1880 Mortality Census, Hamilton County, NY

1880 Mortality Census was transcribed by Joanne Murray, from the original images. These names were listed under the town of Hope, but may actually be for the entire county.

This census lists person who died within the past year ending June 1st, 1880.


  • mth died = Month Died
  • COD = Cause of Death
  • residence = how long resident of this county
  • contracted at POD= If the desease was not contracted at place of death, state the place
  • #LastFirstage at last birthdaysexcolorcivil conditionDeceasedPlace of Birth ofOccupationMth diedDisease
    or COD
    at POD
    Attending Physician
    ARIETTA, Pg. 1565, Sheet 2, SD 6, ED 17, Schedule 5 Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
    1KuffmanJames47MWX  not knownnot knownnot knownwork in woodsNovCerebro spinal menangitis5 mos.John BouroghBurdick, John
    2[Besoinible or Besoisible]?Philip25MWX  CanadaCanadaCanadaLaborerAprilDrowning6 Years  
    BENSON, Pg. 1567, Sheet 1, SD 6, ED 18
    17BrockamCornelius73MW X New YorkNYNYFarmerAprilParalysis10 yrs A. J. Avery
    23Canfieldleon1MWX  New YorkNYNY AugInflamation on brain1 John Blake
    53[Sivut Close]Anna5/12FWX  New YorkNYNY MarchInflamation on lungs5/12 A. J. Avery
    71GodfreyMary31FW X CanadaScotlandScotlandKeeping HouseFebConsumtion12 yrs A. J. Avery
     RuthMary M.7/12FWX  New York   JulyInf. Of lungs  Blake
     EllisMrs.33FW X New York   AugTyphoid Fever  F. N. Wright
    HOPE, Pg. 1569, Sheet 2, SD 6, ED 18
    120ConklinIsaac68MW X NYNYNYFarmerMarchConsumption68 John F. Blake
    130RussellErvin7MWX  NYNYNY DecDiptheria [crossed out]3 John F. Blake
    130RussellGeorge5MWX  NYNYNY DecDiptheria3 John Blake
    144LairMary E.48FW X SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerlandKeeping HouseAprilParalysis29 F. N. Wright
    147LakeLucy79FW X New YorkNYNYKeeping HouseFebDropsy79 F. N. Wright
    153BensonGertrude7/12FWX  New YorkVermontNY AprilInflamation [bowels]7/12 F. N. Wright
     TravisEzra75MW X NYNYNYFarmerDecGeneral decline20 A.J. Avery
     TravisClara6/12FWX  NYNYNY MarchScalded by boiling water6/12  
    Pg. 1571, Sheet 1, SD 6, ED 19, Lake Pleasant, Indian Lake & Long Lake, [Note at bottom] Where attendance of physician is blank, none attended
    1SlackElen E.3/12FWX  New YorkNYNY AprilDisease of the lungs3/12 F.M. [Gan]
    2MorrellNathaniel70MW X New YorkNYNY[?] GroceriesJanChronic diarrhea40[Coutradel]John Blake
    3ParksSusan79FW  XNew YorkNYNYKeeping HouseJanCancer in mouth45 John Blake
     AldousGeo. W.11MWX  New YorkCanadaNY FebDiptheria11D. Martin 
     AldousLilly8FWX  New YorkCanadaNY FebDiptheria8D. Martin 
     AldousFrederick11MWX  New YorkCanadaNY MarchDiptheria1D. Martin 
     HuntJames2MWX  New YorkNYNY MayScarlet Fever2D. Martin 
     [Carup]Elizabeth7FWX  New York   MarchDiptheria C.Y. [Haupeted] 
     PaineSarah35FW X New York   OctConvultions C.Y. [Haupeted] 
     PaineWilliam3 wksMWX  New York   SeptAphthae C.Y. [Haupeted] 
     FishBetsey75FW  XNew York   OctOld age C.Y. [Haupeted] 
     PersonsWm.84MW X New York  FarmerNovOld age None 
     HutchinsLillian48FWX  New YorkNYNY FebCramp [crossed out] Dr. Wall 
     RobinsonMary25FW X NYIrelandIreland MayDiptheria   
     RobinsonRosana5FWDaughter  NYNYNY MayDiptheria   
     CullenJane27FW X NYCanadaNYKeeping HouseMayKilled by falling house   
     SmithDaniel26MW X NYNYNYFarmerJuneFits   
    MOREHOUSE, Pg. 1563, sheet 1, SD 6, ED 17
     HoffmiesterFrederick68MW X Hanover  FarmerAprilInguinal Hernia [Stray]20George C. [Mory] 
     DupontRobert P.2MWX  New YorkNew YorkNew York MarchPneumonia George C. [Mory] 
     ParkerMatildy R.29FW X New YorkEnglandEnglandKeeping HouseMay[Brtonitis] Acute5George C. [Mory] 
    WELLS, Pg. 1573, sheet 1, SD 6, ED 20
    66TomblinsonAlfred9/30MWX  New YorkMichiganNew York JuneFits9/30  
    83WinnieDavid S.89MW  XNew YorkNYNYCarpenterJuneEnlarged prostate gland89A.J. Avery 
    84MatticeMary21FW X New YorkNYNYHouse KeeperOct[Teurpera] Convulsion21Thos. McGan 
    105HowlandWard A.8/12MWX  New YorkNYNY MayInflamation on lungs8/12Thos. McGan 
    128ChamberlinEmily H.7FWX  New YorkVTNYAt schoolAprilDyphtheria9Thomas McGan 
    128ChamberlinElla J.1FWX  New YorkVTNY AprilDyphtheria1Thomas McGan 
    136FransiscoMary72FW  XNew YorkNYNYHouse KeepingNovNatural decay72Thomas McGan 
    137GilmanFranklin6/12MWX  New YorkNYNY MayDyphtheria6Thomas McGan 
    144HaringtonHannah3 wksFWX  New YorkNYNY OctDyphtheria[?]Thomas McGan 
    188BuyceOrra41MW X New YorkNYNYworked in tanneryMayErysipelas41Thomas McGan 
    197MitchelJohn P.7/12MWX  New YorkIrelandNY JulyCongestion of the lungs7/12 [Note] Family resided in Stuyvesant, Columbia Co., NY 1 June 1880
    199MalunophryJane F.6/12MWX  New YorkIrelandIreland MarchGastric Fever6Thomas McGan 
    73SlackHarriet17FWX  New YorkNYNYHouse KeeperOctCerebral hemorage17Thomas McGan 
      Miller(45)FWX  EnglandEnglandEnglandKeeping HouseFebTyphoid Dysentary Thomas McGan[Note] Family resided in Northampton, Fulton Co., NY 1 June 1880
     GatesEdgar F.40MW X New York   AprilKilled by logs in creek   
     HarringtonAdda22FW X New York   OctDiptheria Martin 


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