1900 Federal Census
Town of Wells
E.D. 37 / Page 53 / Sheet 8

Generously transcribed and donated by Jim Call! - Thank You!

Twelfth census of the United States: 1900 - population
Town of Wells, Hamilton County, New York State
(Supervisor's District #7, enumeration district #37)
Enumerated by William Stanyon on the 1st to the 30th day of June, 1900

This census has many columns of data and you will most likely find that it "falls" off your screen on the right side.


    1:  Line #
    2:  Dwelling #
    3:  Family #
    4:  Last Name
    5:  First Name
    6:  Relationship
    7:  Race
    8:  Sex
    9:  Birth Month
    10: Birth Year
    11: Age
    12: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced
    13: Number of Years Married
    14: Number of Children
    15: Number of Children Living
    16: Birth Place
    17: Father's Birth Place
    18: Mother's Birth Place
    19: Year of Immigration
    20: Number of Years in the US
    21: Naturalized
    22: Occupation
    23: Months Unemployed
    24: Number of Months at School
    25: Can Read
    26: Can Write
    27: Can Speak English
    28: Owns or Rents Home
    29: Has or is Free of Mortgage
    30: Farm or House
    31: Farm Schedule
    32: Transcriber's notes

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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Page 53A / Sheet 8A
1  StayArthurBoarderWMOct186237S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr187327NaLaborer L. Woods6 NoNoyes     
2143147DavisonJohnHeadWMDec186930M10  New YorkCanada FrCanada Fr   Farmer0 yesNoyesOFF100 
3  DavisonAlivildaWifeWFApril186139M1022New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
4  DavisonClaudSonWMFeb18964S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
5  DavisonClarenceSonWMMarch19002/12S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
6144148WoodGermanHeadWMNov186336M7  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Laborer L. Woods4 yesyesyesR H  
7  WoodJanie B.WifeWFJune187326M700New YorkPennsylvaniaNew York      yesyesyes     
8  WoodPhoebeMotherWFOct182376Wd 11New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
9  Mc CaffreyGeorgeNephewWMSept187623S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Laborer L. Woods4 yesyesyes     
10  BerryRussellNephewWMNov187722M2/12  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Laborer L. Woods4 yesyesyes     
11  BerryMyraNieceWFMarch188515M2/1200New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
12145149FlansburghSylvesterHeadWMMay183268Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 NoNoyesOFF101 
13  FlansburghWalterSonWMJan188515S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
14  FlansburghDoraDaughterWFDec188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
15146150PerryGeorge W.HeadWMMarch184951M30  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Undertaker* yesyesyesOMH Col 20 left blank by enumerator
16  PerryJenietteWifeWFNov185148M3032New YorkNew YorkNew York   Dress Maker0 yesyesyes     
17  PerryAsenath M.SisterWFJuly183861S   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
18  RonaldAlfred M.BoarderWMAug186138S   New YorkScotlandNew York   Barber3 yesyesyes     
19147151DunhamWilliam H.HeadWMMarch184159M30  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer8 yesyesyesR H  
20  DunhamAnnieWifeWFAug184554M3000New YorkNew YorkNew York   Carpet Weaver6 yesyesyes     
21148152HosleyWallace W.HeadWMApril186634M5  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFH  
22  HosleyLizzie L.WifeWFJan187426M522New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
23  HosleyInez E.DaughterWFMay18964S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
24  HosleyMartin E.SonWMMarch18982S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
25149153HosleyMartin B.HeadWMApril183862M37  New YorkNew YorkVermont   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF102 
26  HosleyMary A.WifeWFAug184356M3755New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
27  HosleyEmerySonWMFeb188119S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Clerk0 yesyesyes     
28  ScribnerLiddieMother in L.WFJune181485Wd 1211New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
29 154HosleyBenjamanHeadWMAug187722M2  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Teamster0 yesyesyesR H  
30  HosleyNellie A.WifeWFMay187723M200New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
31150155BuyceMyron H.HeadWMJune184653M30  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Merchant0 yesyesyesOFH  
32  BuyceMary C.WifeWFNov185049M3011GermanyGermanyGermany185446*   yesyesyes    Col 18 left blank by enumerator
33 156PerryRobert H.HeadWMJuly187326M2  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Panter*6 yesyesyesR H Occupation transcribed as written by enumerator - could be Painter
34  PerryNellie M.WifeWFMay187525M210New YorkNew YorkGermany   Milener*0 yesyesyes    Occupation transcribed as written by enumerator - could be Milliner
35151157BuyceLucian L.HeadWMMay185842M18  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyesOFH  
36  BuyceCharlott J.WifeWFNov186336M1864New YorkGermanyGermany      yesNoyes     
37  BuyceCora M.DaughterWFJuly188514S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
38  BuyceHarveySonWMSept188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
39  BuyceOraSonWMMarch18928S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
40  BuyceHathan LSonWMMarch18973S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
41  KublerGeorge J.Father in L.WMMay182278Wd   GermanyGermanyGermany185446Na   yesyesyes     
42152158GreensleteWilliamHeadWMDec187029M2  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Barber0 yesyesNoOFH  
43  GreensleteAliceWifeWFNov187128M211New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesNo     
44  GreensleteNelson C.SonWMMay19000/12S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
45  CollanerHattieSister in L.WFAug186534S   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesNo     
46153159PettitWilliamHeadWMMarch181783M62  EnglandEnglandEngland182872NaFarmer  yesyesyesOMF103Col 20 left blank by enumerator
47  PettitNancyWifeWFJune181782M62105New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesNoyes     
48  CowlesAllieGran. SonWMAug188613S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
49  CowlesWilliamGran. SonWMApril187723S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesNo     
50154160RonaldWilliamHeadWMJune185346M26  New YorkScotlandNew York   Carpenter0 yesyesyesOMH  

