1900 Federal Census
Town of Morehouse

We have been fortunate enough to have had two individuals transcribe this census for this town! So, rather than trying to combine them in some way, I simply present them both herein.

The first transcription was performed for our site by Joanne Murray in 2001. She has many roots in this town and has run across many of the surnames in her research.

The second transcription was performed by Jim Call and proofed by Jimmy R. Polk in 2003. Jim is also a Hamilton county researcher and performed the transcription of the entire 1900 census for the USGenWeb Census project. He then offered to provide the same information for posting on our site and here it is!

Thank you to all three individuals for their efforts on our behalf!

1900 Morehouse #1: Joanne Murray, transcriber

1900 Morehouse #2: Jim Call, transcriber; Jimmy R. Polk, proofreader


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