1905 NYS Census
town of Indian Lake
Blue Mt. Lake section

Generously transcribed and donated by Annie Weaver!

Note: Citizen info is the number of years residing in the U.S. and whether a citizen or alien. If not stated, person was born in the USA.

Enumerator: H. Purdy Bevens

NOTE: This is only the Blue Mountain Lake section of the town of Indian Lake. The rest will be transcribed and added in the near future!

Last NameFirst NameRelationSex  Age  BornCitizenOccupation
SpringsCharlesHeadW M56USA50 CitFarmer
 SusieWifeW F57  Housework
 EugeneSonW M35  Carpenter
 WilliamSonW M33  Day Laborer
 RalphSonW M21  Day Laborer
WellsAlbertHeadW M28  Day Laborer
 MaggieWifeW M20  Housework
 GertrudeDaughterW F1  X
DupreeWalterHeadW M26  Day Laborer
 RachaelWifeW F27  Housework
 MillieDaughterW F4  X
 JennieDaughterW F1  X
 LizzieDaughterW F2 mo  X
DupreeAlexanderHeadW M65France50 CitCarpenter
 LauraWifeW F55USA Housework
BurtonLenaWifeW F21  Housework
Van DusenFrankHeadW M26  Day Laborer
 MaryWifeW F22  Housework
 AmyDaughterW F5  X
 HarrySonW M3  X
FlaryMichaelHeadW M53  Day Laborer
 AnnaWifeW F37  Housework
 HowellSonW M14  X
 MarlinaDaughterW F11  X
GoodellEdmundHeadW M33  Clergyman
 Ida N.WifeW F32  Housework
SmithAaronHeadW M64  Day Laborer
 Mary E.WifeW F55  X
HalleyCharles ClarkGrandch.W M9  X
BlanchardJohnHeadW M27  Carpenter
 NancyWifeW F26  Housework
BurgyBelleWifeW F66Ireland58 CitHousework
MerwinTylerHeadW M56USA Hotelkeeper
 FrancisWifeW F47  Housework
 HerbertSonW M24  Day Laborer
 HelenDaughterW F22  School Teacher
 RussellSonW M19  X
 GertrudeDaughterW F16  School 6
 TheodoreSonW M6  X
MerwinRalphHeadW M45  Day Laborer
 EllaWifeW F40  Housework
 WalterSonW F16  School 9
FullerDuaneHeadW M75  Farmer
 MaryWifeW F75  Housework
BurgyJamesHeadW M31  Day Laborer
 RosaWifeW F24  Housework
 IsabellDaughterW F7  X
 DanSonW M5  X
 EdithDaughterW F2  X

Last NameFirst NameRelationSex  Age  BornCitizenOccupation
BlanchardCharlesHeadW M61  Guide
 HarrietWifeW F55  Housework
 MinnieDaughterW F23  Servant
 EarnestSonW M21  Guide
 FlorenceDaughterW F13  School 9
SmithFred W.HeadW M37  Merchant
 AvisWifeW F31  Housework
 KennethSonW M2  X
LaPrairieHenryHeadW M53  Prop Summer House
 AdalineWifeW F40CanadaF37 CitHousework
 OliveDaughterW F17USA Servant
 BeecherSonW M12  School 8
 MarionDaughterW F4  X
DalyJohn J.HeadW M47  Hotelkeeper
 KateWifeW F44England32 CitHousework
PersonsJosephHeadW M34USA Merchant
 WinifredWifeW F39  Housework
 HildaDaughterW F3  X
GilsonClara W F18  Servant
LinforthHarryHeadWM38Canada34 CitTelegraph Operator
 HenriettaWifeW F37USA Housework
 WillieSonW M17  Day Laborer
 HarrisonSonW M16  Day Laborer
BirdEdwardHeadW M54  Day Laborer
 FannieWifeW F49  Housework
 NortonSonW M19  Day Laborer
 AllieSonW M16  X
 EvaDaughterW F13  X
 HaroldSonW M11  X
 LulaDaughterW F7  X
TreadwellAmandaWifeW F51  Housework
 WinfieldSonW M22  Painter
TaylorGraceGrandch.W F18  X
 AgnesGrandch.W F15  X
PolterEdwardHeadW M35  Clerk Dry Goods
 KatieWifeW F30  Housework
HammondJohnHeadW M72  Engineer
 MargaretWifeW F65Canada57 CitHousework
SladeJohn W M23USA Conductor Trolley
BowdsyJosephSonW M45  Day Laborer
 EliSonW M43  Day Laborer
CurryDavidHeadW M45  Saloon Keeper
 KatherineWifeW F32  Housework
 JohnSonW M2  X
DalyMaryNieceW F17Ireland15daAlServant
RonaldEstella W F29USA School Teacher
HolleranCharlesHeadW M28  Day Laborer
 LydiaWifeW F28  Housework
ReaganTimothy W M63Ireland50 AlDay Laborer
LampsonJohn W M68USA Day Laborer
DoyleJohn W M26  Day Laborer
RockWilliam W M32Greece9 AlDay Laborer
LaPrarieCalvin W M57USA Day Laborer

