Murdock Home in Inlet

Donated by Don Murdock

These cards were given to me by the last surviving child, J. Enola Heydt, of Matteson Murdock's brother, Don.

Murdock Home in Inlet, NY
taken about 1906 or 07
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The people on the porch are: Ina, Matteson, Guy and Una Murdock. Guy was born in 1905 and I used that for estimating the time it was taken. This is the same house that I grew up in during the 1930's and early '40's.

Road in Front of Murdock Home
circa 1913
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This is another old Inlet postcard. The roof line seen above the big rock was the Murdock. This card bears an Inlet postmark dated Aug. 8, 1913 and was written by Ray Murdock to Don Murdock in Glenfield NY. These were two older brothers of Matteson's (child in picture above).

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