1900 Federal Census
Town of Long Lake
Page 42 / Sheet 8

Generously transcribed and donated by Jim Call! - Thank You!

Twelfth census of the United States: 1900 - population
Town of Long Lake, Hamilton County, New York State
(Supervisor's District #7, enumeration district #36)
Enumerated by Henry D. Kellog on the 1st to the 2nd day of June, 1900

This census has many columns of data and you will most likely find that it "falls" off your screen on the right side.


    1:  Line #
    2:  Dwelling #
    3:  Family #
    4:  Last Name
    5:  First Name
    6:  Relationship
    7:  Race
    8:  Sex
    9:  Birth Month
    10: Birth Year
    11: Age
    12: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced
    13: Number of Years Married
    14: Number of Children
    15: Number of Children Living
    16: Birth Place
    17: Father's Birth Place
    18: Mother's Birth Place
    19: Year of Immigration
    20: Number of Years in the US
    21: Naturalized
    22: Occupation
    23: Months Unemployed
    24: Number of Months at School
    25: Can Read
    26: Can Write
    27: Can Speak English
    28: Owns or Rents Home
    29: Has or is Free of Mortgage
    30: Farm or House
    31: Farm Schedule
    32: Transcriber's notes

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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Page 42A / Sheet 8A
1  FayzetteAnie C.WifeWFMay186931M1131New YorkNew YorkNew York    0 yesyesyes     
2  FayzetteEdward G.SonWMSep18918S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 8***    Cols 22-24 left blank by enumerator
3  WoodCambellServantWMAug187128S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng18973AlDay Laborer0 NoNoNo     
4  LaBlairSamuelServantWMApr188218S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18973AlDay Laborer0 NoNoNo     
5  LaMellCharlesServantWMSep187217S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18964AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
6  LetiteJosephServantWMJan188119S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr188911AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
7  ColtJosephServantWMAug187128S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr188614AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
8  JarvisVictorServantWMOct187821S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18991AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
9  GauthierEugeneServantWMJuly186831S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18919AlCook0 yesyesyes     
10122127FoleyP. J.HeadWMFeb187228M0  New YorkIrelandIreland   Book Keeper0 yesyesyesOFH  
11  WaldrofCurtisServantWMOct186831S   MichiganMichiganNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
12  LeiemEugeneServantWMJune186930S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr188911AlDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
13  BadoJamesServantWMMar187723S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr19000AlDay Laborer0 NoNoNo     
14  PerkyJosephServantWMDec186930S   Canada FrCaliforniaCanada Fr18946AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
15  BadoJosephServantWMMar187228M   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr19000AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
16  RyanJamesServantWMMar187228S   New YorkIrelandIreland   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
17  MurphyMaryServantWFMar188020S   IrelandIrelandIreland18973*House Keeper0 yesyesyes    Col 18 left blank by enumerator
18  McDonaldMaggieServantWFNov187227S   New YorkIrelandIreland   House Keeper0 yesyesyes     
19  FayalErnestServantWMMay187822S   Canada FrCanada FrScotland18990AlDay Laborer1 yesyesyes     
20  WoodardCharlesServantWMMar185842S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
21  SabauinAugusteServantWMJuly187524S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18964AlBlacksmith0 yesyesyes     
22  MichaudJosephServantWMFeb188020S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18946AlDay Laborer3 yesyesyes     
23  WilletteFredServantWMJune186930S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18982AlCarpenter2 NoNoyes     
24  CameronRoryServantWMApr186832W   Canada EngScotlandScotland188317AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
25  McDongallDavidServantWMJan187426S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng188812AlDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
26  McDonaldJamesServantWMJuly187326S   New YorkNew YorkCanada Eng   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
27  GoodrowEdwardServantWMSep187623S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18946AlDay Laborer3 yesyesyes     
28  ShirleyAlexServantWMJune187920S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18946AlDay Laborer3 yesyesyes     
29  ShieldsCharlesServantWMMay186238S   CaliforniaScotlandScotland   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
30  MurphyPatrickServantWMMar186931S   IrelandIrelandIreland188317AlDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
31  JohnstonRobertServantWMMay187030S   ScotlandScotlandScotland188812AlDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
32  GirardMitchellServantWMOct186831S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr188119NaDay Laborer2 yesyesyes     
33  Fuller?EugeneServantWMSep187425S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
34  BushAlfredServantWMSep187128S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr189010NaDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
35  FeltEdwardServantWMMay186436S   New YorkNew YorkIreland   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
36  WierJohnServantWMOct187425M5  Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr19000AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
37  SharkeyEugeneServantWMJuly187920S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18991AlDay Laborer2 NoNoyes     
38  TilionPaulServantWMNov187128M6  Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr19000AlDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
39  McCarthyWilliamServantWMOct183663S   IrelandIrelandIreland186535NaDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
40  FarrellMarkServantWMJan187822S   EnglandIrelandEngland19000AlSteam Fitter2 yesyesyes     
41  PrinceJohnServantWMDec187524S   MassachusettsCanadaCanada   Day Laborer0 yesNoyes     
42  Shell***EugeneServantWMAug188019S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr1890*0*AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes    Unable to read Surname, Cols 16-17 transcribed as written by enumerator
43  FermiaPeterServantWMAug187524S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr188911AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
44  MitchellEdwardServantWMJuly187722S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18982AlDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
45  McDonaldRandallServantWMJuly188118S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng19000*Day Laborer0 yesyesyes    Col 18 is illegible
46  ParodyHenryServantWMJuly184158W   New YorkFranceFrance   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
47  Keyes?WilliamServantWMApr187624S   FranceFranceFrance1890*0*AlDay Laborer4 yesyesyes    Unable to read Surname, Cols 16-17 transcribed as written by enumerator
48  St. JohnJohnServantWMMar188020S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng*0AlDay Laborer0 yesyesyes    Unable to read Immigration data
49  P **FrankServantWMNov185049W   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr***Day Laborer0 yesyesyes    Unable to read Surname or Immigration data
50  La B **DanielServantWMAug187821S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng***Day Laborer0 yesyesyes    Unable to read Surname or Immigration data