Last NameFirst NameRelationSex  Age  BornCitizenOccupation
StraightGeorgeHeadW M55  Hotelkeeper
 NettieWifeW F48  Housekeeper
 MilfordSonW M19  X
MenzieGeorgeHeadW M39  Barber
 LillianWifeW F38  Cook
DonnolyEster W F24  Servant
DonohueMamie W F24  Servant
MelsonWilliam W M40  Day Laborer
WheelerEmmaWifeW F47  Housework
 HowardSonW M21  X
ThompsonEmmaWifeW F34  Housework
 DorothyDaughterW F6  X
 DurantSonW M2  X
CrapoAnnie W F29  X
BlanchardFrank W M33Canada5 AlDay Laborer
GriffenGeorgeHeadW M39USA Mgr. Dry Goods
 ElizabethWifeW F39  Housework
PotterJosephHeadW M61Canada47 AlDay Laborer
 KatieDaughterW F32USA Housework
 FrankSonW M30  Day Laborer
 MattieDaughterW F20  Housework
RobinsonHerman W M25  Day Laborer
WilliamsHarry W M75England63 AlDay Laborer
RobleeWilliamHeadW M28USA Hotelkeeper
 MarieWifeW F29Ireland21 CitHousework
 HarrisonSonW M2USA X
HyersAlbertHeadW M57  Shoemaker
 JamesSonW M26  Day Laborer
 AnnaWifeW F25  Housework
 HaroldSonW M4  X
JohnsonAndrew W M39Sweden3 AlDay Laborer
WaddellJohnHeadW M43USA Day Laborer
 MaryWifeW F35  Housework
 JohnSonW M6  X
BurkeMargaretNieceW F23  Servant
MaehabeeArchieHeadW M27CanadaF18 AlDay Laborer
 EdithWifeW F30USA Servant
CrapoWilliam W M32  Purser Boat
BrownHenryHeadW M57  Day Laborer
 MargaretWifeW F41  Housework
 GeraldineDaughterW F16  School 8
 PaulineDaughterW F11  School 8
RossWilliam W M24  Day Laborer
VanDusenAlbert W M22  Day Laborer
AllisonAllanHeadW M50  Day Laborer
 EmalineWifeW F64  Housework
WinslowTrumanHeadW M48  Mgr. Lumber Job
 HattieWifeW F35  Housework
 GraceDaughterW F18  X
 LloydSonW M13  X
 JuliaDaughterW F11  X
 HazelDaughterW F9  X
 FloydSonW M7  X
 CliffordSonW M1  X
HullGus W M18  Day Laborer

Last NameFirst NameRelationSex  Age  BornCitizenOccupation
KathanScuylerHeadW M43  Stone Mason
 NorahWifeW F30  Housework
 JohnSonW M5  X
 HelenDaughterW F4  X
KellyWilliamHeadW M53  Day Laborer
 SarahWifeW F40  Housework
 DanielSonW M18  BookKeeper
 FrankSonW M16  X
 BernardSonW M14  X
BurtoJohnHeadW M41  Day Laborer
 MaryWifeW F32  Housework
 NelsonSonW M10  X
 WillieSonW M4  X
FullerGeorgeHeadW M44  Carpenter
 MaryWifeW F43  Housework
 FrankSonW M19  Carpenter
 MamieDaughterW F13  X
BurtHarry W M18  Day Laborer
ScarrottGeorge W M69  Meat Cutter
SmithPeriamHeadW M50  Carpenter
 FloraWifeW F48  Housework
 CharlesSonW M25  Carpenter
 AnnaDaughterW F22  Servant
 GeorgeSonW M10  X
BurlyFreeman W M29Canada22 AlDay Laborer
DurkinLenaWifeW F29USA Housework
 EvelynDaughterW F12  X
 HowardSonW M8  X
  DaughterW F1mo  X
BarsesHannah W F49  Housework
MerwinBenjaminHeadW M48  Day Laborer
 ClaraWifeW F45  Housework
 GeorgeSonW M18  Day Laborer
 EmilyDaughterW F15  School 8
 EarlSonW M12  X
 MilfordSonW M9  X
 BenjaminSonW M8  X
MerwinCharlesHeadW M20  Day Laborer
 WinifredWifeW F26CanadaF25 CitHousework
HaleNorrisHeadW M43USA Pilot
 MaryWifeW F38  Housework
 NinaDaughterW F17  Servant
 ArnoldSonW M13  X
 MildredDaughterW F9  X
TibidoJohnHeadW M32  Day Laborer
 MargaretWifeW F33  Housework
 RosalineDaughterW F3  X
 ByronSonW M1  X
CassidyMayNieceW F6  X

