1870 Federal Census
Town of Lake Pleasant
Part 1

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 23 June to 3 July 1870 by Adolphe Raux

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Father foreign born
  14. Mother foreign born
  15. Month born within the year
  16. Month married within the year
  17. In school within the year
  18. Cannot read
  19. Cannot write
  20. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
  21. Males eligible to vote
  22. Males not eligible to vote

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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428A11LedsonGeorge24MWFarmer200060RI   April    1 
    Sarah An27FWKeeping House  NY          
   SchuylerElis11FW   NY    1     
    John A.3MW   NY          
    Maria15FW   NY    1     
    Mandy6FW   NY    1     
    Eliza14FW   NY    1     
   LedsonMargaret37FWKeeping House  NY          
 22LedsonCharles46MWFarmer1000100NY        1 
    William13MW   NY    1     
    Charles9MW   NY    1 X   
    Mary7FW   NY    1XX   
    Allis4FW   NY          
 33MonkP. V.30MWFarmer500200NY        1 
    Catherine24FWKeeping House  NY          
    James R.2MW   NY          
   Pam (or Pain)Nabla (?)67FW   NY       Deaf  
 44WilberElizer34MWFarmer1000200NY        1 
    Margarite33FWKeeping House  NY          
    Martha J.11FW   NY    1     
    Joseph H.6MW   NY    1XX   
    Emily E.2FW   NY          
  5ConratPhiland64FWKeeping House 200NY          
 56ChurchC. T.39MWFarmer2000300NY        1 
    Margarite33FW   Scotland11        
    Anny Jane12FW   NY 1  1     
    Francis A.7MW   NY 1  1 X   
    Jessey A.5MW   NY 1  1 X   
    Rosilia3FW   NY 1        
 67DarlingW. S.30MWFarmer70050Vermont        1 
    Sanly A.24FWKeeping House  NY          
 78AirdJames63MWFarmer2000200Scotland11      1 
    Margaret55FWKeeping House  Scotland11        
    John16MW   NY11  1     
    Sarah14FW   NY11  1     
 89WoodW. R.24MWFarmer100 NY        1 
    Mary C.18FWKeeping House  NY          
 910AirdDavid35MWFarmer  Scotland11      1 
    Margarite27FWKeeping House  Scotland11        
    Asa James10MW   NY11  1     

428B  AirdJane L. A.8FW   NY 1  1 X   
    George6MW   NY 1  1 X   
    Mary E.3FW   NY 1        
    David9/12MW   NY 1Aug       
 1011SchuylerW. H.30MWFarmer300100NY   Nov    1 
    Lousy A.20FWKeeping House  NY   Nov      
 1112NicholaP. A.43MWFarmer30050NY        1 
    Adeline50FWKeeping House  NY          
    Elisabeth18FW   NY          
   McartyCharles S.12MW   Canada11        
   DunningShadrac87MW   Vermont        1 
 1213McartyPatrick56MWFarmer 100Ireland11      1 
    Sarah A.53FW   Canada          
    John L.28MW   Canada11        
    David18MW   Canada11        
    Francis16MW   Canada11        
    George P.14MW   Canada11  1     
    Sarah M.8FW   Canada11  1     
 1314MilsonGeorge37MWFarmer1100150NY        1 
    Elisabeth30FWKeeping House  NY1         
    Belsoring M.12FW   NY    1     
    William M.10MW   NY    1     
    Harietta8FW   NY    1     
 1415AnibalSamuel23MWLaborer 50NY        1 
    Rosalla33FWLaborer  NY          
   SnellHubert15MW   NY          
    Forest13MW   NY          
    Morid7MW   NY          
    Flossy5FW   NY          
   AnibalLeon9/12MW   NY  Aug       
 1516KraulkerAugust47MWFarmer700100Germany11      1 
    Elisabeth37FWKeeping House  Germany11        
    Louis13MW   NY11  1     
    William11MW   NY11  1     
    August9MW   NY11  1     
    George6MW   NY11  1     
    Edde3MW   NY11        
    Elisabeth1/12FW   NY11May       
 1617CourtneyH. C.44MWFarmer800100NY        1 
    Ann E.31FWKeeping House  NY          

