1905 New York State Census
town of Benson, Hamilton County, NY

Generously transcribed and donated by Annie Weaver!

This is transcribed from the original handwritten records! For the most accurate transcription please view the original yourself. To get a copy of the original records, please write to the Hamilton County Clerk in Lake Pleasant.

Enumerator: William H. Cole

  1. Location
  2. Last Name
  3. First Name
  4. Relation
  5. Color or race
  6. Sex
  7. Age at last birthday (m-months)
  8. Where born
  9. If not born in US, number of years in US / Citizen or alien (citizen unless otherwise noted).
  10. Occupation: Number is school district
LocationLast NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
Lower Benson RoadColeWilliam H.HeadWM43USA Farmer
  Minnie L.WifeWF32  School Teacher
 SmithErastus L.HeadWM54  Farmer
  RoseWifeWF45  Glovemaker
  BenjaminSonWM22  Day Laborer
  LloydSonWM19  Day Laborer
 GiffordWm H.HeadWM33  Farmer
  Ida M.WifeWF27  Housework
  WillardSonWM8  School 30
  Clara A.DaughterWF2  At Home
 SweetAlsonBoarderWM17  Farmer
 SanbornJoseph J.HeadWM69  Carpenter
 SanbornRobertHeadWM21  Farmer
  Nancy E.WifeWF20  Housework
 BuyceHoraceHeadWM38  Farmer
  Ella A.WifeWF38  Housework
  Maggie L.DaughterWF16  Glovemaker
  Fred A.SonWM15  At Home
  Carrie M.DaughterWF13  School 30
  Martha B.DaughterWF10  School 32
  Raymond H.SonWM9  School 32
  Maud V.DaughterWF6  School 32
  Helen S.DaughterWF3  At Home
  Beatrice M.DaughterWF10mos  At Home
 BogardusJames L.HeadWM50  Lumberman
 VosburghMary E.MotherWF69  Housework
 ManzesForestHeadWM25  Day Laborer
  Helen V.WifeWF20  Housework
  Beatrice M.DaughterWF9mos  At Home
 QuillanThomasHeadWM57  Farmer
  FrankSonWM22  Day Laborer
 QuillanHenry N.HeadWM39  Farmer
  AlliceWifeWF32  Housework
  JessieDaughterWF13  School 18
  ThomasSonWM11  School 20
  LuluDaughterWF4  At Home
  MaggieSisterWF19  Glovemaker
 HunterWm O.BoarderWM61  Day Laborer
 HoganEdward W.HeadWM52  Farmer
  Laura E.WifeWF44  Housework
  Ray E.SonWM14  School 28
  Roy A.SonWM9  School 30
 SmithHenry A.BoarderWM77  At Home
  EllisBoarderWF79  At Home
 QuillanOscarHeadWM37  Farmer
  CoraWifeWF33  Housework
  LillianDaughterWF10  School 20
 SchuylerDaniel H.HeadWM66  Carpenter
  AlliceWifeWF67  Glovemaker
 HigiatyThomaswBoarderWM80Canada40 AlAt Home

LocationLast NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
 RandallArthur W.HeadWM51USA Farmer
  Mendamia M.WifeWF57  Housework
  Almeda E.DaughterWF11  School 36
 DarlingGeorgeHeadWM37  Farmer
  Cora A.WifeWF34  Housework
  WilliamSonWM17  Farmer
 SnellHerbert R.HeadWM50  Farmer
  Mary L.WifeWF58  Housework
  Christine E.DaughterWF29  Glovemaker
  Lewis L.SonWM28  Trainman
 SloanJaneHeadWF61  Glovemaker
 WalkerCalvin E.HeadWM46  Farmer
  Helen L.WifeWF38  Housework
  Joseph F.FatherWM66  Day Laborer
 AnibalLewis G.FathinlawWM77  At Home
  Hannah S.MothinlawWF79  At Home
 ManzerJohn W.HeadWM61  Farmer
  Jane M.WifeWF61  Housework
  ClarenceSonWM19  Day Laborer
 CurrierDaniel W.HeadWM52  Farmer
  PhobeSisterWF55  Housework
 RosaGeorge L.HeadWM57  Farmer
 GravesHannahHouKeepWF37  Housework
 RosaGeorge Jr.SonWM18  At Home
  NellieDaughterWF9  School 12
  MinnieDaughterWF7  School 12
 ClevelandSusan M.HeadWF51  Farmer
 SloanLoren W.HeadWM71  Farmer
  MariaWifeWF65  Housework
 BlowersNathanielHeadWM51  Farmer
  LorieWifeWF47  Housework
  LorenSonWM25  Farmer
  GrantSonWM7  School 20
CreekWadsworthDanielHeadWM71  Hunter/Fisherman
  WilliamSonWM41  Day Laborer
  SethSonWM39  Day Laborer
Middle Benson RoadParmenterAndrewHeadWM69  Farmer
  FideliaWifeWF64  Housework
  CharlesSonWM30  Day Laborer
 ReedJamesHeadWM56  Farmer
  MariaWifeWF53  Housework
  Alfred N.SonWM23  Farmer
  Lizzie A.DauinlawWF23  Housework
 ManzerMyron C.FathinlawWM85  At Home
 SmithEdwardHeadWM29  Farmer
  Dorn S.WifeWF23  Housework
  EdwardSonWM3  At Home
  Lillian E.DaughterWF4  At Home
 LetsonCharlesHeadWM76  At Home
  LauraWifeWF75  Housework