Last NameFirst NameRelationSex  Age  BornCitizenOccupation
PolterArthurHeadW M37  Day Laborer
 JennieWifeW F30  Housework
 ArdenSonW M11  X
HollandJohnHeadW M58Ireland56 CitHotelkeeper
 LouiseWifeW F56USA Housework
RobleeAlbertHeadW M26  Carpenter
 LucineaWifeW F25  Housework
 MarionDaughterW F1  X
JoycePhillyHeadW M34  Day Laborer
 KateWifeW F30  Housework
 WillieSonW M3  X
 JohnSonW M2  X
FlynnFrankHeadW M33  Stone Mason
 LizzieWifeW F25  Housework
 FrancesDaughterW F1  X
MartinEdward W M54CanadaF38 AlDay Laborer
HowenslienWilliamHeadW M38USA Farmer
 KatieWifeW F38  Housework
 EllsworthSonW M13  X
 PearlDaughterW F6  X
StantonChesterHeadW M42  Painter
 CarrieWifeW F38  Housework
 EthelDaughterW F19  Servant
 MinnieDaughterW F18  Servant
 ElsieDaughterW F16  School 8
 LesterSonW M15  School 8
 WardSonW M11  School 8
 RuthDaughterW F7  X
 CarolineDaughterW F3mo  X
KingAlbertHeadW M46CanadaF27 CitCarpenter
 ClaraWifeW F35USA Housework
 LesterSonW M18  Day Laborer
 CarltonSonW M14  School 8
 GladysDaughterW F11  School 8
McLaughlinJosephHeadW M54  Carpenter
 EdnaWifeW F52  Housework
 RichardSonW M21  Carpenter
VandenburghCharlesHeadW M38  Hotelkeeper
 EstellaWifeW F35  Housework
 MyrtleDaughterW F6  X
HartClaytonHeadW M24  Day Laborer
 AdaWifeW F22  Housework
HannaRobertHeadW M36CanadaF16 CitDay Laborer
 LottieWifeW F26USA Housework
 ErwinSonW M10  School 8
 OscarSonW M8  School 8
MitchellWilliamHeadW M53  Carpenter
 NancyWifeW F51  Housework
 LenaDaughterW F23  Servant
BurtoJosephHeadW M51  Stone Mason
 KatherineWifeW F42  Housework
 HelenDaughterW F17  Servant
 EdwardSonW M15  School 8
 WilliamSonW M14  School 8
 HarrySonW M12  School 8
TurnerWilliamHeadW M38  Day Laborer
 EdithWifeW M32  Housework
 MaryDaughterW F6  X
 RichardSonW M4  X

Last NameFirst NameRelationSex  Age  BornCitizenOccupation
TurnerArthurHeadW M33  Day Laborer
 BessieWifeW F22  Housework
 ElsieDaughterW F1  X
DigyeaHiram GenLodgerW M71  Retired M.
ThompsonJamesLodgerW M53  Painter
FowlerEdwardLodgerW M36  Pilot
HobsonCharlesLodgerW M25  School Principal
StevesCharlesLodgerW M39  Day Laborer
WallaceUlyssesLodgerW M38  Day Laborer
BlanchardMichaelLodgerW M23CanadaF3 AlDay Laborer
LittleJeritHeadW M39USA Train_____
 NettieWifeW F36  Housework
 NormanSonW M3  X
 FannieDaughterW F7mo  X
ScarrottGeorgeHeadW M41  Engineer
 MayhalmWifeW F41  Housework
 FrancisSonW M10  School 6
BuhaneAllieLodgerW M33  Day Laborer
BurnhamMelvinHeadW M45  Farmer
 EllaWifeW F40  Housework
 AlbertSonW M19  Day Laborer
FauexnerWaldoHeadW M35  Carpenter
 LouiseWifeW F36  Dressmaker


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