War of 1812 Claims
Hamilton County, NY

Submitted by Joanne Murray

Please note that this list does not include dates that the claims were made and county lines changed a lot between 1812 and 1860 (the publication of this list). Residences are listed as in the index. Be sure to look for other possible Hamilton county men on the Fulton & Montgomery county list.

Index of Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812 as Audited and Allowed by the Adjutant and Inspector Generals, Pursuant to Chapter 176, of the laws of 1859. Albany. Weed, Parsons, and Company, printers. 1860

"Index of claims presented to the State of New York for payment for military clothing and equipment provided by individuals who volunteered, or were drafted by the governor for service in the militia of the State of New York during the war with Great Britain declared by the United States on the 18th day of June 1812.

These claims were for clothing and equipment which were depreciated, worn out, lost and destroyed in said service for which he had not received payment."

Page#Applicant Residence of ApplicantAmount AllowedServiceNotes
SurnameFirst Name
2115477BabcockFrederickby AdministratorHamilton Co., NY$11.50  
355437BassSamuelby ExecutorHamilton Co., NY$58.00Sgt. 1st Reg't (Nellis') NY Militia 
553197BossWilliamby AdministratorHope, Hamilton Co., NY$55.00Pvt. 1st Reg't (Nellis') NY MilitiaAs William Bass
5614627BowdishJosephby WidowHamilton Co., NY$55.00Pvt. 121st Reg't (Stewart's) NY MilitiaAs Bowdoish
1248302CronkhiteHenry T. Lake Pleasant, NY$85.00Sgt. 1st Reg't (Nellis') NY Militia 
1801524FosterJoseph Hamilton Co., NY$39.00  
23818480HiscockWilliam Hamilton Co., NY$85.00Pvt. 45th Reg't (Knickerbocker's) NY Militia 
27213490KellerDavid Long Lake, NY$43.00Pvt. 138th Reg't (Nellis') NY Militia 
23716866KellogWilliam Hamilton Co., NY$58.00  
2881994LaughtonSquire Hope, NY$61.50Pvt. Prior's Reg't, NY Militia 
29211001LeslieJames Hope, NY$58.00Pvt. McIntyre's Battalion, NY Militia 
31710427MasonElkanaby WidowHamilton Co., NY$58.00Pvt. Prior's Reg't, NY Militia 
3521125OrcuttWilliam Hamilton Co., NY$75.00  
38112863PrentissEphraim Hamilton Co., NY$22.00  
41916481ScofieldHarry Hamilton Co., NY$55.00  
44911002SnellBenjaminby AdministratrixHamilton Co., NY$55.00Pvt. 19th Reg't (Getman""s) NY Militia 
45510428SpragueWilliam Mayfield, Hamilton Co., NY$58.00  
52012612WarrenMortiton Hope, Hamilton Co., NY$55.00  
5467911WinneDavid S. Wells, Hamilton Co., NY$20.00  
5468817WinneDavid S. Hamilton Co., NY$16.00  
55013142WoodsLyman Hamilton Co., NY$23.00Pvt. 129th Reg't (Farnham's) NY Militia 


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