Lake Pleasant

"r" means "residence"

Abrams House Piseco 19-F21
Abrams House, Pay Station Piseco 19-F21
Aird Asa, r, L. Pleasnt 19-F41
Aird George C, r, L. Pleasnt 19-F42
Aird George C, Pay Station L. Pleasnt 19-F42
Aird James O, r, L. Pleasnt 19-F3
Brooks Clarence, r, Jessup's River L. Pleasnt 10-F14
Brooks E Perkins, Camp, Indian Lake L. Pleasnt 10-F4
Brown's Camp, Indian Lake L. Pleasnt 10-F3
Buyce John F, Store Speculatr 12-F1
Buyce Jno F, Pay Station Speculatr 12-F1
Call Edgar, Store L. Pleasnt 8-F3
Call Edgar, Store, Pay Station L. Pleasnt 8-F3
Dennie Mrs S C, Hamilton Mountain L. Pleasnt 8-F4
Dunham Wm, Store, Pay Station Piseco 19-F22
Farrington R, Indian Lake L. Pleasnt 10-F12
Glen Tel Co, Public Pay Sta Speculatr 20
Griffin Lottie, Inidan Lake L. Pleasnt 10-F22
Hamilton Mountain Fire Sta, Hamilton Mt L. Pleasnt 8-F12
Higgins Jno H, Spy Lake L. Pleasnt 19-F15
Higgins Jno H, Spy Lake, Pay Station L. Pleasnt 19-F15
Hotel Adirondack, Ed Hickey, Prop Speculatr 3-F1
Hotel Adirondack, Pay Station Speculatr 3-F1
Howland Geo B, State Game Protector Speculatr 10-F5
Indian Lake Central L. Pleasnt 10-F2
Lawrence Truman N, r, Piseco 19-F13
Lawrence Truman N, Pay Station Piseco 19-F13
Lawrence Frank, Hotel Speculatr 6-F1
Lawrence Frank, Hotel, Pay Station Speculatr 6-F1
Lewey Lake, Indian Lake L. Pleasnt 10-F6
Morleys Adirondack Hotel Co, Inc. L. Pleasnt 2-F2
Morleys Adirondack Hotel Co, Inc, PaySta. L. Pleasnt 2-F2
Osborne Inn, Mrs Osborne, Prop. Speculatr 7-F1
Osborne Inn, Pay Station Speculatr 7
Ostrander John, County Clerk's Office L. Pleasnt 2-F22
Parslow Brad, r, L. Pleasnt 19-F4
Pelcher Alfred, r, L. Pleasnt 8-F6
Slack Denajal, Speculator L. Pleasnt 10-F21
Slack & Son H B, Store Speculatr 5-F1
Slack & Son H B, Store, Pay Station Speculatr 5
Smith C E, r, Spy Lake, Pay Station L. Pleasnt 19-F32
Snowy Mountain Fire Sta, Indian Lake L. Pleasnt 10-F13
Stuart R J, Store Speculatr 4-F1
Stuart R J, Store, Pay Station Speculatr 4-F1
Weaver Edward, r, L. Pleasnt 19-F5
Weaver Peter L, r, L. Pleasnt 19-F33
Weaver Peter L, Pay Station L. Pleasnt 19-F33 


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