1900 Federal Census
Town of Wells
E.D. 37 / Page 47 / Sheet 2

Generously transcribed and donated by Jim Call! - Thank You!

Twelfth census of the United States: 1900 - population
Town of Wells, Hamilton County, New York State
(Supervisor's District #7, enumeration district #37)
Enumerated by William Stanyon on the 1st to the 30th day of June, 1900

This census has many columns of data and you will most likely find that it "falls" off your screen on the right side.


    1:  Line #
    2:  Dwelling #
    3:  Family #
    4:  Last Name
    5:  First Name
    6:  Relationship
    7:  Race
    8:  Sex
    9:  Birth Month
    10: Birth Year
    11: Age
    12: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced
    13: Number of Years Married
    14: Number of Children
    15: Number of Children Living
    16: Birth Place
    17: Father's Birth Place
    18: Mother's Birth Place
    19: Year of Immigration
    20: Number of Years in the US
    21: Naturalized
    22: Occupation
    23: Months Unemployed
    24: Number of Months at School
    25: Can Read
    26: Can Write
    27: Can Speak English
    28: Owns or Rents Home
    29: Has or is Free of Mortgage
    30: Farm or House
    31: Farm Schedule
    32: Transcriber's notes

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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Page 47A / Sheet 2A
1  WhiteEmma J.WifeWFMarch185050M211New YorkNew YorkNew York   Dress Making6 yesyesyes     
22123CramerHarry L.HeadWMDec186732M10  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Editor0 yesyesyesR H  
3  CramerAdaWifeWFMay187030M1044New YorkEnglandEngland      yesyesyes     
4  CramerLee H.SonWMFeb18919S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
5  CramerMillie M.DaughterWFFeb18955S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 7***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
6  CramerElmer W.SonWMAug18963S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
7  CramerEthel M.DaughterWFJuly189910/12S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
8  SmithNellieSister in LawWFJan186436M1000New YorkEnglandEngland      yesyesyes     
92224StonerPeterHeadWMJan182872M37  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF8 
10  StonerMaryWifeWFNov184059M3700New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
11  StewartDociaNeice*WFDec188712S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9yesyesyes    Relation transcribed as written by enumerator
12  StewartElmerNephewWMApril18928S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 9***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
13  StewartJames J.B - in LawWMDec184653Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Peddler - fish6 yesyesyes     
14  StewartWilliamNephewWMFeb188812S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 5yesyesyes     
15 25WhitneyMartha A.HeadWMMarch184555Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer10 yesyesyesR H  
162326BrouilletteGeorgeHeadWMMay186238M18  Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr188020NaFarmer0 yesyesyesOFF9 
17  BrouilletteIda L.WifeWFOct186039M1811New YorkIrelandNew York      yesyesyes     
18  BrouilletteGeorge T.SonWMMay188812S   New YorkCanada FrNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
19  RoneyMirtleNieceWFSept18945S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 2***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
202427MatticeJeromeHeadWMAug185445M20  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 NoNoyesOFF10 
21  MatticeEmma E.WifeWFJune186336M2064New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
22  MatticeEdward C.SonWMSept188217S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
23  MatticeFrankSonWMMay188515S   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
24  MatticeMary L.DaughterWFAug188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
25  MatticeEarl N.SonWMMay18919S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
262528ThompsonGeorge H.HeadWMMarch185347M25  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF11 
27  ThompsonNettie I.WifeWFApril186040M2599New YorkNew YorkNew York   Glove Making6 yesyesyes     
28  ThompsonJohn H.SonWMJan188119S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer10 yesyesyes     
29  ThompsonChester A.SonWMFeb188317S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
30  ThompsonElsie L.DaughterWFSept188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
31  ThompsonBirtonSonWMDec18909S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
32  ThompsonMyrtle I.DaughterWFMay18937S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
33  ThompsonGeorge L.SonWMJuly18945S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
34  ThompsonDurwood W.SonWMJan18973S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
352629WhitmanHamletHeadWMMarch185545M20  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF12 
36  WhitmanMary H.WifeWFApril186040M2077New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
37  WhitmanAsahel H.SonWMAug188316S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 2yesyesyes     
38  WhitmanWilliam H.SonWMJuly188613S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 7yesyesyes     
39  WhitmanGeorge L.SonWMApril188911S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 7yesyesyes     
40  WhitmanMary E.DaughterWFSept18918S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 7***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
41  WhitmanCharles J.SonWMFeb18946S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
42  WhitmanWallace G.SonWMDec18963S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
432730HanleyRichard H.HeadWMMay186733M9  New YorkIrelandIreland   Book Keeping0 yesyesyesR H  
44  HanleyAnnaWifeWFSept187425M933New YorkScotlandNew York      yesyesyes     
45  HanleyKathleen H.DaughterWFOct18927S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   * 10yesyesyes    Occupation left blank by enumerator
46  HanleyMarion E.DaughterWFJuly18963S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
47  HanleyWilliam T.SonWMJune18981S   New YorkNew YorkNew York         0*F*F* Cols 25-27 probably marked in error - person is only 1 year of age
482831SimonsGeorge H.HeadWMMay185446M15  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF13 
49  SimonsSarah E.WifeWFApril185347M153 New YorkNew YorkIreland   Glove Making6 yesyesyes     
50  MorrisonJessie T.Step SonWMMarch187228S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer10 yesyesyes     

