Wells cemetery

Sometimes called Wells Methodist Church Cemetery

Thank you Annie Weaver and Town of Wells Historian, Leona Aird!

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Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathNotes from Gravestone
S/O son of, D/O daughter of,
W/O wife of
Notes from Historian
and/or Transcriber
S/O son of, D/O daughter of,
W/O wife of
OstranderThomas L.18301914Father 
OstranderMary J.18351909Mother 
OstranderCatherine18761961His Wife 
OstranderJohn D.18721945  
StoddardMildred C.18981985  
OstranderNettie M.18691946  
WeaverJames R.Oct 18,1839Jan 18,1916FatherS/O Peter&Christina Weaver
WeaverMatilda WhitmanDec 11,1848Nov 7,1917Mother His Wife 
WeaverRalph18821939 S/O James&Matilda Weaver
WeaverAbbie Ryan18821959W/O Ralph W. 
WeaverJohn Victor1885Jan 14,18871yr,3mos,14dyS/O JR&MJ Weaver 
Vonder HeideMary Louise1921Feb.4,2000 D/O Ralph&Abbie Weaver
Vonder HeideWilliamJan 13,1917April 8,2000  
GallupDavid B.18551947Father 
GallupCornelia Weaver18651945Mother 
GallupHannahSept 22,1829Sept 1,1898His Wife (Jesse) 
GallupJesse B.Oct 28,1829Feb 22,1911  
WhitmanCharles A.Mar 9,1853 FatherS/O Henry&Pheobe Whitman
WhitmanEmma J.Apr 18,1854May 13,1920Mother His Wife 
WhitmanClaudiaAug 15,1881Oct 14,1957 D/O C&E Whitman
AbramsEstella Ronald18741926W/O George H. Abrams 
RonaldWilliam H.18541931  
RonaldElla F. Sturges18541925W/O WH 
RonaldLeona18831884D/O WH&EF Ronald 
CowlesRichard P.Apr 2,1847Apr 14,1929  
PettitBertha M.Sept 13,1880Oct 19,1917W/O John W. Shultz 
CowlesIda A.May 15,1859Jan 2,1934  
GrayMary M.Apr 10,1854Dec 11,1929  
WhitmanMichael O.18211908Father 
WhitmanLomina A.18301907Mother His Wife 
ClarkHarry1892Apr 23,18921mo,14dys S/O L&C Clark 
FullerJames F.18971918Motor Trans Corps USA 
GirardBelle G.18731968  
FullerDorothyFeb 22,1927Aug 4,2000His Wife 
FullerJames F Sr.April 21,1921Aug 16,1988"Frank" 
FullerAllen GeorgeNov 23,1947Nov 17,1993US Navy 
FullerWilliam E.May 6,1892Oct 8,1946NY PVT 153 Depot Brig WWI 
FountainBradford Oct 5,189353yearsHusband
WhiteEmma JaneMar 5,1850Jan 12,1919  
WhiteWilliam W.Apr 20,1852Sept 20,1921 
CraigPolly1800Feb 5,187878yrs,10mos,22dys W/O John M. Craig 
CraigJohn M.1794June 19,187682yrs,6mos,3dys 
CraigHiram B.1863Sept 26,18641yr,2mos,8dys S/O A&C Craig 
DownesLeo L.18861928WWI Vet LRAN 
DownesPeter E.Nov 16,1857Aug 20,1915Erlich Tent 200 K.D.T.M. 
DownesSarah HosleyJune 30,1857Feb 22,1922His Wife 
DownesEdwin Ray1889Aug 23,189010mos,12dys S/O PE&SM Downes 
HosleySampson1828Sept 20,189567 years In Memory of 
RussellCharlesOct 25,1889Nov 11,1897  
RussellMary Apr 14,1858  
RussellJohn A.18761918  
RussellGeorge W.19001966  
DunhamNellie1901Sept 13,19043yrs,4mos,20dys D/O Mr&mrs Simeon 
DunhamEmily1889Nov 18,18955yrs,11mos,24dys. D/O Mr&Mrs Simeon 
