1890 Federal Census
Town of Long Lake, Hamilton Co., NY
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, and Widows, etc.

1:  House No.
2:  Family No.
3:  Names of Surviving Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, and Widows
4:  Rank
5:  Company
6:  Regiment or Vessel
7:  Date of Enlistment
8:  Date of Discharge
9:  Length of Service
10:  Post Office Address
11:  Disability Incurred (spelling errors included)
12:  Remarks (spelling errors included)

Page 1

122Alba COLEPvtF192, NY, Inf3 Mar 186228 Aug 18656m
244Jeremiah D. PLUMLEYPvtE118, NY, Inf27 Aug 186227 Aug 18653y
367Simeon COLEPvtG106, NY, Inf9 Aug 186211 Jun 18652y 10m 0d
4910Richard T. PARKERPvtF192, NY, Inf22 Mar 186520 Sep 18655m 22d
51920Charles Y. HEMPSTEDPvtA13, (Ct?), Inf21 Dec 186313 Sep 18651y 2m 22d
63031Seth [PIERCE?]PvtA169, NY, Inf20 Aug 186220 Jul 18652y 10m 28d
73233Joseph WHITNEYPvtC169, NY, Inf26 Sep 186220 Jul 18652y 9m 24d
83334John M. BROWERPvtH115, NY, Inf20 Aug 186222 Oct 18622m 0d
93638Michael McGUIREPvt [22NY Inf Co. F
from another source]
104142James BRADYPvt  [67NY Inf Co. F
from another source]
114546William CROSSPvtD175, NY, Inf8 Sep 186430 Jun 18659m0d
125051James W. BOSTOCKPvtH9, NY, L.A.20 Jan 186214 Mar 18641m 24d

1Long LakeSun Stroke 
2Long LakeThumb Shot off 
3Long LakeGun Shot Wound 
4Long LakeChronic Diarrhea 
5Long LakeScurvy & Rheumatism 
6Beeches Lake  
7Raquette LakeShell Wound Right Shoulder 
8Raquette Lake  
9Raquette Lake Out of reach in Mountains
10Long Lake Could not give Dates
11Long Lake  
12Long Lake  


Page 2

135455Benjamin F. EMERSONPvtD93, NY, Inf13 Aug 18622 Jun 18652y 9m 10d
146061Lorenzo TOWNPvtK102, NY, Inf9 Dec 186130 Dec 18639y 0m 21d
155667James O. BRALEYCorpE118, NY, Inf12 Sep 186226 Jun 18652y 10m 0d
166668James RICEPvtK1, NY, Art10 Sep 186420 Jun 18650y 9m 0d
176668Samuel TARBULLPvtB22, NY, Cav19 Dec 18632 Mar 18652y 2m 0d
187781Matthew O'CONNELLPvtB12, US, Inf18 Sep 186118 Sep 18643y 0m 0d
198692Walter J. JENNINGSPvtK1, MA, Cav2 Dec 186326 Jun 18651y 7m 0d

13Long LakeGunshot wound 
14Long Lake  
15Long LakeWound leg and shoulder 
16Long LakeEye sight affected 
17Long LakeBauche 
18Long LakeEye sight affected 
19Long LakeKidny [sic] complaintDischarged special orders


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