Page 47B / Sheet 2B
51  SimonsJamesSonWMAug188217S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer6 yesyesyes     
522932FranciscoAzariah A.HeadWMNov184158Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF14 
53  FranciscoSarahDaughterWFJan187426S   New YorkNew YorkScotland      yesyesyes     
54  FranciscoRobert A.*SonWMMarch188119S   New YorkNew YorkScotland   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes    Possible twin based on birth month, year, and age
55  FranciscoRose *DaughterWFMarch188119S   New YorkNew YorkScotland      yesyesyes    Possible twin based on birth month, year, and age
563033WagerNathanialHeadWMSept183564M34  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesNoyesOFF15 
57  WagerEliza C.WifeWFNov184554M3455New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
58  WagerWallace W.SonWMNov186732S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer2 yesyesyes     
59  WagerHenry C.SonWMDec187227S   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
60  WagerLucian L.SonWMOct187623S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer2 yesyesyes     
61  DuntleyBertha E.G. DaughterWFDec18918S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
623134SimonsWilliamHeadWMApril185842M13  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer2 yesyesyesOFH  
63  SimonsElizabethWifeWFFeb186535M1332New YorkNew YorkNew York   Glove Maker10 yesyesyes     
64  SimonsNettieDaughterWFSept18954S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
65  SimonsPeterSonWMApril18991S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
66  StewartEmma A.Sister in LawWFFeb185248M28109New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
673235MurrayGeorgeHeadWMFeb183961M12  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF16 
68  MurraySusan S.WifeWFMay184951M12  New YorkEnglandNew York      yesyesyes     
693336EarleyElijah J.HeadWMFeb185446M25  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF17 
70  EarleySarah E.WifeWFJan185545M25108New YorkScotlandScotland   Glove Making8 yesyesyes     
71  EarleyRubyDaughterWFMay188218S   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
72  EarleyJames E.SonWMOct188613S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
73  EarleyAlbert R.SonWMMarch188911S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
74  EarleyCarl M.SonWMJune18918S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
75  EarleyArthur C.SonWMApril18946S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 4***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
76  EarleyAltaDaughterWFMarch18991S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
77  EarleyHenryFatherWMMay180892Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
783437EarleyWilliam M.HeadWMAug184554M28  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF18 
79  EarleyAlviraWhifeWFMarch184654M2865New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
80  EarleyMyron A.SonWMJuly187821S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer4 yesyesyes     
81  EarleyWilliam P.SonWMDec187920S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer4 yesyesyes     
82  EarleyMark L.SonWMApril188119S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
83  EarleyPearl V.DaughterWFJuly188415S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
843538CraigJohn H.HeadWMApril185842M19  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyesOFH  
85  CraigIda E.WWFMay186238M1933New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
86  CraigAllen E.SonWMDec188316S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
87  CraigElmer H.SonWMOct188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8yesyesyes     
88  CraigBeulah M.DaughterWFJan18991S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
893639CochraneDanialHeadWMJuly184356M32  IrelandIrelandIreland184951NaFarmer0 yesyesyesOFF19 
90  CochraneMartha J.WifeWFJan184852M3222IrelandIrelandIreland186337*   yesyesyes    Col 18 left blank by enumerator
91  CochraneJaneMotherWFJune182277Wd 104IrelandIrelandIreland186337*   yesyesyes    Col 18 left blank by enumerator
923740FordMosesHeadWMMarch184159M33  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOFF20 
93  FordLuctiaWifeWFApril183862M3375PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaPennsylvania      yesyesyes     
94  FordJohnSonWMJune187029S   New YorkNew YorkPennsylvania   Farm Laborer3 yesyesyes     
95  FordGeorge B.SonWMOct187920S   New YorkNew YorkPennsylvania   Farm Laborer3 yesyesyes     
963841GrifinErastasHeadWMJan184258M29  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Teamster0 yesyesyesOFH  
97  GrifinMary L.WifeWFFeb185446M2953New YorkScotlandNew York      yesyesyes     
98  GrifinLina N.DaughterWFJune187821S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Glove Making0 yesyesyes     
993942WheelockHenry F.HeadWMOct183960Wd   MassachusettsMassachusettsNew York   Farmer0 yesyesyesOMF21 
100  PotterJennieDaughterWFApril187426M711New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
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