1870 Federal Census
Town of Wells

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 5 July to 29 August 1870 by Adolphe Raux

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Father foreign born
  14. Mother foreign born
  15. Month born within the year
  16. Month married within the year
  17. In school within the year
  18. Cannot read
  19. Cannot write
  20. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
  21. Males eligible to vote
  22. Males not eligible to vote

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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442A  BurgesSamuel33MWLaborer  NY        1  
   BakerCharles26MWLaborer  Canada         X 
   BarretB. A.23MWLaborer  NY        1  
 1 BratSanford26MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Jane21FWKeeping House  NY           
    Sterling3MW   NY           
    Eddey R.1FW   NY           
   LeveneeAntoine26MWLaborer  Canada         X 
   CologneWelfield28MWLaborer  Canada           
 2 BanfieldB. A.48MWFarmer200300Vermont        1  
    Mary K.39FWKeeping House  NY           
    Ezra17MW   NY           
 3 LudrellEli22MWLaborer  Canada         X 
   NobertHenry23MWLaborer  Canada         X 
    Rosella20FWKeeping House  Canada           
 4 NephinLouis56MWFarmer600 Canada        1  
    Mary56FWKeeping House  Canada           
    Frank22MWLaborer  NY11         
    Louis19MWLaborer  NY11         
    Clara17FW   NY11         
    Henry14MW   NY11         
    Abbie12FW   NY11         
 5 BratJohn26MWFarmer400 NY        1  
    Maria24FWKeeping House  NY           
   HarringtonVoug [?]24FWTeaching School  NY           
 6 CraigsJ. L.43MWFarmer  NY        1  
    Helen14FWKeeping House  NY           
    John12MW   NY    1      
    Eugen11MW   NY    1      
    Frankly5MW   NY    1      
 7 CobyJane35FWKeeping House200 NY           
    Millard21MW   NY           
    Charles14MW   NY           
    Malkins15MW   NY           
    George12MW   NY           
    Jane8FW   NY           
    Deoly4FW   NY           
    Cuely4FW   NY           
    Henry3MW   NY           
   StunnyJacob8MW   NY           

442B1 VanderhoofWm.70MWFarmer500 NY        1  
    Harietta50FWKeeping House  NY           
 2 BrattDavid28MWFarmer800 NY        1  
    Margarite27FWKeeping House  NY           
 3 StonerPeter52MWFarmer500 NY        1  
    Mary28FWKeeping House  NY           
 4 StewardJohn52MWFarmer800 NY        1  
    Jane52FWKeeping House  NY           
    Gasar24MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Daniel21MWLaborer  NY        1  
    William19MWLaborer  NY    1      
    George17MW   NY    1      
    Freeman14MW   NY    1      
    Dealius11MW   NY    1      
 5 BrattJessie55MWFarmer1000 NY        1  
    Elisabeth53FWKeeping House  NY           
    Ira21MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Orra18MWLaborer  NY           
 62SimmonJohn B.32MWFarmer  NY        1  
    Emmy Jane20FWKeeping House  NY           
    Mary2FW   NY           
   McGuinWm.22MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
    Dorther20FWKeeping House  NY           
    Sarah A.1FW   NY1          
 7 WarthworthGusar57MWFarmer1100 NY        1  
    Ane54FWKeeping House  NY           
    Mary18FW   NY           
    Daniel28MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Charles15MW   NY           
    Elisabeth10FW   NY           
 8 WatworthJohn A.31MWFarmer300 NY        1  
    Mary Jane30FWKeeping House  NY           
    Caroline10FW   NY           
    Daniel8MW   NY           
    Susan4FW   NY           
    Philip2/12MW   NY           
 9 McNonnaHarton24MWLaborer  Canada  April      X 
    Catherine23FWKeeping House  Canada           
    James2MW   NY11         
    John10/12MW   NY11Oct        

443A0 RusselPatrik28MWLaborer  Canada         X 
   FreemanAntoine28MWLaborer  Canada         X 
   NunronJohn22MWLaborer  Canada         X 
   PrimorAntoine21MWLaborer  Canada         X 
   SlovanSephin [?]24MWLaborer  NY        1  
 1 MooserMary35FWKeeping House  NY           
    Allis16FW   NY           
    Louis9MW   NY           
 2 CraigsWashington 227MWFarmer800 NY        1  
    Margarite28FWKeeping House  NY           
    William H.9MW   NY    1      
    Sephin6MW   NY    1      
    Laury A.4MW   NY           
    Aaron2MW   NY           
 3 SimmonsGeorge54MWFarmer400200NY        1  
    Catherine53FWKeeping House  NY           
    Charles19MWLaborer  NY           
    Charlot18FW   NY           
    George Jr.16MW   NY           
    William13MW   NY           
    James15MW   NY           
 4 WellsHamilton53MWFarmer1000150NY        1  
    Clary47FWKeeping House  NY           
    Thomas22MWLaborer  NY        1  
    George20MWLaborer  NY           
    Emily19FW   NY           
    Nancy16FW   NY           
    Allis14FW   NY    1      
    Marvin11MW   NY    1      
    Daniel6MW   NY    1      
    Elisabeth4FW   NY    1 X    
    Natta1FW   NY           
 5 CraigsWashington75MWFarmer600 NY        1  
    Lucy60FWKeeping House  NY           
 6 PeckFrance42FWKeeping House600150NY           
    Richard E.21MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Robert18MW   NY           
    Jay C.14MW   NY    1      
    Wm. B.12MW   NY    1      
    Henry11MW   NY    1      

