1905 New York State Census
town of Arietta, Hamilton County, NY

Generously transcribed and donated by Annie Weaver!

This is transcribed from the original handwritten records! For the most accurate transcription please view the original yourself. To get a copy of the original records, please write to the Hamilton County Clerk in Lake Pleasant.

Enumerator: Emerson Nye

  1. Location
  2. Last Name
  3. First Name
  4. Relation
  5. Color or race
  6. Sex
  7. Age at last birthday (m-months)
  8. Where born
  9. If not born in US, number of years in US / Citizen or alien (citizen unless otherwise noted).
  10. Occupation: Number is school district

Last NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
 RoseWifeWF50  Housework
 FlorenceDaughterWF16  School 4
 Henry M.SonWM14  School 6
 Mary E.DaughterWF12  School 8
 MargetDaughterWF10  School 8
 Thomas L.SonWM8  School 8
StorsThomas J.HeadWM31  Day Laborer
 CathranWifeWF25  Housework
 MaryDaughterWF7  School 2
SturgesAgnesNeiceWF23USA Housework
WavehworthWilliam H.HeadWM44  Painter
 NellieWifeWF43  Dressmaker
FooteDavid H.HeadWM29  Guide
 GustieWifeWF29  Housework
MeadGeorge H.HeadWM38USA Clerk Grocery
 Jenie E.WifeWF36  Housework
 Leona G.DaughterWF12  School 9
 Willie C.SonWM9  School 9
 Amie L.DaughterWF6   
 Clark G.SonWM4   
 Julia A.DaughterWF2   
 Charles M.FatherWM76  Farmer
MoreyAlansonHeadWM22  Farmer
 EstellaWifeWF38  Housework
ForotyHarry E.St SonWM16  Farm Work
WilsonAlice E.St DauWF9  School 8
WilsonMary E.St DauWF5   
MoreyEdithDaughterWF9 mos   
FooteLee M.HeadWM53  Hotel Keeper
 Nancy C.WifeWF52  Housework
 Annie A.DaughterWF23  Housework
 Burthy M.DaughterWF21  Housework
 Nelson E.SonWM18  Farm Work
GillanPatrickLodgerWM48Irs25 CitDay Laborer
RudesDanielBoarderWM77USA Farmer
MeehanAndyBoarderWM44  Bartender
RudesMartin G.HeadWM72  Farmer
 PhilindaWifeWF65  Housework
 EmerySonWM30  Farmer
WashburnGertieDaughterWF22  Housework
 Nellie F.GrandaugWF2   
NyeEmersonBoarderWM54  Day Laborer


Last NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
PunhamGeorge E.HeadWM38  Blacksmith
 Mary G.WifeWF29  Housework
KempsterRichardHeadWM35  X
 MaudWifeWF28  X
TuckerMargretMotherWF49  X
ParslowBenjamin G.HeadWM52  Farmer
 Millie C.WifeWF38  Housework
 Mary S.DaughterWF13  School 7
 Rubey M.DaughterWF4   
 WillieSonWM4 mos   
LawrenceThomas M.HeadWM28  Day Laborer
 Daisy D.WifeWF26  Housework
 Mary E.DaughterWF7  School 9
BurtonJohn B.HeadWM52CanadaF40 CitFarmer
 Annie M.WifeWF32USA Housework
 Julia A.DaughterWF9  School 9
 Richard J.SonWM7  School 9
YoumsAnn M.GrmotherWF86  X
DunhamWilliam D.HeadWM31  Mechanist
 CharlottWifeWF26  Housework
 Edna M.DaughterWF6  School 8
 Elsie M.DaughterWF4   
 Frances C.DaughterWF2   
DunhamCyrus G.HeadWM59  Farmer
 Sarah J.WifeWF60  Housework
 LesterNephewWM20  Farm Work
CourtneyWilliam P.HeadWM68  Farmer
 Julie A.WifeWF68  Housework
 William M.SonWM39  Guide
 Loyd W.GransonWM11  School 9
 Hazel M.GrandaugWF9  School 9
 GeorgeGransonWM7  School 9
 Henry C.GransonWM5   
DuningHenry E.BoarderWM49  Guide
JudwayPeter A.HeadWM40  Farmer
 Lena J.WifeWF34  Housework
 Mable J.DaughterWF10  School 9
 Bessie L.DaughterWF8  School 9
 Elena L.DaughterWF5   
 DavidBrotherWM46  Caroenter
AbramsFloyd W.HeadWM52  Farmer
 Mary E.WifeWF50  Housework
 George H.SonWM24  Guide
 Edith M.DaughterWF22  Dressmaker
 Burthy L.DaughterWF12  School 9
 Florence M.DaughterWF8  School 9
CleainlyTim G.BoarderWM42  Guide
VineFrankBoarderWM33  Day Laborer
GilmoreFrankHeadWM59CanadaE53 CitGuide


