1870 Federal Census
Town of Lake Pleasant
Part 2

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 23 June to 3 July 1870 by Adolphe Raux

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Father foreign born
  14. Mother foreign born
  15. Month born within the year
  16. Month married within the year
  17. In school within the year
  18. Cannot read
  19. Cannot write
  20. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
  21. Males eligible to vote
  22. Males not eligible to vote

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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430A  EsterLouresta23FWHouse Keeping500100Mass          
   PeltierJohn49MWFishing Guide  NY        1 
    John Jr.13MW   NY    1     
 3536NicholsBradford39MWFarming 50NY        1 
    Maria38FWKeeping House  NY          
    John W.6MW   NY          
    Willis R.2MW   NY          
   ButtiesAbby (?)67FW   Vermont          
   AndrewsStephen39MWHotel Keeper 1500NY        1 
    Lucy A.34FWKeeping Hotel  NY          
    William (N.)?12MW   NY    1     
    Mary A.10FW   NY    1     
    George S.8MW   NY    1     
    Alonzo6MW   NY    1 X   
    Gertrude1FW   NY          
 3637CallDavid32MWFarming 50NY        1 
    Elisabeth24FWKeeping House  NY          
    Jenny3FW   NY          
    Abram2MW   NY          
 3738BurtonGeorge26MWFishing  NY        1 
    Nancy21FWKeeping House  NY          
    Caroline2FW   NY          
    Betsey M.9/12FW   NY  Aug       
 3839MorrelNathaniel60MWFarmer  Vermont        1 
    Caroline46FWKeeping House  NY          
 3940CourtneyWarren20MWFarmer  NY          
    Mary22FWKeeping House  NY          
 4041DunhamJohn29MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Susan19FWKeeping House  NY          
    Walter1MW   NY          
   MilsonMercy A.71FW   RI          
 4142ChunyHellen70FWKeeping House10050NY          
 4243Park Susan 68FWKeeping House800200NY          
  44RandlesMaria M.25FWKeeping House 100NY          
   DanaHorace C.5MW   NY    1XX   
 4345FranciscoGilbert57MWFarmer80050NY        1 
    Catherine54FWKeping House  NY          
    Charles L.21MWFarming  NY        1 
    Clany18FWTeaching  NY          
    John13MW   NY    1     

430B4446PeltierJoseph (H.)?38MWFarmer800 NY1       1 
 4547Salurty (Saterly?)David28MWFarmer400100NY        1 
    Emily28FW   NY          
    John A.3MW   NY          
    Emmily1/12FW   NY  April       
 4648LedsonJohn68MWFarming200 RI        1 
    Anna50FWKeeping House  RI          
 4749SturgeAmber (?)43MWFarmer400 Conn        1 
    Sarah43FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mary A.16FW   NY    1     
    Abby F.15FW   NY    1     
    Eugenia12FW   NY    1     
    John T.9MW   NY    1 X   
    James C.5MW   NY    1     
    Kitty E.3FW   NY          
 4850PageBeniajah38MWFarmer20025NY        1 
    Sarah30FWKeeping House  NY          
    Beny L.10MW   NY    1 1   
    Emmy E.8FW   NY    1 X   
    Mary L.6FW   NY    1 X   
    Susan J.4FW   NY          
    Sarah W.2FW   NY          
 4951SlackWilliam24MWFarmer 50NY        1 
    Julia22FWKeeping House  NY          
   SlackHenry B.22MWFarmer 20NY        1 
 5052SturgeDavid38MWHotel Keeper80001600NY        1 
   FountainMahally39FWHotel Keeping  NY          
 5153SturgeJester32MWFarmer200100NY        1 
    Eliza25FWKeeping House  NY          
    Charles3MW   NY          
    George1MW   NY          
 5254ClarkSaterly63MWFarmer1000300NY        1 
    Samly59FWKeeping House  NY          
    Toles29MWStore Keeping  NY        1 
 5355ArnoldAaron40MWFarmer100200NY        1 
    Olive E.21FWKeeping House  NY          
    David J.2MW   NY          
 5456PageIsaac40MWFarmer200 NY        1 
    Begga (?)44FWKeeping House  NY          
    Silas14MW   NY          

431A  PageAnna5FW   NY          
 5557StraterHenry27MWFishing  NY        1 
    Mary A.23FWKeeping House  NY          
 5658SlackRosell37MWFarmer200 NY        1 
    Malindy34FWKeeping House  NY          
    (Tiby ?) Jane13FW   NY          
    Charles R.10MW   NY          
    Ida C.6FW   NY          
    Harry H.4MW   NY          
    Henry2/12MW   NY  April       
 5759SlackGeorge24MWCarpenter  NY        1 
    Sarah19FW   NY          
   BrownGeorge50MWFarmer  England11      1 
 5860PagesEnos55MWFarmer400 NY        1 
    Jane53FWKeeping House  NY          
    Enather R.24MW   NY          
    Mary18FW   NY    1     
    Hellen A.14FW   NY    1     
    Enos D.9MW   NY    1     
 5961SaterlyHenry47MWFarmer500 NY        1 
    Ane46FWKeeping House  NY          
    Lucy Ane19FW   NY          
    Benjamin16MW   NY          
    Frederick13MW   NY    1     
    Emmly11FW   NY    1     
    Jerome9MW   NY    1     
    Sarah7FW   NY    1     
    Delbert4MW   NY    1 X   
 6062BrownWilliam47MWFarmer30050England11      1 
    Leddey47FW   NY1         
    Jane W.26FW   NY1         
    Mary25FW   NY1         
    Julia23FW   NY1         
    Forest15MW   NY1   1     
    Sylvester14MW   NY1   1     
    Lester13MW   NY1   1     
    Lorindy16FW   NY1   1     
    Hetta6FW   NY1   1     
 6163BuiceFithis28MWFarmer300 NY        1 
    Debbie22FW   NY          

431B6264SlackEdward39MWFarmer100 NY        1 
    Sophony36FWKeeping House  NY          
    LeRay13MW   NY    1     
    Mary E.11FW   NY    1 1   
    William9MW   NY    1 X   
    Harriet8FW   NY    1 X   
    Louis4MW   NY          
    Livy2MW   NY          
    Netta2/12FW   NY  April       
 6365PageHenry R.43MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Phiby J.30FWKeeping House  NY          
    Catherine H.7FW   NY          
    Eliza A.5FW   NY          
    Henry R.3MW   NY          
    Ephrin B.1MW   NY          
    Mary87FW   NY          
   BuiceJohn F.1MW   NY          
   ParslowAbram25MWFarmer300175NY        1 
   PageWilliam40MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Mary33FWKeeping House  NY          
    Lillen E.10FW   NY    1     
    Ida E.5FW   NY    1     
    Jullien1MW   NY          
 6466ValentineBenj.70MWFarmer300 NY        1 
 6567SlackNathaniel63MWFarmer600 NY        1 
    Simenty (?)57FWKeeping House  NY          
    Lyman18MWFarm Laborer  NY          
    Benanger20MWFarm Laborer  NY          
    Caroline30FWTeacher  NY          
    Elisabeth12FW   NY          
    Henry22MWFarm Laborer  NY        1 
 6668SturgesAaron67MWFarmer250 Conn        1 
   LubenJoseph26MWLaborer  NY        1 
    August24MWLaborer  NY        1 
   WeaverClarence20MWLaborer  NY          
   RogestHiram25MWLaborer  NY        1 
   Wicked (?)James30MWLaborer  Canada        1 
   Mary(?)22MW   NY        1 

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