1900 Federal Census
Town of Benson
Page 15 / Sheet 8

Generously transcribed and donated by Jim Call! - Thank You!

Twelfth census of the United States: 1900 - population
Town of Benson, Hamilton County, New York State
(Supervisor's District #7, enumeration district #32)
Enumerated by on the 13th to the 21st day of June, 1900

This census has many columns of data and you will most likely find that it "falls" off your screen on the right side.


    1:  Line #
    2:  Dwelling #
    3:  Family #
    4:  Last Name
    5:  First Name
    6:  Relationship
    7:  Race
    8:  Sex
    9:  Birth Month
    10: Birth Year
    11: Age
    12: Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced
    13: Number of Years Married
    14: Number of Children
    15: Number of Children Living
    16: Birth Place
    17: Father's Birth Place
    18: Mother's Birth Place
    19: Year of Immigration
    20: Number of Years in the US
    21: Naturalized
    22: Occupation
    23: Months Unemployed
    24: Number of Months at School
    25: Can Read
    26: Can Write
    27: Can Speak English
    28: Owns or Rents Home
    29: Has or is Free of Mortgage
    30: Farm or House
    31: Farm Schedule
    32: Transcriber's notes

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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Page 15A / Sheet 8A
1120123CanfieldDavidHeadWMFeb183763M35  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesOMF89 
2  CanfieldMatildaWifeWFFeb184753M35128New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
3  CanfieldFrankSonWMJuly186633M   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyes     
4  CanfieldEffieDaughterWFApr186832M   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
5  CanfieldMaryDaughterWFMay187030M   New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
6  CanfieldWalter D.SonWMJune188217S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
7  CanfieldBessie L.DaughterWFOct188415S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
8  CanfieldNettie E.DaughterWFFeb188713S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
9  CanfieldAltaDaughterWFMay188911S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
10  CanfieldCassie E.DaughterWFMay18955S   New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
11  HunterWilliamBoarderWMApr184456Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer4 yesyesyes     
12121124WashbornWilliamHeadWMJan186337M17  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F90 
13  WashbornJuliaWifeWFFeb186040M1755New YorkIrelandIreland   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
14  WashbornRobertSonWMAug188514S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
15  WashbornMamieDaughterWFJune188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
16  WashbornLeoSonWMApr18919S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
17  WashbornMinnieDaughterWFMay18955S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6  yes     
18  WashbornBessieDaughterWFMay18982S   New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
19  SmithInaBoarderWFApr187228S   VermontVermontOhio   School Teacher8 yesyesyes     
20122125GodfreyThomasHeadWMApr184060M40  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F91 
21  GodfreyCatherine C.WifeWFOct184554M40106New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
22  LesleyPerrySonWMJune187227M   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm laborer0 yesyesyes     
23  LesleyClintonSonWMDec187425M   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
24  LesleyHattieDaughterWFMay187723S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
25  LesleyRaySonWMFeb188614S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Glove Cutter0 yesyesyes     
26  GodfreyKattieDaughterWFFeb189010S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
27  PettersJaneMotherWFOct182277Wd 11New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
28  LesleyHoward C.SonWMSept188217S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyes     
29123126BarlowNathanielHeadWMApr184852M24  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F92 
30  BarlowElizaWifeWFApr185644M2433New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
31  BarlowLouisSonWMApr187723S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer0 yesyesyes     
32  BarlowHattieDaughterWFMar188218S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
33  BarlowFrankSonWMJan188911S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
34124127CramerJohnHeadWMApr185347M27  GermanyGermanyGermany185446NaFarmer  yesyesyesO F93 
35  CramerAgustaWifeWFMay185545M2733New YorkGermanyGermany      yesyesyes     
36  CramerMaggieDaughterWFNov187227M400New YorkGermanyNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
37  CramerFrankSonWMJune187425S   New YorkGermanyNew York   Day Laborer4 yesyesyes     
38  CramerMinnieDaughterWFMay187822M300New YorkGermanyNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
39125128CramerMinnieHeadWFJan182674Wd 11GermanyGermanyGermany185446 Farmer  yesyesyesO F94 
40  CramerMaryDaughterWFFeb186040S   New YorkGermanyGermany185446 Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
41126129RodgersFrankHeadWMSept184950M20  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesOMF95 
42  RodgersMaggieWifeWFApr186436M2066New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
43  RodgersFredSonWMApr188119S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
44  RodgersJennieDaughterWFOct188217M000New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
45  RodgersFlorence L.DaughterWFNov188415S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
46  RodgersElla M.DaughterWFOct188811S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
47  RodgersRobertSonWMAug18909S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
48  RodgersLillianDaughterWFOct18936S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
49  BowlerAlbertSon In LawWMMar188020M0  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyes     
50127130JohnsonRobertHeadWMSept184257M33  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F96 

