1860 Federal Census
Town of Benson

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 28 Aug. 1 Sept. 1860 by S.L. Anibal

  1. Dwelling number
  2. Family number
  3. Last name
  4. First name
  5. Age
  6. Sex
  7. Color
  8. Occupation
  9. Value of Real Estate owned
  10. Value of Personal Estate owned
  11. Place of birth
  12. Married within the year
  13. In school within the year
  14. Persons over 20 unable to read & write
  15. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict
  16. Notes

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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Page 76
573544HunterJames52M Farmer1600628Mass.     
   Orrilla49F    NY     
   William18M Farm Laborer  NY     
  ManzerMary18F    NY     
574545ColeTimothy O.31M Farmer 300NY     
   Mariah26F    NY     
   Alice D.1F    NY     
575546ReynoldsIra G.49M Farmer700490NY     
   Catharine37F    NY     
   Aullie24F    NY     
   Susan15F    NY     
   Arabelle11F    NY     
   Stephen8M    NY     
   Mary6F    NY     
   Michael3M    NY     
576547CarrierDavid W.57M Farmer1200700Vermont     
   Jane49F    NY     
   Jane A.19F    NY 1   
   Hannah M.17F    NY 1   
   Francis E.15M    NY 1   
   Phebe10F    NY 1   
   David W.6M    NY 1   
  ChristianJoseph C.35M Farm Laborer  Canada     
  Loudin [?]Charles W.20M Farm Laborer  NY     
  Trumball [?]William36M    Canada     
577548ConradThomas34M Mechanic150150England     
   Sarah31F    England     
   Lewice [?]10M    NY 1   
   Mary [?]8F    NY 1   
   Rhoda6F    NY 1   
   William3M    NY     
   Suzanah E.1F    NY     
578549ManzerMyron C.41M Farmer100700NY     
   Edith32F    NY     
   Robert R.12M    NY 1   
   Mariah8F    NY 1   
   Matilda6F    NY 1   
579550ManzerBarnett28M Farmer 128NY     
   Catharine22F    NY     
   Catharine2F    NY     

Page 77
   Rebeca A.1F    NY     
580551SmithNorton B.37M Farmer150175MS [?]     
   Emily28F    NY     
   Erastus L.9M    NY     
   Charles L.6M    NY     
581552ParmeterEstus51M Farmer1200650Vermont     
   Eliza50F    Mass.     
   John23M    NY     
   George21M    NY     
   Hannah M.19F    NY     
582553HerickJames H.33M Farmer800690NY     
   Elizabeth A.37F    Great Britain     
   John D.9M    NY 1   
   Sarah E.9F    NY 1   
   Ann E.5F    NY 1   
   William G.3M    NY     
583554WrightWillard C.43M Farmer1500350Mass.     
   Almirah30F    Mass     
   Ruben16M    Mass 1   
   George H.14M    Mass 1   
   Mary M.12F    Mass 1   
   Jane E.9F    Mass 1   
584555AnibalEdward45M Farmer30001775NY     
   Ruth34F    NY     
   Colice R.12M    NY 1   
   Sally A.11F    NY 1   
   Frances H.10F    NY 1   
   Amelia E.7F    NY 1   
   Edwin4M    NY 1   
  AnibalPhilo43M    NY     
   Robert P.16M    NY 1   
   Franklin4M    NY 1   
585556ConklinElias D.35M Farmer700275NY     
   June30F    NY     
   Clarence E.12M    NY 1   
   Elenor R.10F    NY 1   
  VanhtyreJohn78M    NY     
586557PathJohn R.54M Farmer3000100England     
   Amelia42F    England     
  FraneJames55M    Mass     
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