1910 Federal Census
Town of Inlet, Part 1

Links from the IPUMS site for general info for the 1910 census:
1910 Enumeration Form (pictures)
1910 Census Questions (text)
1910 Enumerator Instructions
This census has many columns of data and you will most likely find that it "falls" off your screen on the right side.  I have not included columns that were completely empty.  The title on each column is as given below.  Also, as many pages were only partially filled with names for this town, rather than creating an HTML page for each census page, I broke this census up into locations.  These locations are labeled above the tables and their description came from the info that the enumerator placed in the census column for "Street, avenue, road, etc.".  The appropriate sheets for each location is also given.  Note that there were several blank sheets and a "supplemental sheet" given for this town.


  1. Line Number on sheet (Sheet A: 1-50, Sheet B: 51-100)
  2. Location: Number of dwelling house in order of visitation
  3. Location: Number of family in order of visitation
  4. Name of each person whose place of abode on April 15, 1910, was in this family: Surname
  5. Name: First
  6. Relationship of this person to the head of the family
  7. Personal Description: Sex
  8. Personal Description: Color of race
  9. Personal Description: Age at last birthday
  10. Personal Description: Whether single, married, widowed or divorced
  11. Personal Description: Number of years of present marriage
  12. Personal Description: Mother of how many children: Number born
  13. Personal Description: Mother of how many children: Number now living
  14. Nativity and Mother Tongue: Place of birth of this person
  15. Nativity and Mother Tongue: Place of birth of Father of this person
  16. Nativity and Mother Tongue: Place of birth of Mother of this person
  17. Citizenship: Year of immigraion to the United States
  18. Citizenship: Whether nationalized or alien
  19. Whether able to speak English or if not give language spoken
  20. Occupation:  Trade or profession of, or particular kind of work done by this person, as spinner, salesman, laborer, etc..Trade or profession of, or particular kind of work done by this person
  21. Occupation:  General nature of industry, business, or establishment in which this person works, as cotton mill, dry goods store, farm, etc..
  22. Occupation: Whether an employer, employee, or working on own account.
  23. Occupation: If an employee: Whether out of work on April 15, 1910.
  24. Occupation: If an employee: Number of weeks out of work during year 1909.
  25. Education: Whether able to read.
  26. Education: Whether able to write.
  27. Education: Attended school any time since September 1, 1909.
  28. Ownership of Home: Owned or rented.
  29. Ownership of Home: Owned free or mortgaged.
  30. Ownership of Home: Farm or house.
  31. Whether a survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy.
Sheet 1A:  "South Shore"
1 1 1 Bill Wm E. Head m w 46 s       NY NY NY     English Painter House Emp     y y   O M H  
2     Williston Herman J. Servant m w 28 m-1 7     NY NY NY     English Musician Orchestra w n 6 y y          
3       Bertha L. Servant wf f w 28 m-1 7 0 0 NY NY Eng-English     English Musician Orchestra w n 0 y y          
4     Wood Willard F. Servant m w 67 m-1 43     NY NY NY     English Painter House w n 0 y y          
5 2 2 Peebles John Head m w 31 s       NY NY NY     English Laborer Guide w n 0 y y   R   H  

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