Cedar River Cemetery
Town of Indian Lake

by Town Historian, Bill Zullo

Located at the corner of Cedar River Road and Route 28/30. Land first purchased for cemetery in 1898. Incorporated in 1921, with Edward Brooks, Elmer Benton, and Isaac Kenwell as directors.

Surnames beginning with:A-FG-MN-Z

Surname,First NameDOBDODNotes
Nash,Howard B.18821957 
Nash,Lillian Cleveland18881966 
Nash,George B.19151989 
Nash,V. June Fish1919  
Nash,M. Grace 4 Mar. 1955 
Nicolai,Frances F.21 Nov. 1930  
Nielsen,Bernhard M.1908  
Nielson,Myra McHenry19051985 
O'Brien,Julie E.19201978 
O'Brien,Sharon Laura7 Dec. 19462-Jul-47 
Olson,Arthur A.19061974 
Olson,Florence M.19131983 
Oltman,Beatrice Branigan23 May 190224 Jul 1987 
Oltman,Caroline A.2 May 18835 May 1967 
Oltman,Rosetta M.4 Nov. 190210 Jan. 1969 
Oltman,John D.23 May 190730 Oct. 1981 
Ordway,Portus5 Sep. 185211 Jun 1921 
Ordway,Mary Elizabeth7 April 185327 Aug. 1929 
Ordway,F.J.2 June 187518 Aug. 1875 
Ormsby,Beatrice Brewster19201993 
Osgood,Aaron18209 Nov. 1872 
Osgood,Lucretia Burgess27 Sep. 189213 Apr 1915 
Osgood,Roberta M.19001982 
Osgood,Phyllis Jane23 Aug. 1931  
Osgood,Minnie McCormick11 Aug. 186724 Mar. 1900 
Osgood,William184929 May 1917 
Osgood,Marcena Fish6 May 186128 Feb. 1925 
Osgood,Dolpha Porter18541934 
Osgood,David F.19571977 
Osgood,George W.1904  
Osgood,Iva Lanphear1911  
Ovitt,Sgt. Clifford F.31 Dec. 19193 Feb. 1954 
Ovitt,Ernest E.18891949 
Ovitt,Gertrude Farrington18871943 
Ovitt,Luther W.12 Apr 191028 May 1929 
Ovitt,Frank R.29 Nov. 187530 May 1896 
Ovitt,Jennie L. 15 Apr 1903Age 47y
Palestri,Lawrence J.26 Feb. 19238 Mar. 1994WWII
Palmatier,Olive Kenwell18851972 
Palmer,S.J. 29 April 1898Age 64y
Palmer,Mary A. 27 Oct. 1894Age 61y
Parker,Andrew W.18761953 
Parker,Bert29 May 188512 Jul 1959 
Parker,Elese Gardner1 Mar. 188814 Feb. 1931 
Parker,Beecher Alvin18 Apr 19156 Jan. 1944Army WW II Killed in action at San Pietro Italy
Parker,Helen I.23 Nov. 189011 Aug. 1960 
Parker,Florence E.19131968 
Parker,Ina N. King19291993 
Parker,Gerald A.19171983 
Parker,Leslie3 Mar. 19111 Dec. 1972Aarmy WW II
Parker,Terry Lee19471968 
Parker,Roger C. ""Bob""28 Nov. 191931 Oct. 1992 
Parker,Marion Harrington18 Jul 1927  
Parker,Roger David22 Jul 194610 Sep. 1989 
Parker,Sophronia 23 Aug. 1886Age 51y 5m 21d
Parker,Dora P.1 Oct. 19081982 
Pashley,William 17 May 1895Age 58y
Pashley,Sarah Brooks 3 Jul 1926Age 84y
Pashley,Robert Mar. 1887Age 88y
Pashley,Dora Elena 10 July 1891Age 2y
Pashley,Laura May 12 Jul 1900Age 5y
Pashley,Charles 15 Jul 1942Age 83y