429A  CourtneySusan9FW   NY          
    Caroline6FW   NY          
    Elisabeth77FW   NY          
   LawrencePeter72MWNone  NY        1 
 1718GallupWm. C.35MWFarmer450100NY        1 
    Lane73FWKeeping House 100NY          
 1819CallLysander37MWKeep Store 500NY        1 
    Jane N.36FWKeeping House  NY          
    John E.10MW   NY    1     
    Eva7FW   NY    1 X   
   GrinellElisabeth4FW   NY          
   CallSamuel H.7/12MW   NY  Nov       
 1920LawrenceM. W.38MWFarmer500300NY        1 
    Phebe Ann35FWKeeping House  NY          
    Marion W.17MW   NY    1     
    Deborah10FW   NY    1     
    Abram R.8MW   NY    1     
    S. V. W.6MW   NY    1 X   
    Frank4MW   NY    1XX   
    Susan E.1FW   NY          
 2021EsteyWilliam55MWFarmer1500300NH        1 
    Sarah J.53FWKeeping House  NY          
    Henry22MWFarming  NY        1 
    Margaret25FW   NY          
 2122SalestyMaria55FWKeeping House500100NY          
    Barber21MWFarmer  NY        1 
 2223NicholesJoseph28MWCarpenter  NY          
    Hullindy20FW   NY          
    Harietta3FW   NY          
 2324ParslowHenry51MWFarmer 500NY        1 
    Mary47FWKeeping House  NY          
    Benjamin18MWWorking on farm  NY          
    William H.16MWWorking on farm  NY          
    George W.12MWWorking on farm  NY          
    Julia A.7FW   NY          
   NicholsLucy (M. or K.)25FWKeeping House  NY          
 2425FishJoseph W.68MWFarmer2000500NY        1 
    Summit67FWKeeping House  NY          
 2526FishJoseph43MWSurveyor2000300NY        1 
    Adeline39FWKeeping House  NY          

429B  FishFlorence18FWHouse Keeping  NY          
    Adeline17FWTeaching School  NY          
    Josephine14FW   NY          
    John11MW   NY          
    Rosellia7FW   NY          
    Carrie5FW   NY          
 2627WhiteGeorge27MWFarmer40050Scotland11      1 
    Mary21FWKeeping House  NY          
    Abram4MW   NY1         
    George2MW   NY1         
 2728WilberElizer79MWFarmer100 Mass        1 
    Emmery15MWFarmer  NY        1 
 2829CourtneyGeorge44MWFarmer1000150NY        1 
    Deliverance42FWKeeping House  NY          
    Edmons22MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Eliza17FWTeaching  NY          
    David15MW   NY    1     
    Lillion12FW   NY    1     
    Francis10MW   NY    1     
    Chaney5MW   NY    1 X   
 2930CrandyGeorge52MWFarmer900200Scotland11       1
    Jane54FWKeeping House  England11        
 3031AhlschlagerCharles52MWFarmer  Germany11      1 
    Caroline45FWKeeping House  Germany11        
    Charles12MW   Germany11  1     
    Frede7FW   NY11  1X    
 3132ParslowJohn48MWFarmer1000 NY        1 
    Mahala50FWKeeping House  NY          
    Abram L.26MWFarmer  NY        1 
    John K.18MW   NY          
 3233SchraedorJohn40MWFarmer  Germany11      1 
    Ernestine32FWKeeping House  Germany11        
    Ernestine6/12FW   NY11Nov       
   EttithorpAllice18FWTeaching School  NY          
 3334FryWm. H.39MWCounty Clerk 200Vermont        1 
    Louisa J.29FWKeeping House  NY          
    William H., Jr.6MW   NY    1     
    Carle3MW   NY          
   BassSarah12FW   NY          
 3435BurtonAnsel53MWFarmer 50Mass        1 

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