1870 Federal Census
Town of Hope
Part 1

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 6 to 13 July 1870 by Adolphe Raux

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Father foreign born
  14. Mother foreign born
  15. Month born within the year
  16. Month married within the year
  17. In school within the year
  18. Cannot read
  19. Cannot write
  20. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
  21. Males eligible to vote
  22. Males not eligible to vote

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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416 A11BowmanIsaac63MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Sophia57FWKeeping House  NY          
  2RusselWilliam20MWFarmer 100NY          
    Mary22FWKeeping House  NY          
  3 Joel27MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Mary20FWKeeping House  NY          
 24LawtonWilliam50MWFarmer 350Vermont        1 
    Jane E.46FWKeeping House  NY          
    Allis A.18FW   NY          
    Arthur L.16MW   NY          
 35McCoyJohn25MWFarmer  Ireland11      1 
    Mary40FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    William10MW   NY11  1     
 46CarpenterMary [?]84FW   RI          
  7GoffTruman49MWFarmer100050NY        1 
    Elisabeth51FWKeeping House  NY          
    Sally19FWTeaching school  NY          
    Eliza Jane17FWTeaching school  NY          
 58RhodesDaniel94MWFarmer  NY        1 
    James H.42MWKeeping House1000100NY        1 
    Mary E.40FW   NY          
    Ervin M.15MW   NY    1     
    John L.13MW   NY    1     
    Ava E.12FW   NY    1     
    Eseidion[?]10FW   NY    1     
    Rose E.4FW   NY    1     
    Mary Jane2FW   NY          
 69LateMary69FWKeeping House1000 NY          
 710LaichJacob54MWFarmer600 Switzerland11      1 
    Elisabeth49FWKeeping House  Switzerland11        
    Jacob20MWFarm laborer  Switzerland11        
    Albert12MW   NY11  1     
    Philo8MW   NY11  1     
    Charles6MW   NY11  1     
    Emmy10FW   NY11  1     
    Ella2FW   NY11        
    William1MW   NY11        
 811MayEnos L.41MWFarmer  Vermont        1 
    Mary E.25FWKeeping House  Vermont          
    George W.13MWFarm laborer  NH          

416 B  MayMary M.11FW   NH    1     
    Edwin7MW   NH    1     
    Allis L.6FW   NH    1     
    Julia E.2FW   NH          
    William1MW   NY          
 912HerrickNelson40MWFarmer300100NY        1 
    Engelane39FWKeeping House  NY          
    Sarah E.12FW   NY    1     
    Emily H.8FW   NY    1     
  13Lamestmuse [?]John26MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Mary R.18FWKeeping House  NY          
    Anna L.1FW   NY          
 1014WillardJane50FWKeeping House80050NY          
    John M.18MWFarming  NY          
    Leddy16FW   NY    1     
    George13MW   NY    1     
    Sally11FW   NY    1     
    Ruben8MW   NY    1     
   MayEdward L.2MW   NH          
 1115WilliamDaniel48MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Minerva48FWKeeping House  Canada          
    Daniel B.18MW   NY 1        
    Lyman16MW   NY 1        
    John14MW   NY 1        
 1216TravisCharles25MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Sarah24FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mary4FW   NY          
    Byron1MW   NY          
    Allen6MW   NY          
 1317TharsSimeon68MWFarmer500100Vermont        1 
    Matildy66FWKeeping House  Vermont          
    Horace L.40MWFarming  Vermont        1 
    Simeon W.38MW   NY        1 
    Mary L.36FW   NY          
 1418SpencerAlesed [?]38MWFarmer500150NY        1 
    Elabela [?]32FWKeeping House  NY          
    Catherine E.13FW   NY    1     
    John E.12MW   NY    1     
    Alexander9MW   NY    1     
    Emeline8FW   NY    1     

417 A  SpencerErin4MW   NY          
 1519BurgetRandop47MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Charlot36FWKeeping House  NY          
  20EarlsEdward25MWBlacksmith  France11      1 
    Mary20FWKeeping House  NY          
   BurgetWesley19MWWork in lumber wood  NY          
    Martha15FW   NY          
    Sarah11FW   NY          
    Samuel9MW   NY          
    Philior5MW   NY          
   EarlsEdward2MW   NY1         
 1621BrooksM. P.44MWFarmer700 Mass        1 
    Lucy C.33FWKeeping House  NY          
    Franklin19""F""W   NY          
    George A.15MW   NY          
    Lovy Gutta [?]13FW   NY          
    Ada M.11FW   NY          
    Lucy Jane9FW   NY          
    Martin S.7MW   NY          
    Levi A.4MW   NY          
    Hosea1MW   NY          
 1722BrooksLevi A.29MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Jane A.19FW   NY          
    Emmy E.12FW   NY    1 1   
    Jane A.10FW   NY    1 1   
    Arthur2MW   NY          
    Abby5/12FW   NY  Jany       
 1823TravisSlane70MWFarmer150 NY          
    Sarah60FWKeeping House  NY          
    Earls21MWFarm laborer  NY        1 
 1924TravisWilliam30MWFarmer300 NY        1 
    Louise30FWKeeping House  NY          
   MorrisonJohn11MW   NY    1     
    Louis9MW   NY    1     
    Levy2MW   NY          
 2025GreenLyman68MWFarmer200 RI        1 
    Sarah67FWKeeping House  NY          
 2126MathewJohn27MWFarm laborer  NY        1 
   MasonSamson64MWFarmer4500500NY        1 
    Maria A.50FWKeeping House  NY          

