1900 Federal Census
Town of Hope
Page 9 / Sheet 2

Generously transcribed and donated by Jim Call! - Thank You!

Twelfth census of the United States: 1900 - population
Town of Hope, Hamilton County, New York State
(Supervisor's District #7, enumeration district #32)
Enumerated by B. Frank Kathan on the 1st to the 14th day of June, 1900

This census has many columns of data and you will most likely find that it "falls" off your screen on the right side.


    1:  Line #
    2:  Dwelling #
    3:  Family #
    4:  Last Name
    5:  First Name
    6:  Relationship
    7:  Race
    8:  Sex
    9:  Birth Month
    10: Birth Year
    11: Age
    12: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced
    13: Number of Years Married
    14: Number of Children
    15: Number of Children Living
    16: Birth Place
    17: Father's Birth Place
    18: Mother's Birth Place
    19: Year of Immigration
    20: Number of Years in the US
    21: Naturalized
    22: Occupation
    23: Months Unemployed
    24: Number of Months at School
    25: Can Read
    26: Can Write
    27: Can Speak English
    28: Owns or Rents Home
    29: Has or is Free of Mortgage
    30: Farm or House
    31: Farm Schedule
    32: Transcriber's notes

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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Page 9A / Sheet 2A
1  TravisGertrudeGrand daughterWFMay18928S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
2  TravisFlorenceGrand daughterWFApr18964S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
31719ArnoldBradleyHeadWMMar185347M21  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F13 
4  ArnoldEmma E.WifeWFDec185940M2111New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
5  ArnoldDavid B.SonWMJuly187920S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Book Keeper0 yesyesyes     
61820BurgesBenjaminHeadWMMar185842M20  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F14 
7  BurgesEtta E.WifeWFFeb186238M20118New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
8  BurgesLillie E.DaughterWFMar188218M100New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
9  BurgesMinni B.DaughterWFApr188416S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
10  BurgesTimothy E.SonWMNov188613S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
11  BurgesMary E.DaughterWFMay188911S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
12  BurgesMaggie E.DaughterWFMay18919S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
13  BurgesRuth A.DaughterWFSept18936S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
14  BurgesLester E.SonWMMar18964S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
15  BurgesO'ThaliaDaughterWFNov18981S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
161921TravisWilliamBoarderWMApr187030S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer4 NoNoyes     
17  WilliamsIsaac B.BoarderWMApr185941S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
18  WilliamsElias W.BoarderWMAug182277Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
19  WilliamsJohn A.HeadWMAug184653M30  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F15 
20  WilliamsMary E.WifeWFJuly184653M3011New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
21  WilliamsJennie L.DaughterWFFeb187030M722New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
22  BrownellSeymour M.Son In LawWMSep186435M7  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Lumberman0 yesyesyes     
23  BrownellPortia T.DaughterWFAug18945S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
24  BrownellOrra J.SonWMApr18982S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
252022SimpsonRaymondHeadWMJuly187227M3  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer4 yesyesyesR H  
26  SimpsonEuniceWifeWFNov188019M311New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
27  SimpsonHenry C.SonWMApr18982S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
28 23LawtonHerbertHeadWMMay189228M4  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyesR H  
29  LawtonHelinWifeWFMay187030M455New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
30  LawtonWallisSonWMJune18918S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
31  LawtonBerthaDaughterWFApr18937S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
32  LawtonEdnaDaughterWFNov18945S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 4yesNoyes     
33  LawtonMyrtleDaughterWFJan*1897*2*S   New YorkNew YorkNew York             Birth month, year, age transcribed as written
34  LawtonRaymonSonWMAug18999/12S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
352124NolanHanahHeadWFMar183268Wd 73New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F16 
36  NolanAmandaDaughterWFJune185148M   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyes     
37  NolanAlmonSonWMJuly186039M   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer4 yesyesyes     
38  NolanFredSonWMApr186733S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
392225IngrahamTarquinHeadWMJan184357M32  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F17 
40  IngrahamBindaWifeWFFeb185248M3295New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
41  IngrahamAnna B.DaughterWFApr188515S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
42  IngrahamBessie H.DaughterWFNov188613S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
43  IngrahamOla M.DaughterWFMay188911S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
44  IngrahamNathanal C.SonWMSep18918S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
45  IngrahamLee H.SonWMSep18936S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
462326GibsonEllenHeadWFDec184554Wd 22New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F18 
47  GibsonJenniceDaughterWFApr186535M 22New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
48  GibsonVictor A.SonWMJuly187326S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
492427BlackWilliamHeadWMApr185050S   CanadaIrelandNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F19 
50  JenksSmithBoarderWMMay187129S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer4 yesyesyes     

