paul A. Whitman                            Carl L. Earley
Fred York (deceased)                       Archie L. Weaver
George A. Turner (Deceased)                Arthur L. Earley
Clayton Schuyler                           Frank Burch
John K. McAfee                             Leslie D. Parker
Edward H. Jennings                         Frank W. Parker
Martin J. Harr Jr.                         Harry J. Jones

Hearts of Celery
Green Olives
Rosebud Radishes
Consommé a la Buck
Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Carrots and Peas
Mixed green Salad
Ice Cream

Legion Boosters:

Schoonmaker's Drugstore                   Leslie D. Parker Past Co. Comdr.
King of the Frosties                      Parker-Benton Auxiliary Unit No. 1392
McAfee's Paint Shop                       Molly K. Rockwell - Real Estate
Leonard-Mick-Roberts Auxiliary Unit       Reuben Alton - Milk
Lansing K. Tiffany                        Griffiths Plumbing Shop
George J. Harrington                      The Bucks
Charles H. Johns                          Raymond J. King - Broadalbin
LeRoy Spring                              Rita and Bill Intemann
Tom Shaver                                Adirondack Dairy
James Emerson                             Charles Stephenson
Frank Parker                              Mary and Marty Harr
James D. Curry                            John H. Zellner
Melvin G. Brown                           Wallace W. Fish
Wells Auxiliary Unit No. 1565             Leslie Turner
Harriet Houghton                          Robert E. Jennings
W. C. Rudes                               Adirondack Electric Service


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