Last NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
FordClarkHeadWM32USA Farmer
 Minnie E.WifeWF30  Housework
 Miriam F.DaughterWF4   
SmetzerjerieL.SisterWF26  School Teacher
AveryAugustus M.HeadWM49  Farmer
 Mary L.WifeWF47  Housework
 ArthurSonWM21  Farm Work
 Lyman A.SonWM13  School 8
 AlidaDaughterWF10  School 8
HoweOtis W.BoarderWM23  School Teacher
BeaudinAlexHeadWM51CanadaF30 CitHotel Keeper
 RileyWifeWF40USA Housework
MarshalGeorgeStepsonWM19  Farm Worker
 FrankStepsonWM14  School 8
 JohnStepsonWM11  School 8
HurleyRosbeckBoarderWM59  Day Laborer
PatersonCharles M.HeadWM69  Guide
 EsterWifeWF44  Housework
 Charles C.SonWM21  Day Laborer
 RubeyDaughterWF15  School 5
CaslerAlvin J.HeadWM45  Game Keeper
 Loror E.WifeWF44  Housework
BachranRayHeadWM27  Pork Reams
 Esther P.WifeWF21  Housework
PhisneeKatieSisterWF16  Housework
FournierFrankHeadWM33  Game Protector
 CharlesFatherWM69  Farmer
 CarlineMotherWF66CanadaF38 CitHousework
NsellFrankBoarderWM24USA Farm Work
 MaryBoarderWF23  Housework
FishFredBoarderWM23  Day Laborer
EdickWillardBoarderWM44  Can Tractor
MillardMinnieBoarderWF30  Housework
BurtonHarreyBoarderWM26  Guide
BrownDavidHeadWM56  Guide
BehamJames P.HeadWM50  Hotel Keeper
 Marie P.WifeWF34Germany15 CitHousekeeper
LawrenceBurtheyBoarderWF19USA Housework
DanhowJamesBoarderWM30  Day Laborer
WhitmanWilliamBoarderWM19  Day Laborer
LawrenceTrumanHeadWM31  Farmer
 Emily J.WifeWF30  Housework
 Laura L.DaughterWF5   
 CharlesBrotherWM23  Farmer


Last NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
HowlandOscar L.HeadWM56  Carpenter
 Ella A.WifeWF45  Housework
 Phebe J.DaughterWF15  School 8
 Hattie A.DaughterWF13  School 9
 Oscar K.SonWM11  School 9
 Mabel E.DaughterWF9  School 8
 Mary E.DaughterWF7  School 7
RandallEarnestBoarderWM37  Guide
RudesWilliamHeadWM28  Farmer
 Burthey M.WifeWF27  Housework
 Charles W.SonWM4   
AbramsDimickHeadWM32  Farmer
 Catharine M.WifeWF24  Housework
 Lillie M.DaughterWF2   
StaceyEdward C.HeadWM50  Farmer
 Harett E.WifeWF36  Housework
 Thomas M.Son 9  School 8
 Lillian C.DaughterWF8  School 8
 AnnieDaughterWF7  School 8
 Aulton P.SonWM11mos   
RudesGeorge T.HeadWM67  Farmer
 Martha J.WifeWF56  Housework
 Lewis F.SonWM36  Farm Work
 Lyman H.SonWM34  Farm Work
MoreyFread J.HeadWM45  Hotel Keeper
 Mary L.WifeWF43  Housework
RobleeHarry P.BoarderWM19  Day Laborer
RudesWalterBoarderWM38  Carpenter
MaterJosephBoarderWM53Germany22 CitMason
LamkeyWilliam E.HeadWM44USA Farmer
 Nellie L.WifeWF36  Housework
 Agnes J.DaughterWF13  School 8
 William J.SonWM11  School 8
 George L.SonWM7  School 8
RudesWilliam H.FatherWM75  X
 JaneMotherWF69  X
ParslowFrank J.BoarderWM27  Carpenter
KellyWillBoarderWM50  Day Laborer
BalanPeterBoarderWM29  Day Laborer
KelloggWallace W.HeadWM33  Guide
 Cora B.SisterWF35  Housework
CraigElmer H.BoarderWM16  Day Laborer
CallahanJohnHeadWM50  Employer
 MaryWifeWF46  Housework
 DanialSonWM26  Day Laborer
 ThomasSonWM18  Book Keeper