417 B  MasonHoras15MW   Mich          
 2227StantonIsaac34MWFarmer1400100NY        1 
    Sac Luck [?]29FWKeeping House  NY          
    Ida M.9FW   NY    1     
    Eugene7MW   NY    1     
    Sarah F.5FW   NY    1     
 2328LawtonWilliam29MWFarmer350 NY        1 
    Fanny22FWKeeping House  NY          
    James5MW   NY          
    Lenory3FW   NY          
    Dorry [?]1FW   NY          
   Rosob [?]George23MWLumbering  Pen        1 
 2429LawtonLeonard49MWFarmer90050NY        1 
    Elisabeth48FWKeeping House  NY          
    Pambrook25MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Emily21FWKeeping House  NY          
    Hellen16FW   NY          
    Simeon14MW   NY          
 2530CoreyAbram42MWFarmer2000300NY        1 
    Susan43FWKeeping House  NY          
    Philis14FW   NY    1     
    Lady N.11FW   NY    1     
    William8MW   NY    1     
    Lucian3MW   NY          
 2631CorryAnthony24MWFarmer  NY        1 
    Annis24FWKeeping House  NY          
    Meany [?] F.8/12FW   NY  Nov       
 2732BaldwinWilliam42MWFarmer80050NY        1 
    Phiby29FWKeeping House  NY          
    Emmy E.10FW   NY          
    Leon O.7MW   NY          
    William W.6MW   NY          
    Ebba4FW   NY          
 2833PlattJohn23MWLumbering  NY        1 
    Mary21FW   NY          
    William W.2/12MW   NY  April       
  33 1/3MillsCharles34MWFarmer100050NY        1 
    Rachell23FWKeeping House  Ireland11        
    Edwin5MW   NY 1        
    Unis3FW   NY 1        

418 A  MillsMary2/12FW   NY 1April       
   ShayLinda11FW   NY          
 2934LawtonDamon42MWFarmer700100NY        1 
    Mary35FWKeeping House  NY          
    Meanancy [?]15FW   NY    1     
    Loddy9FW   NY    1     
    Francis5MW   NY    1     
    James2MW   NY          
    Charles6/12MW   NY  Dec       
 3035HarrisJohn26MWLumbering200 NY        1 
    Elslondy22FWKeeping House  NY          
 3136BatesWilliam42MWFarmer800150NY        1 
    Livency26FWKeeping House  NY          
    May9FW   NY          
    Anderson2MW   NY          
 3237BatesLouis65MWFarmer  Mass        1 
    Mary62FWKeeping House  NY          
 3338DavisGeorge40MWFarmer 50NY        1 
    Frances L.23FWKeeping House  NY          
    Cecil D.7FW   NY    1     
    Ulises J.3MW   NY          
 3439TravisHiram39MWFarmer60050NY        1 
    Lucindy28FWKeeping House  NY          
    Simeon C.11MW   NY    1     
    Mary E.8FW   NY    1     
    Hefam [?]5MW   NY    1     
 3540DavisSamuel63MWFarmer60075NY        1 
    Helen61FWKeeping House  NY          
    Fidelea30FW   NY          
    Nelson18MWFarm laborer  NY          
 3641WilliamJohn A.22MWFarmer2000300NY        1 
    Mary E.23FWKeeping House  NY          
    Jane L.4/12FW   NY  Feby       
 3742NoelDaniel42MWFarmer1500500Ireland11      1 
    Hannah38FWKeeping House  NY          
    Almons10MW   NY1   1     
    Freda3FW   NY1         
 3843WilliamWilliam33MWLumber man 200NY        1 
    Fidelea27FWKeeping House  NY          
   ArnoldIda2FW   NY          

418 B3944ArnoldArron56MWFarmer2000300NY        1 
    Anna44FWKeeping House  NY          
    Filanny21FW   NY          
    Frank19MW   NY          
    Breadly17MW   NY          
    Watson15MW   NY    1     
    Lyman13MW   NY    1     
    Rosine11FW   NY    1     
    Mary Ane9FW   NY    1     
    Frankling6MW   NY    1     
    Allis4FW   NY          
 4045HarrisDaniel35MWWork in lumber wood  NY        1 
    Lecindy26FWKeeping House  NY          
    Mary Ane6FW   NY          
    Dana4FW   NY          
    Ida1FW   NY          
 4146SoutherlandTheodore28MWFarmer150 NY        1 
    Emily22FWKeeping House  NY          
 4247BurgelonGideon56MWFarmer400 NY        1 
    Betsey50FWKeeping House  NY          
    Elben L.18MW   NY          
    Louisia16FW   NY          
    Cornelius11MW   NY          
 4348BurshelowElefom [?]83MWFarmer600 NJ        1 
    Elsey75FWKeeping House  RI          
 4449WilsonRuben52MWFarmer2000500NY        1 
    Electer43FWKeeping House  NY          
    Oscar17MWFarm laborer  NY          
    Elden E.13FW   NY          
 4550WilsonJohn C.32MWFarmer100050NY        1 
    Mary Ann25FWKeeping House  NY          
    Rosillia9FW   NY          
    Franklin9/12MW   NY  Sept       
 4651NoelLouis30MWLaborer  NY        1 
    Netta25FWKeeping House  NY          
    Revilla9MW   NY          
    George4MW   NY          
   HuntsAsaph14MW   NY          
 4752VanhousenIsaac39MWLaborer 50NY        1 
    Agustis21FWKeeping House  NY          

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