Page 53B / Sheet 8B
51  RonaldElla F.WifeWFNov185445M2642New YorkNew YorkNew York   Glove Maker10 yesyesyes     
52  RonaldStella M.DaughterWFMarch187525S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   School Teacher4 yesyesyes     
53  RonaldWilliam B.SonWMFeb188713S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
54155161CourtneyFrank E.HeadWMDec186138M10  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Game Protector  yesyesyesR F104 
55  CourtneyCharlotteWifeWFMay187228M1022New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
56  CourtneyGeorge F.SonWMNov18918S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
57  CourtneyLyle J.SonWMSept18936S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
58  GilmanJohn M.Father in L.WMJan182971M10  New YorkVermontNew York   Farm Laborer6 yesyesyes     
59156162PettitJosephHeadWMOct185247M25  New YorkEnglandNew York   Hotel Prop0 yesyesyesOMF105 
60  PettitIda A.WifeWFMay185941M2500New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
61  PettitBertha M.DaughterWFSept187920S   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
62  CowlesRichard P.Br. In LawWMApril184852Un   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Carpenter4 yesyesyes     
63  PeckRobertServantWMAug185148M13  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Hosler*0 yesyesyes    Occupation transcribed as written by enumerator - could be Hostler
64  ShultzJohn W.BoarderWMMarch186733S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Printer0 yesyesyes     
65  Mc GannThomasBoarderWMNov185247S   New YorkIrelandIreland      yesyesyes     
66157163CarginGeorge H.HeadWMOct185742M18  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Blacksmith0 yesyesyesOMH  
67  CarginDord C.WifeWFMarch186238M1866New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
68  CarginFrank D.SonWMOct188514S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
69  CarginBessieDaughterWFAug188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
70  CarginEarlSonWMJan18919S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
71  CarginMaxSonWMJan18937S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
72  CarginMadgeDaughterWFNov18972S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
73  CarginClara D.DaughterWFSept18998/12S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
74158164JettieJosephHeadWMMay187030M6  Canada FrCanada FrAt Sea   Laborer L. Woods4 yesNoyesR H  
75  JettieKateWifeWFFeb187624M611New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
76  JettieAgness M.DaughterWFJan18964S   New YorkCanadaNew York              
77  SchuyerGeorgeBoarderWMJuly18909S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
78159165HosleyGeorgeHeadWMFeb184357S   New YorkNew YorkVermont   Hotell* Keeper* yesyesyesR F106Occupation transcribed as written by enumerator; Col 20 left blank
79  CraigWilliamServantWMMay186139M12  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer* yesyesyes    Col 20 left blank by enumerator
80  CraigMinnieServantWFSept187128M1232New YorkNew YorkNew York   Servant* yesyesyes    Col 20 left blank by enumerator
81  ThompsonMayServantWFFeb188020S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Servant* yesyesyes    Col 20 left blank by enumerator
82  BrattEffieServantWFJune187920Un   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Servant* yesyesyes    Col 20 left blank by enumerator
83  DavisUlaBoarderWMJuly186732Un   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Teamster* yesyesyes    Col 20 left blank by enumerator
84  RumleyL. D.BoarderWMJan184753S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Lumberman3 yesyesyes     
85  HardyWesleyBoarderWMMay186931S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr   Laborer L. Woods3 yesyesyes     
86  HardyAlbertBorderWMAug187128S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr   Laborer L. Woods3 yesyesyes    Relation transcribed as written by enumerator
87  HardyNormanBoarderWMJuly187425S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr   Laborer L. Woods3 yesyesyes     
88  ReillyMicael O.BoarderWMJune184950M   New HampshireNew HampshireNew Hampshire   Laborer L. Woods6 yesyesyes     
89160166GilmanWilliam W.HeadWMMay185149M26  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Carpenter4 yesyesyesR H  
90  GilmanMary A.WifeWFOct185742M2696New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
91  GilmanCharles H.SonWMAug187524S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer6 yesyesyes     
92  GilmanRuthDaughterWFOct188316S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
93  GilmanLucetaDaughterWFJune188712S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
94  GilmanGraceDaughterWFMarch189010S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
95  GilmanIvyDaughterWFApril18928S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
96161167CozineCharles C.HeadWMOct184455M17  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Merchant0 yesyesyesOFF107 
97  CozineEva B.WifeWFJan185743M1744New YorkVermontVermont      yesyesyes     
98  CozineVictor E.SonWMApril188614S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
99  CozineCharles J.SonWMMay188812S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes     
100  CozineAlice B.DaughterWFJuly18909S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
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