Page 42B / Sheet 8B
51  McDonaldJohnServantWMFeb186535S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng19000AlDay Laborer2 yesyesyes     
52  BarneySamuelServantWMAug187920S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng18991AlDay Laborer3 yesyesyes     
53  RichardsGeorgeServantWMJan188118S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng19000AlDay Laborer2 NoNoyes     
54  LaPlankJosephServantWMApr187129S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr188713AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
55  RossWilliamServantWMFeb187129S   New YorkVermontNew York   Day Laborer6 yesyesyes     
56  FishDavidServantWMMar187129S   Canada EngCanada EngCanada Eng189010AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
57  HavronHubert?ServantWMJan187822S   New YorkCanadaNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
58  SayersJohnServantWMApr184852S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr186337NaFireman0 yesyesyes     
59  WhiteEdwardServantWMJune186336S   New YorkIrelandIreland   Day Laborer4 yesyesyes     
60  MelvinWesleyServantWMMar187129S   IllinoisNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
61  FinleyEdwardServantWMMay185644S   New YorkIrelandIreland   Day Laborer1 yesyesyes     
62123128McIneryFrankHeadWMNov186237S   New YorkIrelandNew York   Lumberman0 yesyesyesR H  
63  MinerFloydServantWMJul187128S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
64  SawyerLewisServantWMJan186238M17  New YorkCanada FrNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
65  MillingtonStokesServantWMOct187128S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyes     
66  BarthellJamesServantWMNov187227S   New YorkNew JerseyNew York   Day Laborer2 yesyesyes     
67  DupyClaytonServantWMNov187920S   New YorkCanada FrNew York   Day Laborer4 yesyesyes     
68  PastureRobinServantWMMay187822S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900AlDay Laborer0 NoNoNo     
69  InewaFredServantWMJul186336M8  Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900AlDay Laborer0 NoNoyes     
70  FerdinandRobinServantWMJune187623M4  Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900*Day Laborer6 NoNoNo    Col 18 marked out
71  LucienLacombeServantWMMar188515S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900*Day Laborer6 yesyesNo    Col 18 marked out
72  Paladore?HullServantWMApr188020S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900AlDay Laborer0 NoNoNo     
73  PocketFredServantWMMar187723S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900AlDay Laborer0 NoNoNo     
74  RobinJohnServantWMApr187327M4  Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900AlDay Laborer4 NoNoNo     
75  DuewaNapoelonServantWMJuly187326S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900AlDay Laborer2 NoNoNo     
76  HallJosephServantWMJuly188821S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900AlDay Laborer0 NoNoNo     
77  CzervicePocketServantWMJuly187524S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18900AlDay Laborer6 NoNoNo     
78  BlairJoeacphServantWMJune187128S   Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr18928AlDay Laborer0 NoNoNo     
79  SavageEdwardServantWMMay186634M12  Canada FrCanada FrCanada Fr19000AlDay Laborer5 NoNoNo     
80  McConnonPatrickServantWMSep187128M2  MassachusettsMassachusettsIreland   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
81  MillingtonLeeServantWMMar187723S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer4 yesyesyes     
82  MillingtonDouglasServantWMFeb187426S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyes     
83124129MussenWillisHeadWMFeb187624M4  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyesR H  
84  MussenAbigalWifeWFFeb186832M400New YorkNew YorkNew York    0 yesyesyes     
85  BrehHelenServantWFSep187722S   New YorkCanada FrNew York   House Keeper0 yesyesyes     
86125130ChubbScottHeadWMApr186139M16  New YorkVermontNew York   Game Keeper0 yesyesyes  H  
87  ChubbMay L.WifeWFMay186139M1623New YorkNew YorkNew York    0 yesyesyes     
88  ChubbMonaDaughterWFMay188416S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   House Keeper0 yesyesyes     
89  ChubbBlancheDaughterWFMay188713S   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
90  ChubbGeo W.SonWMFeb18928*   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes    Col 9 left blank by enumerator
91  MillerPatienceMotherWFDec184158W 11New YorkCanada EngNew York      yesyesyes     
92  JohnstonJohnServantWMFeb187228S   Canada EngCanada EngScotland18919AlDay Laborer0 yesyesyes     
93126131AmesB. P.HeadWMJuly185841M20  New YorkNew HampshireNew York   Game Keeper0 yesyesyesR H  
94  AmesLulu M. S.WifeWFAug186435M2010New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
95  HartThomasBoarderWMOct188118S   New YorkNew YorkCanada   Telegraph Operater0 yesyesyes     
96  MahoneyMaryServantWFOct185445S   New YorkIrelandIreland   House Keeper0 yesyesyes     
97127132RistThomasHeadWMFeb187327M7  New YorkNew YorkPennsylvania   Lumberman0 yesyesyesRFH  
98  RistCoraWifeWFMay187525M711New YorkVermontVermont    0 yesyesyes     
99  RistErnestSonWMMar18946*   New YorkNew YorkNew York      ***    Cols 9, 22-24 left blank by enumerator
100  HarringtonJennieServantWFMar186337M60 VermontVermontVermont   House Keeper0 yesyesyes     

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