1860 Federal Census
Town of Benson

Generously transcribed and donated by Joanne Murray - Thank You!

Enumerated 28 Aug. 1 Sept. 1860 by S.L. Anibal

  1. Dwelling number
  2. Family number
  3. Last name
  4. First name
  5. Age
  6. Sex
  7. Color
  8. Occupation
  9. Value of Real Estate owned
  10. Value of Personal Estate owned
  11. Place of birth
  12. Married within the year
  13. In school within the year
  14. Persons over 20 unable to read & write
  15. Deaf & dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict
  16. Notes

As always, please refer to the originals for the best accuracy!

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Page 74
555526AbnerGeorge34M Laborer 125Germany     
   Mary A.24F    Scotland     
  PotterRuth A.6F    NY     
556527JeromeJohn45M Laborer10040NY     
   Jane A.54""M""    NY     
557528DalanoMory38M  270500NY     
   Esther26F    NY     
   Hanna14F    NY     
   Louise10F    NY     
   Phebe J.6F    NY     
   Marcy E.4 MosF    NY     
558529Shongh [?]John45M Farmer  Germany     
   Anna42F    Germany     
   Jane A.16F    Germany     
   Charles14M    Germany     
   Castor9M    NY     
   Aseneth7F    NY     
  Lubut [?]Henry20M Farm Laborer  NY     
   Jacob21M Farm Laborer  NY     
  Lough [?]Christopher21M Farm Laborer  Germany     
559530Shoubgh [?]George21M Farm Laborer  Germany1    
   Catharine E.18F    Germany1    
560531CrouceJohn33M Farmer300350Germany     
   Ann34F    Germany     
   Margaret12F    Germany     
   John7M    Germany     
   Eliza5F    NY     
   Nancy2F    NY     
561532HolmesIra49M Meth. E. Preacher200450NY     
   Ann47F    NY     
   Seymour C.11M    NY 1   
   Clara N.10F    NY 1   
   David6M    NY 1   
562533WalkerJoseph F.21M Farmer1000250NY     
   Elizabeth A.19F    NY     
   Collin [?] E.1M    NY     
   Nancy57F    NY     
   Robert B.19M    NY     

Page 75
563534WellsHorace64M Farmer800255NY     
   Mary57F    NY     
   Harriett31F    NY     
   Angeline22F    NY     
  EglinThomas55M   2000NY     
564535EglinSilas H.54M Farmer1800725NY     
   Betsey50F    Vermont     
   Mary J.27F    NY     
565536WalkerRobert53M Farmer700 Great Britain     
566537AnibalLewis G.32M Farmer500600NY     
   Hannah L.34F    NY     
   Mary L.14F    NY 1   
   Samuel G.12M    NY 1   
   Caleb V.10M    NY 1   
567538ArnoldEnoch J.28M Farmer400 NY     
   Susan L.28F    NY     
   Leonard J.21M Farmer  NY     
568539AnibalAndrew26M Farmer600540NY     
   Emeline23F Farmer  NY     
569540BrownellCyrus H.55M Lawyer & Farmer20003000NY     
   Lydia E.51F    NY     
   Levi H.27M    NY     
   Julliett25F    NY     
   William B.23M    NY     
   John W.18M    NY     
   Hellen W.13F    NY 1   
570541SloanRuben P.65M Farmer1800841NY     
   Hannah63F    Vermont     
   Em M.25F    NY     
   Alice32F    NY     
  ManzerJohn16M Farmer  NY 1   
   Hannah11F    NY 1   
   Mary39F    NY     
571542HunterAmos42M Farmer800 NY     
   Mary J.35F    NY     
  LewisWilliam33M    NY     
572543ParmeterAndrew24M Farmer200230NY     
   Fidelia21F    NY     
   Lucy1F    NY     
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