Page 9B / Sheet 2B
512528FrazinMilesHeadWMApr185941M14  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesOMF20 
52  FrazinEllenWifeWFOct186930M1477New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
53  FrazinHenry S.SonWMDec188613S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 7yesyesyes     
54  FrazinMarionDaughterWFSept188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 7yesyesyes     
55  FrazinLibbieDaughterWFSept18909S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 7yesyesyes     
56  FrazinDanielSonWMSept18927S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 7yesyesyes     
57  FrazinEsterDaughterWFJan18955S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
58  FrazinOrinSonWMMar18973S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
59  FrazinEtholandDaughterWFFeb18991S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
602629RiceEllen F.HeadWFFeb184060Wd4486IrelandIrelandIreland185644 Farmer  NoNoyesOMF21 
61  RiceJoanaDaughterWFApr185743M300New YorkIrelandIreland      yesyesyes     
62  RiceThomasSonWMMay185941S   New YorkIrelandIreland   Farm Laborer3 yesyesyes     
63  RiceKateDaughterWFOct186039M1700New YorkIrelandIreland      yesyesyes     
64  RiceEllenDaughterWFAug186237Wd 00New YorkIrelandIreland   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
65  RiceMaggieDaughterWFJan186634M200New YorkIrelandIreland   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
66  RiceMaryDaughterWFFeb187228S   New YorkIrelandIreland   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
67  RiceSadieGrand DaughterWFSept188118M000New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
68  KingJohn W.BoarderWMJuly186435*M   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer4 yesyesyes    Age is 35 written above 33
692730LawtonWilliamHeadWMApr184159M36  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F*Col 28 is illegible; probably should be 22
70  LawtonFannieWifeWFOct184752M3697New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
71  LawtonJamesSonWMDec186435M16  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyes     
72  LawtonLeinorSonWMJan186733S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer2 yesyesyes     
73  LawtonDoraDaughterWFDec186831M000New YorkNew YorkNew York   House Keeper  NoNoyes     
74  LawtonHerbertSonWMMay187327M5  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer2 yesyesyes     
75  LawtonLeoraDaughterWFApr187129M1400New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
76  LawtonJohnSonWMJan187624M0  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer  yesyesyes     
77  LawtonHazelDaughterWFNov188415S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
78  LawtonWadeGrandsonWMJune188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
79  LawtonWiberGrandsonWMApr18955S   New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
802831RhodesJohnHeadWMMay184060M0  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer5 NoNoyesR H  
81  RhodesDoraWifeWFDec186831M043New YorkNew YorkNew York      NoNoyes     
82  BaumesConradBoarderWMMay183763Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer Laborer4 yesyesyes     
83  LawtonHazelDaughterWFMar19002/12S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
842932NolanAlmonHeadWMJuly186039M17  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyesR H  
85  NolanCarrieWifeWFMar186832M1744New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
86  NolanLulaDaughterWFNov188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 6yesyesyes     
87  NolanWilberSonWMJan18946S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 5yesyesyes     
88  NolanHenrySonWMNov18954S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
89  NolanLizzieDaughterWFSept18981S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
903033BaldwinWilliam S.HeadWMJune186435M7  New YorkVermontNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyesR H  
91  BaldwinRobitineWifeWFFeb187228M733New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
92  BaldwinDuglas R.SonWMAug18945S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   at School 2yesNoyes     
93  BaldwinHomer G.SonWMNov18963S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
94  BaldwinDavid B.SonWMNov18981S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
95  AbottBerthaBoarderWFJuly187623S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
96  AbottBrownell J.BoarderWMAug187722S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer4 yesyesyes     
97  Van HusenPhiloBoarderWMApr184951S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer2 yesyesyes     
983134MaharWilliamHeadWMNov183366Wd   IrelandIrelandIreland185149NaDay Laborer6 NoNoyesR H  
99  MaharMichelSonWMMar187228S   New YorkIrelandIreland   Day Laborer5 yesyesyes     
1003235ClarkeDewittHeadWMJan185446S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesOMF23 
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