1870 Mortality Census, Hamilton County, NY

1870 Mortality Census was transcribed by Joanne Murray, from the original images.

This census lists person who died within the past year ending June 1st, 1870.


  • mth died = Month Died
  • occ = Occupation
  • COD = Cause of Death
  • #LastFirstAgeSexColorMarital StatusBornmth diedoccCOD
    2ConreyAnna23FW NYFebryTeaching SchoolMeasles
    3WashburnCalvin29MW NYMarchFarmerUng Fever
    4RhodeSarah1FW NYMarch [Measles]?
    5DelvanJohn88MWMMassMayFarmerOld Age
    6ParmenterEster60MWMMassMayFarmerEnflamation in bowel
    HOPE, Pg. 919
    1Brooks[Fretta]1FW NYAugt Worms
    2HarrisJames6/12MW NYMar Bowels, Inflam of
    3Nelson[Lound] MW NYDec Lungs, dis of
    4ConroymARY FWMIrelandDec Dropsy
    LAKE PLEASANT, Pg. 921
    2WilberElmary55FWMVermontSeptKeeping house[Canler]
    3NicholsBetsey63FWWVermontMarchKeeping houseApoplexy
    4Ledson[Sindy]28FWMNYOctKeeping houseFever
    5Ledson[Wildy]25MW NYOctFarmerAccident fire arms
    6LedsonLory22FWMNYOctKeeping houseFever
    MOREHOUSE, Pg. 923
     DupontJosephine9FW NYApril Scarlet Fever
     DupontEsabell11FW NYApril Scarlet Fever
     DupontAdelaide2FW NYApril Scarlet Fever
    WELLS, Pg. 925
     BuiceNelson1MW NYAprilUnknown 
     DunhamGeorge E.9/12MW NYJanyDropsy of brain 
     KelloggMary [Beth]71FWMNYSeptDropsy 
     RooneyLydey E.7/12FW NYSeptUnknown 
     WeaverMary [Beth]5FW  MarchHernia 


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