Last NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
ChrisieLidiaBoarderWF20  Housework
GoldenEdwardBoarderWM58  Day Laborer
BuckleyNeilosBoarderWM21  Day Laborer
LittleFrankBoarderWM55Ire35 CitPainter
CrataFreadBoarderWM54CanadaF23 AlDay Laborer
RichardCalebBoarderWM46USA Gardner
JohnsonFrankBoarderWM26  Day Laborer
HoppstallFrankBoarderWM55Germany14 CitDay Laborer
CallahanThomasBoarderWM42USA Day Laborer
ShaultzFrederick W.BoarderWM38  Day Laborer
HaddockFrankBoarderWM35?5 AlDay Laborer
VernamCharlesBoarderWM28USA Machinist
OnealThomasBoarderWM34  Day Laborer
OharePatrickBoarderWM34England5 CitDay Laborer
VaucherThomasBoarderWM29Austra2 AlDay Laborer
ThompsonWilliam H.BoarderWM55CanadaE25 CitGuide
MerrillPatrickBoarderWM41CanadaE22 CitDay Laborer
BullisJurmeBoarderWM30USA Day Laborer
LymanCharlesBoarderWM36  Day Laborer
 Mary A.BoarderWM31  Housework
GouldrichHowardBoarderWM31  Day Laborer
JohnsonEddieBoarderWM47CanadaE46 CitDay Laborer
HaneyThomasBoarderWM34USA Day Laborer
FadanGeorgeBoarderWM30  Coachman
CollinsRichard J.HeadWM34  Employer
 Margaret C.WifeWF36  Employer
 John R.SonWM2   
 Richard G.SonWM1   
MayanFredBoarderWM50  Day Laborer
McVeoyJohnBoarderWM73CanadaE55 CitDay Laborer
WilsonGeorgeBoarderWM40Scotl20 CitDay Laborer
OsbornCharlesBoarderWM38USA Day Laborer
DaretyEddieBoarderWM45  Day Laborer
SaundersThomasHeadWM31  Day Laborer
 MandaWifeWF28  Housework
RightIrvingBoarderWM22  Day Laborer
CallahanWilliamBoarderWM29  Day Laborer
SheehanDanilBoarderWM34  Day Laborer
SweeneyDanilBoarderWM33  Day Laborer
BowmanIda M.BoarderWF30  Housework
CallhanJosephBoarderWM43Ire40 CitHousework
CallhanJohnBoarderWM20USA Day Laborer
GarvosMikeHeadWM53CanadaF46 CitGuide
QuackenbushSteavenHeadWM57USA Guide
BrushAlexanderBoarderWM47CanadaF31 CitGuide
HigginsJames E.HeadWM52USA Farmer
 Mary L.WifeWF42  Housework
 Thomas A.SonWM19  Farm Work
 Maggie M.DaughterWF17  School 8


Last NameFirst NameRelationRace/SexAgeBornCitizenOccupation
 JemieDaughterWF11  School 8
 Mary A.DaughterWF9  School 8
 James E.SonWM7  School 8
 Richard C.SonWM4   
 Nellie E.DaughterWF3   
SweeneyJohn P.HeadWM35  EMP
 MargretWifeWF37  EMP
ArmstrongHarreyBoarderWM35  Day Laborer
FullerBurtBoarderWM26  Day Laborer
SlackMareyBoarderWF16  Housework
ThasaultJoeBoarderWM27CanadaF3 AlDay Laborer
 FrankBoarderWM25CanadaF3 AlDay Laborer
IrvingBilleyBoarderWM36England7 AlDay Laborer
incalloGerryBoarderWM35USA Day Laborer
SchafferAlleyBoarderWM35Germany5 AlDay Laborer
McNameeAlexBoarderWM40USA Day Laborer
 DeliaBoarderWF35  Housework
 CoraBoarderWF9  School 4
RobleeAlleyBoarderWM26USA Carpenter
FebridoJohnBoarderWM28  Day Laborer
LinahanArthurBoarderWM32  Day Laborer
FranklinArthurBoarderWM36  Day Laborer
HayJohnBoarderWM33  Day Laborer
LdyriHarreyBoarderWM26  Day Laborer
SheehanEdward F.BoarderWM23  Day Laborer
McvayJohnBoarderWM70  Day Laborer
StackGeorgeBoarderWM17  Day Laborer
LorensenPeaterBoarderWM36England4 AlDay Laborer
BellJohnBoarderWM33USA Day Laborer
ChevalierLewisBoarderWM28  Day Laborer
Seaman?JimBoarderWM26  Day Laborer
ChristieAnnaBoarderWF23  Housework
GilmoreEdwardBoarderWM63  Day Laborer
rtan?DanBoarderWM27  Day Laborer
Shaw?ThomasBoarderWM27  Day Laborer
OHoeaPatrickBoarderWM29  Day Laborer
PettrieWilliamBoarderWM40  Blacksmith
Parker?Tim G.BoarderWM40  Day Laborer
ONealThomasBoarderWM36  Day Laborer
WitheralEarlBoarderWM36  Day Laborer
CallahanDanalBoarderWM27  Day Laborer
SchulchHenryBoarderWM28  Day Laborer
FarrelDanBoarderWM27  Day Laborer
BarnesPeterBoarderWM30  Day Laborer
OlearyJohnBoarderWM40  Day Laborer


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