Mystery Photos

Can you help identify these photos?

I'm the family historian for my father's side of the family and am finally organizing old photos so that digital copies are available to share with others. I'm sending you copies of two photos which were among those given me by my father's cousin. The photos came from the EMERY family home in Watervliet, New York. I can not yet find the connection to our family and can't identify the people in the photo but thought I'd share them with you for the Hamilton County website. Maybe they mean something to someone else who might solve a mystery for me. - Jean EMERY Hickey

The photo of the two men and the dog by the fence says "On Crow Hill Oct 1898" on the front and says "Griswold Farm Crow Hill" on the back.

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The men in the picture

The photo of the house says "Our House May 1898" on the front and says "Griswolds Town Residence Hamilton NY" on the back.

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Site Co-ordinator's note: Perhaps these belong more appropriately in Madison county for "Hamilton, NY", or perhaps they belong here in Hamilton county? Does anyone know?

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