1870 Federal Census
Town of Morehouse

Many thanks to Joanne_Murray for this transcription!

1870 Census
Town of Morehouse, county of Hamilton, State of New York
enumerated on the 16th and 17th day of June, 1870
Adolph Raux, Ass't Marshall
1) Dwelling #
2) Family #
3) Name of every person whose place of abode on 1 June 1870 was in this family
4) Age
5) Sex
6) Color
7) Profession, Occupation, or Trade
8) Value of Real Estate
9) Value of personal estate
10) Place of birth
11) Father of foreign birth
12) Mother of foreign birth
13) Month born within the year
14) Month married within the year - [column not shown as it contained no data on any page]
15) In school within the year
16) Cannot read
17) Cannot write
18) Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic - [column not shown as it contained no data on any page]
19) Males eligible to vote
20) Males not eligible to vote
Although this transcription was done with care, errors in reading the old style handwriting off of microfilm copies can occur quite easily.  Please refer to the original records to obtain the best possible reading!
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