Pashley,Dora Orton 14 Aug. 1885Age 20y
Pashley,Vina18681965Wife of Charles
Pashley,Lillie R. 4 Oct. 1881Age 9y 7m 1d
Pashley,John 14 Oct. 1881Age 15y 7m 15d
Pashley, 20 Oct. 1884Age 1d
Payne,Samuel 26 Sep. 1865Age 17y 7m 15d
Payne,Sybil5 Nov. 18257 Feb. 1890Wife of Charles
Payne,Benjamin C. 17 Apr 1904Age 1y
Payne,Ernest L.19061909 
Payne,Ella Thayer18721944 
Payne,Lillian Blanchard18831945 
Payne,Erwin E.19081930 
Pease,James H. 15 May 1900Age 52y
Peduzzi,F. Edward19161980 
Peduzzi,Marian K.1913  
Peduzzi,Diana L.1945  
Peduzzi,John N.1919  
Pelon,Guy M.2 Nov. 191215 Feb. 1955 
Pelon,Agnes Austin9 Oct. 1917  
Pelon,Rosco25 Oct. 191026 Oct. 1910 
Pelon,Flora Tripp18841941 
Pelon,Nancy A. Edinger1935  
Pelon,Rodney G.19151960 
Pelon,29 Jul 195930 Jul 1959 
Pelon,Rodney Guy19601997 
Persons,Albert H. 15 Jan. 1882Age 27y 5m 15d
Persons,Mary M.   
Persons,William S. Nov. 1879Age 84y
Persons,Hannah Smith Jan. 1872Age 79y
Persons,B.W.7 Oct. 182610 Dec. 1909 
Persons,Lucy J. Kennedy23 Nov. 183214 Jan. 1918Wife of B.W. Persons
Petty,Joan Campney1936  
Petty,Robert G.19171989 
Philo,Julia C.19021969 
Philo,Charles H.18651930 
Philo,Lola V.18771942 
Pike,Electa A. Mott 25 May 1905Age 59y
Pinney,Isaac 2 Dec. 1886Age 75y 9m 25d
Pinney,Lucinda 20 Nov. 1884Age 63y 8m 2d
Pinney,Chancey E. 2 Dec. 1907Age 17y
Pinzl,Elizabeth G.19111994 
Platt,John180611 Oct. 1882Dearest Father we have not forgotten you.
Although you are numbered with the dead.
We will do the last kind deed
and place this at your head.
Plue,William6 June 183111 Mar. 1903Veteran
Plue,Lorinda Lanphear23 April 18243 Oct. 1909 
Plue,Betsy L. 3 April 1871Age 21d
Pope,Helen C.19082002 
Pope,Milton S.19061998 
Porter,Margaret McCarthy2 Jan. 185924 Dec. 1929 
Porter,Asa E.30 Oct. 18671951 
Porter,W.W.18471916Civil War Co.B.2nd Reg't
Porter,Alma A. Fish8 Feb. 186425 Nov. 1943 
Porter,William O.3 Oct. 188418 Aug. 1871 
Porter,Warner S. 27 Jan. 1882Age 19y 5m
Porter,Hannah Maria 23 June 1892Age 63y 'Asleep in Jesus'
Porter,Justin 11 Mar. 1903Age 79y Co.D 175th Reg't NY Vol. G.A.R.
Porter,Jesse 1 Nov. 1875Age 67y
Porter,Rillie E.12 Oct. 186413 Mar. 1952 
Procida,Florio ""Flip""19292000 
Pruden,Edward W. 'Ed'19262003 
Pruden,Lorraine 'Lori'1929  
Ramsey,Robert 8 May 1901Age 64y Co.B 23rd Reg't NYSV
Rapp,Archie H.19101991 
Rapp,Jean E.1930  
Raymond,Pearl M. Farrington22 June 188916 Dec. 1944 
Raymond,Lee E.21 May 188920 Oct. 1967 
Rea,Walter J.18751964 
Rea,Cora Palmer18611941Wife of Walter
Reed,Freeman A. 28 Aug. 1894Age 51y 6m 20d 'Gone but not forgotten' G.A.R.
