Collage of WWII Soldiers
Hamilton County, NY

Source: From Brenda Howe's grandmother's photo album. Donated by Brenda Howe.

Collage of WWII soldiers

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Handwritten next to pictures:

Douglas Call
Raymond Danforth
Jimmy? O'Keefe
Leroy Weaver
Leon Page
Ed Griffiths
Sydney Griffiths
Howard Romaine
Ivan -
Syd Griffiths
Robert Brooks
John Weat?
Walter Gilbert
Lawrence Aird
Walter Call
Elmer? Page
Kenneth Slack
Stuart Rug?
Chet Eadey?
Fred -
Clifford -
George Pelkins?
Robert Bluss?
John Slack
Ed Brooks
Lou Warner
Reilly? Osborne
Clifford Slack
Ted Lamphear
Howard Danforth
Lloyd Stuart
- Knapp
- Knapp
Amos Page
Everett Laurence

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