LocationLast NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
 DavenportMaudHeadWF42  Glovemaker
  AlfaSonWM19  Day Laborer
  RoySonWM17  Day Laborer
  RimeSonWM13  School 28
  OrlaSonWM10  School 28
  Nellie L.DaughterWF7  School 30
  CarrieDaughterWF4  At Home
 CanfieldDavidHeadWM68  Farmer
  Matilda J.WifeWF58  Housework
  Walter D.SonWM22  Day Laborer
  Bessie L.DaughterWF20  Glovemaker
  Alta D.DaughterWF16  Glovemaker
  Carrie E.DaughterWF10  School 30
 TopliffDellaBoarderWF37  School Teacher
 AnibalCharles W.HeadWM54  Farmer
  JuliaWifeWF62  Housework
 CramerJohnHeadWM52Germany51 CitFarmer
  AugustaWifeWF50USA At Home
 TiedermanMaggieDaughterWF31  Housework
  LewisGrandsonWM12  School 31
  RoyGrandsonWM10  School 31
  William E.BoarderWM48  Day Laborer
 CramerMinnieHeadWM78Germany51 CitHousework
  MaryDaughterWF45USA Housework
 WallaceWilliam M.SoninlawWM48  Day Laborer
  LizzieDaughterWF37  Housework
 BrownWilliamHeadWM53Scotland35 CitFarmer
Benson Center RoadRogersFrankHeadWM54USA Farmer
  MaggieWifeWF44Germany40 CitHousework
  Fred J.SonWM24USA Day Laborer
  Florence L.DaughterWF20  Dressmaker
  Ella M.DaughterWF16  Glovemaker
  RobertSonWM14  School 26
  LillianDaughterWF12  School 23
 BowlesLuellaGranddauWF4  At Home
 EglinWilliam T.HeadWM68  Mail Carrier
  LouisaWifeWF46  Housework
  EmmetSonWM11  School 23
  EdnaDaughterWF9  School 23
 OathoutMaud J.BoarderWF21  Housework
  AdelbertBoarderWM4  School 6
Middle Benson RoadHunterCharlesHeadWM60  Farmer
  Mary E.WifeWF51  Housework
  John A.SonWM31  Day Laborer
  ElmerSonWM29  Day Laborer
  BerthaDaughterWF21  Glovemaker
  MarthaDaughterWF15  School 20
  LenaDaughterWF11  School 26
 HunterSally A.HeadWF56  Housework
  Albert E.SonWM26  Farmer

LocationLast NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
 SnellForest R.HeadWM48  Farmer
  Nettie J.WifeWF39  Glovemaker
  Eva L.DaughterWF18  Glovemaker
  Maggie L.DaughterWF14  Housework
  Sepha M.DaughterWF13  School 30
  Anna R.DaughterWF11  School 30
  Carl F.SonWM8  School 28
  MarieDaughterWF1  At Home
  Violet L.GrandaugWF1  At Home
 PolitschGeorgeHeadWM47  Farmer
  OpheliaWifeWF43  Housework
  Lydia W.DaughterWF8  School 30
 BrockhamCorneliusHeadWM55  Farmer
  Ellen E.WifeWF46  Housework
 FennellMaggieNeiceWF15  House Keeper
North RoadCallJohn E.HeadWM45  Farmer
  AnnaWifeWF39  Housework
  Sherman J.SonWM20  At Home
  AgnesDaughterWF18  Glovemaker
  Franklin E.SonWM16  School 12
  EllenDaughterWF10  School 20
  MildredDaughterWF8  School 18
  Maggie L.DaughterWF6  School 8
  JanieDaughterWF13  School 16
 ReynoldsStephenHeadWM53  Farmer
  MaryWifeWF53  Housework
 QuillanWilliamHeadWM36  Farmer
  LauraWifeWF24  Housework
  GeorginnaDaughterWF6  At Home
 GreenJohn H.HeadWM54  Mason
 ConklinGeorge D.HeadWM25  Farmer
  Myrtle E.WifeWF21  Housework
  LewieBrotherWM15  Day Laborer
Benson Center RoadRogersJohnHeadWM48  Farmer
  CarrieWifeWF37  Housework
  MinnieDaughterWF8  School 32
  Harvey H.SonWM7  School 25
  Pearl I.DaughterWF5  School 5
  Carrie M.DaughterWF3  At Home
  ElizabethDaughterWF36USA Glovemaker
 GrantGeorge H.HeadWM48  Farmer
  MaryWifeWF40  Housework
  BerthaDaughterWF12  School 26
  SarahDaughterWF9  School 26
  ClarenceSonWM4  At Home
  BertSonWM12  School 26
 JohnstonRobertHeadWM63  Farmer
  EdithWifeWF57AtlanOc57 CitHousework

LocationLast NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
 WashburnWmHeadWM42USA Farmer
  Julia F.WifeWF45  Housework
  Robert E.SonWM19  Day Laborer
  Mamie C.DaughterWF17  Glovemaker
  Leo M.SonWM13  School 29
  Minnie J.DaughterWF10  School 32
  Bessie O.DaughterWF6  School 26
  Beatrice F.DaughterWF2  At Home
 FitzgeraldLulaBoarderWF23  School Teacher
 GodfreyThomasHeadWM63Canada30 CitFarmer
  CathrineWifeWF58USA Housework
  KatieDaughterWF16  Glovemaker
 GraydonMary J.HeadWF72  Housework


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