DunhamAnna E.1886July 20,18904years D/O S&J Dunham 
DunhamSimeon C.18481932  
DunhamJosephine18611920W/O Simeon 
DunhamDeWitt1883Apr 10,190522yrs,4mos, S/O Mr&Mrs Simeon 
RyanWilliam R.1842Feb 20,189654years Co C 158 NY Vols 
RyanLouisa M.1852Aug 14,191058years His Wife 
RyanMary J. Van Buren1891 His Wife 
RyanDanielFeb 10,1889Dec 20,1917  
WadsworthCharles McDonald18571928  
WagarRay1895June 20,18958dys S/O GW&LM Wagar 
WagarBethel1893Sept 30,18933 weeks D/O J&CE Duntley 
WagarEliza18461929W/O N Wagar 
DuntleyCarrie E. Wagar18661910Their daughter 
WadsworthMary Jane1828Mar 16,189669yrs. His Wife 
WadsworthJohn H.    
LackeyAlice19041923W/O Wm Wadsworth 
RyanWilliam P.18681938  
McGuireWilliam1842Oct 30,189250years Co C 57 Mass Vols  
McGuireDora1854Dec 4,189642years W/O Wm 
McGuireKatie F.1881Mar 4,18828mos. D/O Wm&Dora 
DemunElsie Harrington19051978W/O Ed Harrington W/O Olie Demun 
HarringtonEdward1887June 8,194154years 232 MP Comp WWI 
MorrisonLucy A.July 16,1851Aug 8,1913  
MorrisonIsiah1825Sept 30,189166years Co H 11 NY Inf Vol. 
BuyceJohn N.Sept 4,1857Sept 28,1895  
SchuylerMartha E.1855Jan 14,189439years W/O George S. 
MonroeThelma L.19161945 Thelma Levina [Berry] Howland
Adopted D/O George B. and
Grace [Mealus] Howland
b. May 17, 1916 Wells NY
d. December 29, 1945 Amsterdam
Memorial Hospital NY
GPS location:
W 074:17.228 N43:23.677
HowlandGrace Mealus18831975His WifeGrace May [Mealus] Howland
W/O George B. Howland
GPS location:
W 074:17.228 N43:23.677
HowlandGeorge B.18761945 George Burr Howland
GPS location:
W 074:17.228 N43:23.677
CoulombeKennethNov 20,1911June 6,1971NY S1 US Navy WWIIBrother of Marie
[Coulombe] Howland
d. in Wells NY
GPS location:
W 074:17.228 N43:23.677
HowlandGeorge L.19031971 George Legrand Howland
S/O George B. and Grace
[Mealus] Howland
b. July 27, 1903 Harrisville, NY
d. July 04, 1985 Granville, NY
GPS location:
W 074:17.228 N43:23.677
HowlandHelen Marie19061982 Marie [Coulombe] Howland
W/O George L. Howland
b. September 04, 1906 Wells NY
d. April 28, 1982 Hope NY
GPS location:
W 074:17.228 N43:23.677
SimonsGeorge Joe18761954  
OstranderRobertSept 5,1823July 11,1903  
OstranderPolly DennieFeb 20,1826Oct 61903His Wife 
BurdonHenrySept 25,1896Aug 25,1898S/O G&C Burdon 
BurdonBerthaSept 3,1894Sept 3,1894  
BurdonGodfreyMar 27,1848   
BurdonCarline LasleyMar 17,1856Apr 7,1912His Wife 
AirdLena Ford1868Dec 5,190234years,8mos. W/O David Aird Sr. 
FordLucetta Flotner18371923  
FordMores Y.18401923His Wife 
FordJohn Q.18701950  
FordGeorge B.18791929  

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Update 3/22/07: Edward MacDonald sent in notes about: George B. Howland, Grace [Mealus] Howland, Thelma L. Monroe, George L. Howland, Helen Marie [Coulombe] Howland and Kenneth Coulombe.


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