1860 Federal Census
Town of Wells

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Wells, Hamilton County, New York
Enumerated 312 July 1860 by S.L. Anibal

  1. Page Number
  2. Dwelling number
  3. Family number
  4. Last name
  5. First name
  6. Age
  7. Sex
  8. Color
  9. Occupation
  10. Value of Real Estate owned
  11. Value of Personal Estate owned
  12. Place of birth
  13. Married within the year
  14. In school within the year
  15. Persons over 20 unable to read & write
  16. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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17126123LaytonIsaac L.56M Farmer1000475Maine [?]    
    Mary A.49F    Massachusetts    
   BurnattHarriet17F Domestic  NY    
    Almeda14F    NY 1  
 127124MacomberFrancis G.29M Lumbering 813NY    
   HinckleyGeorge28M Teamster  NY    
   RussellCornelius24M Sawyer  NY    
   MorrisonLillas20F Servant  NY    
   MacomberElizabeth51F    NY    
 129125McDonaldJames C.32M Lumbering 200NY    
    Laura A.24F    NY    
    Maggie21F    NY    
 130126BalcamElla S30M Sawyer 100NY    
    Margaret N.18F    NY    
   HancockMaverick21M Piling lumber  Massachusetts    
   BalcamBenjamin18M Piling lumber  NY    
 131127MoonJames29M Sawyer 550NY    
    Hariett19F    NY    
    Charles3 MosM    NY    
   ChamberlainLoren24M Sawyer  NY    
   GallupHiram20M Piling lumber  NY    
   SmithThurman25M Piling lumber  Vermont    
   FarrisHenry17M Piling lumber  NY    
    Hartwell U. [or V.]26M Piling lumber  NY    
   BalcamCaleb16M Piling lumber  NY    
   McDonaldCharles C.25M Piling lumber  NY    
   MorrisonAndrew22M Piling lumber  NY    
   HideWilliam H.W.21M Piling lumber  Massachusetts    
   HitchcockNancy18F Servant  NY    
 132128WadsworthPhillip41M Farmer600422NY    
    Abbe38F    NY    
    John20M Farm laborer  NY    
    Catharine J.15F Domestic  NY    
    Betsey A.13F    NY 1  
    Phillip, Jr.9M    NY 1  
    William6M    NY 1  
    Josiah2M    NY    
    Esther11 MosF    NY    
 133129MillerJames25M Farm laborer 100Vermont    

18   Charry25F Teaching com. School  NY    
 134130DarlingLafayette S.40M Farmer2600150Connecticut    
 135131PassicoMoses26M Day laborer 50Canada  1 
    Esther26F    NY    
    Sophia3F    NY    
    Delia1F    NY    
 136132CraigTheodore S.34M Farmer600545NY    
    Mary J.24F    NY    
    Mary H.4F    NY    
    John2M    NY    
    James4 MosM    NY    
 137133CraigWashington63M Farmer1600625NY    
    Lucy59F    NY    
 138134CraigWashington J.21M Farmer 145NY    
    Margaret A.18F    NY    
 140135CowlesUlysses H.37M Carpenter500300NY    
    Nancy35F    NY    
    Sarah J.15F Domestic  NY 1  
    Richard P.13M    NY 1  
    Laura L.11F    NY 1  
    James H.9M    NY 1  
    Mary M.6F    NY    
    Ella V.3F    NY    
    Ida1F    NY    
   LassellowJoseph18M Work in tannery  Canada    
 142136PaigeRoswell36M Farmer600200NY    
    Sarah43F    NY    
    Harriet4F    NY 1  
    Alice2F    NY    
   CraigNancy9F    NY 1  
    Charles6M    NY 1  
   DunhamSusanah59F Domestic  NY    
   DunhamSusanah17F Com. School teacher  NY    
 143137BuyceJohn67M Farmer400348NY    
    Mary A.45F    NY    
    Muchael19M Farm laborer  NY    
    Fitch17M Farm laborer  NY    
    Myron13M    NY    

19   Lucian L.2M    NY    
   TaylorWilliam72M    England   Blind & Pauper
    Brantha85F    Connecticut   Blind & Pauper
 144138EglinJohn40M Farmer187370NY    
    Susan50F    Vermont    
    Susan A.15F Domestic  NY 1  
    Abram8M    NY 1  
 145139DunningDavid66M Lumbering 318Vermont    
    Jemima58F    NY    
    Elizabeth18F Com. School teacher  NY 1  
    Anna17F Domestic  NY 1  
   BurtonJohn H.28M Hunter  Pennsylvania    
   DunningJoseph11M    NY 1  
   SnowDavid30M Teamster  NY    
 147140ChambersJeremiah37M Farmer1500100NY    
 149141NewtonJoel37M Lumbering 455NY    
    Aurelia L.23F    NY    
    James H.5M    NY    
    Alvira E.2F    NY    
   BarrettAaron B.13M    NY    
   StearnsLevi37M Sawyer  Massachusetts    
 150142CowlesElijah40M Farmer  NY    
    James E.17M Farm laborer  NY 1  
    William12M    NY 1  
    Sarah E.9F    NY 1  
    Elijah, Jr.6M    NY 1  
   FarmerClark S.21M Com. School teacher  NY    
   CraigEsther50F Domestic  NY    

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