443B  PeckFrance8FW   NY    1      
 1 ChamberlandL.34MWFarmer800 NY        1  
    Hanah30FW   NY           
    Ezra5MW   NY           
 2 Fransico [sic]Ezra28MWFarmer1000 NY        1  
    Jessie23FWKeeping House  Schotland [sic]11         
    Sarah7/12 [?]FW   NY 1Nov [?]        
 3 BrattW. H.33MWFarmer 125NY        1  
    Jane33FWKeeping House  NY           
    Carry4FW   NY           
    Margarite2FW   NY           
    Jessie E.3/12FW   NY  March        
 4 WagerNathaniel32MWFarmer300 NY        1  
    Eliza23FWKeeping House  NY           
    Carry4FW   NY           
    Wallis2MW   NY           
    George3/12MW   NY  March        
 5 EarlyHenry62MWFarmer1400600NY        1  
    Hanah51FWKeeping House  NY           
    Elisha16MWLaborer  NY           
    Allis13FW   NY           
    William R.25MWLaborer  NY        1  
 6 PaulWilliam28MWFarmer800 NY        1  
    Emily H.26FWKeeping House  NY           
 7 CowlesUlysess45MWCarpenter600500NY        1  
    Nancy44FWKeeping House  NY           
    James H.19MWLaborer  NY           
    Mary N.16FW   NY    1      
    Ida A.11FW   NY    1      
    Ulysess H.9MW   NY    1      
 82BassEdward35MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
    Brigit32FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    James3MW   NY11         
    John1MW   NY11         
    Michell3/12MW   NY  March        
    Brigit60FW   Ireland11         
    Michell32MW   Ireland11       X 
 9 WagerArchibald46MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Mary F.29FWKeeping House  Vermont           
    Forest C.12MW   NY           

444A  WagerMary11FW   NY           
    William H.9MW   NY           
    Lorivley [?]7FW   NY           
    Carry L. S.5FW   NY           
 12SwanyLoenn [?]54MWLaborer  Ireland11       X 
    Mary45FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Mary9FW   Ireland11         
    Amy6FW   Ireland11         
    John4MW   Ireland11         
    Sarah J.2FW   NY11         
 2 CarvinAnna50FWKeeping House 100NY           
    Mary13FW   NY           
    George12MW   NY           
 3 FootAaron53MWMillwright  NY           
    Delaney38FWKeeping House  NY           
    Nancy19MWLaborer  NY           
    William11MW   NY    1      
    Susan5FW   NY    1      
    Mary3FW   NY           
    Jessie1FW   NY           
 4 TaylorO. W.44MWFarmer500 NY        1  
    Emily R.39FWKeeping House  NY           
 5 WashburnD.39MWFarmer800150NY        1  
    Phibe36FWKeeping House  NY           
    Catie9FW   NY    1      
    William3MW   NY           
 6 WashburnEli72MW   NY           
   CarrNewton37MWFarmer1000 NY        1  
    Maria47FWKeeping House  NY           
    Mary E.8FW   NY           
    Emily7FW   NY           
 7 WitmanOliver W.29MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Clarecy [?]20FWKeeping House  NY           
    Carrie W.3FW   NY           
    Addy E.1FW   NY           
 8 WitmanHenry54MWFarmer2000200NY        1  
    Morai47FWKeeping House  NY           
 9 WitmanHarness [?]16MW   NY           
    Nattse9FW   NY           
    M. William24MWLaborer 75NY        1  

444B1 WitmanLory22FWKeeping House  NY           
 2 DegroffJohn30MWFarmer300 NY        1  
    Emily R.20FWKeeping House  NY           
    William H.4MW   NY           
 3 KeeplerGeorge48MWFarmer150 Germany11      1  
    Mary C.46FWKeeping House  Germany11         
    Mary C.20FW   Germany11         
    Caroline11FW   NY11         
    Jacob J.9MW   NY11         
    Charlot J.6FW   NY11         
    Mattilda2FW   NY11         
 4 WitmanCharles22MWLaborer  NY        1  
    Emily18FWKeeping House  NY           
 5 KingJohn63MWFarmer200 NY        1  
   Kessman [?]John17MWLaborer  NY           
 6 AbramJacob40MWFarmer  NY        1  
    Eliza Jane30FWKeeping House  NY           
    Helen12FW   NY           
    Jela8FW   NY           
 7 MullyDaniel32MWLaborer  Ireland11      1  
    Ane28FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Mary H.9FW   NY11         
    Thomas4MW   NY11         
    Margarite2FW   NY11         
 8 Conrad [?]Patric43MWLaborer150 Ireland11         
    Mary A.39FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Sarah A.11FW   NY11         
    Catherine9FW   NY11         
 9 NolanMako [?]24MWLaborer  Ireland11         
    Maria20FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Thomas4/12MW   NY11         
 10 PatkinRin30MWLaborer  Ireland11         
    Mary30FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    Martin4MW   NY11         
    Mary3FW   NY11         
   MurphieMarget40FWKeeping House  Ireland11         
    John20MWLaborer  Ireland11         
    Mary12FW   Ireland11         
 11 BrownIsaac36MWFarmer100 Ireland11      1  
    Elisabeth27FWKeeping House  Ireland11         

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