Page 15B / Sheet 8B
51  JohnsonEdna M.WifeWFMay184753M3311At SeaGermanyGermany   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
52  JohnsonKattie M.DaughterWFMar187822M411New YorkNew YorkSea?      yesyesyes    Col 15 appears to be Sea
53  LeslieClaranceGrand SonWMJune18963S   New YorkNew YorkSea?             Col 15 appears to be Sea
54128131BrownWilliamHeadWMJan184852M16  ScotlandEnglandScotland188020PaFarmer  yesyesyesO F97 
55  BrownAllice E.WifeWFOct186039M1600New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
56129132EglinWilliamHeadWMFeb183763M7  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyes0MF98 
57  EglinLouiseWifeWFSept185940M733New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
58  EglinEmmettSonWMMay18946S   New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
59  EglinEdnaDaughterWFDec18954S   New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
60  EglinEthelDaughterWFMay18991S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
61130133GrantGeorge H.HeadWMDec185742M10  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesOMF99 
62  GrantMaryWifeWFApr186634M1033New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
63  GrantBert*SonWMMay18937S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 5  yes    Possible twin
64  GrantBertha*DaughterWFMay18937S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 5  yes    Possible twin
65  GrantSarahDaughterWFDec18963S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
66  GrantHenryFatherWMJune182475M46  New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
67131134PolitschLowdrickHeadWMSept182772M49  GermanyGermanyGermany185446NaFarmer  yesyesyesO F100 
68  PolitschElisbethWifeWFDec182970M4954GermanyGermanyGermany185446Na     yes     
69  PolitschHenrySonWMMay185248M25  GermanyGermanyGermany185446NaDay Laborer  yesyesyes     
70  PolitschLouisSonWMFeb185545M21  New YorkGermanyGermany   Day Laborer  yesyesyes     
71  PolitschGeorgeSonWMSept185841M16  New YorkGermanyGermany   Farmer  yesyesyes     
72  PolitschLibbieDaughterWFMay186931S   New YorkGermanyGermany   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
73132135RodgersJohnHeadWMMar186238M11  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyesO H  
74  RodgersCarrieWifeWFDec186930M1133New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
75  RodgersMinnie A.DaughterWFAug18963S   New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
76  RodgersHarvey H.SonWMJuly18981S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
77  RodgersPearlDaughterWFFeb19003/12*S   New YorkNew YorkNew York             Age is 3/12 written above 4/12
78133136ConklinAberrettaHeadWFJan185545Wd 66New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesOMF101 
79  ConklinRoscoe E.SonWMSept187524S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyes     
80  ConklinMinnie F.DaughterWFAug187722M200New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
81  ConklinGeorge D.SonWMMar188020S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer  yesyesyes     
82  ConklinMatilda J.DaughterWFOct188118S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
83  ConklinClarence M.SonWMOct188613S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
84  ConklinLouis H.SonWMMay189010S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 6yesyesyes     
85134137GradonMary J.HeadWFMay183367Wd 00New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesOMF102 
86135138QuillanHenryHeadWMAug186534M12  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer4 yesyesyesOMH  
87  QuillanAlliceWifeWFMay187525M1253New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves  yesyesyes     
88  QuillanJessieDaughterWFJune18918S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 4yesyesyes     
89  QuillanThomasSonWMJuly18927S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   At School 4yesyes      
90  QuillanArchieSonWMAug18972S   New YorkNew YorkNew York              
91  Stule*ChanceyBoarderWMApr183169Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer3 yesyesyes    Last name could be Stule or Steele
92136139FergusonCharlesHeadWMSept184950M11  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer5   yesR H  
93  FergusonDoraWifeWFJan185941M1111New YorkNew YorkNew York   Sewing Machine Operator Gloves    yes     
94  GravesFredSonWMMay187723S   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Day Laborer3 yesyesyes     
95137140WadsworthJohnHeadWMOct186336M10  New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farmer  yesyesyesO F103 
96  WadsworthBessieWifeWFJuly187425M1022New YorkNew YorkNew York      yesyesyes     
97  WadsworthEdward D.SonWMApr18919S   New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
98  WadsworthLydiaDaughterWFMar18973S   New YorkNew YorkNew York        yes     
99  WadsworthDaniel L.FatherWMMar183466Wd   New YorkNew YorkNew York   Farm Laborer0 yesyesyes     
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