1860 Federal Census
Town of Benson

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 28 Aug. 1 Sept. 1860 by S.L. Anibal

  1. Dwelling number
  2. Family number
  3. Last name
  4. First name
  5. Age
  6. Sex
  7. Color
  8. Occupation
  9. Value of Real Estate owned
  10. Value of Personal Estate owned
  11. Place of birth
  12. Married within the year
  13. In school within the year
  14. Persons over 20 unable to read & write
  15. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict
  16. Notes

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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Page 78
587558EglinWilliam F.23M Farmer800550NY     
   Mary C.17F    NY     
   Mary A.8 MosF    NY     
588559ParmeterMiles24M Farmer200400NY     
   Harriett19F    NY     
   Harcilda [?]1F    NY     
589560ColeJohn28M Farmer800585NY     
   Martha A.28F    NY     
   Nancy E.7F    NY     
   Mariah D.3F    NY     
   James65M Farmer  New Hampshire     
590561HarrisJohn79M Farmer500400Scotland     
   Mary62F    NY     
   Eugene11M    NY     
591562ColeLucy65F  250400Mass     
  ParmeterCyrus38M    Mass     
592563RiggAbner G.37M Farmer400450NY     
   Mary36F    NY     
   Chester14M    NY 1   
   George12M    NY 1   
   Salina10F    NY 1   
   Hannah7F    NY 1   
   Alice5F    NY 1   
   Ann E.3F    NY 1   
   Mary E.11 MosF    NY     
593564BissellEliphalet M.30M  800800NY     
   Orrella J.7F    NY 1   
   Auldray [?]5M    NY 1   
   William J.3M    NY 1   
  SweetRobert19M    NY     
  Unletin [?]Ansen31M    NY     
594565BasserJames33M Farmer  NY     
   Elizabeth30F    NY     
595566RuelSamuel W.31M Mechanic300325NY     
   Lucy28F    NY     
   Frances R.6F    NY     
  Llukin [?]Allen61M    Connecticut     
  MaticeSamuel23M    NY     
  FurgusonDaniel25M    NY     
  CowlNathaniel J.15M    NY     

Page 79
  TompsonOrvile18M    Mass     
596567GiffordNorman25M Farmer1900300NY     
   Melissa22F    NY     
   Ira2M    NY     
   Waterman6 MosM    NY     
  ParmeterWilliam26M Mechanic  NY     
  CoonAllen20M    NY     
597568HopkinsDavid26M Farmer  Penn.     
   Mariah H.23F    NY     
   Julia A.1F    NY     
  CrouterRobert17M    NY     
  Bean [?]James18M    NY     
598569HogenMartin49M Farmer400500New Jersey     
   Sarah46F    NY     
   Hellen L.12F    NY 1   
   Sonah [?] P.10F    NY 1   
   Edward8M    NY 1   
   Myron W.6F    NY 1   
   Charles H.3M    NY     
599570AnibalLeonard60M Farmer30002000NY     
   Amy S.35F    NY     
   Alfred C.20M    NY     
   Chester P.17M    NY     
   Susan L.13F    NY     
   Mary H.11F    NY     
   Josepha A.4F    NY     
   Amelia M.2F    NY     
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