Reed,Alice A. Stephens 7 Aug. 1870Age 23y
Reed,Rebecca Edwards 10 Oct. 1930Age 81y
Reed,William J. 18 Jun 1926Age 79y
Reed,Mariah L. Stephens 16 Oct. 1882Age 41y
Reed,Gertrude A. 23 May 1886Age 3y
Reed,Asa E. 24 May 1889Age 2y
Reed,Betsy Porter18504 July 1889 
Reed,Anna 17 June 1871Age 16y 1m 19d
Reed,Marcia Walker18141892 
Reed,Almond S. 19 Nov. 1896Age 96y Co.C 93rd Reg't NYSV
Reese,Mary 194986yrs.
Reid,Leslie L.19061997 
Reilly,Francis A.19122000 
Reilly,Gertrude E.19171975 
Reilly,Myrtle E. Burgess27 Feb, 19168 Aug. 1996 
Reynolds,Frank G.19141990 
Reynolds,Marie E.19201987 
Richardson,Frank K.19081979Army WW II
Richardson,Carrie E.1916  
Riley,Alfred T. Jr. ""Mike""19271988Navy WW II
Riley,Joan Montross19281989 
Riley,John E.19581994 
Rivette,Joseph D. Meacheam19702001 
Rogers,Louisa1 June 183210 Nov. 1862 
Rogers,Spencer W.19131994 
Rogers,Jane B.1920  
Ryan,Walter Robert13 Feb. 19264 Dec. 1984Navy WW II
Sanders,Richard E.3 Jul 19252 Mar. 2002WWII and Korea
Sanford,Roger B.19071979 
Sanford,Doris M.   
Sault,Louis N.1 Sep. 185628 Sep. 1891 
Sault,Hermie H. 28 Jan. 1890Age 9y 1m 21d
Savage,Thomas 29 Oct. 1929Age 78y
Savage,Earl 10 Sptil 1894Age 11d
Savage,Mary J. Kelso (Wilson) 25 Oct. 1921Age 62y
Savarie,Jerry3 Sep. 186216-Jul-46 
Savarie,Alice C.18681962 
Schoenberg,Margaret Main1923  
Scholefield,Dorothy C.19041945 
Scholefield,Lyndon G.19271987 
Scholefield,Theresa A.19301986 
Charlotte M.   
Schug,LeGrand E.18961982 
Schug,Viola M.19061974 
Scully,Madeline R.19241993 
Seacord,Peter F.6 Jun 194113 Oct. 1981U.S. Air Force
Seacord,Roger V.19101994 
Seacord,Minnie I. Brown1914  
Seacord,Cynthia Ann19501950 
Severie,Eleanor 6 Sep. 1931Age 13y
Severie,Jay D. 29 Nov. 1928Age 5m
Severie,Joseph P.18931952 
Severie,Minnie B18931972 
Seymour,William L.19141992 
Sherman,Wesley1899 Army WW II
Silveira,Edward G.19131976 
Silveira,Dorothy E.19151990 
Sisti,Joseph F.19071965 
Smith,Malcom23 Dec. 191031 Mar. 1974Army WW II
Smith,James Z.18551915 
Smith,Byron W.18961983 
Smith,Ruth Furlong19181992 
Smith,Elmer E.1920  
Smith,Michael Abner19611978 
Smith,George M.4 Dec. 189725 Aug. 1956Navy WW I
Smith,Exeulda E. Winhold19061977 
Spring,Danny C.19461946 
Spring,Richard R.   
Spring,Donna Vanderwarker   
Spring,Christina A.   
Spring,Clyde F.18841958 
Spring,Lena B.18781960 
Spring,A.F. Buster19121950 
Spring,Sheridan C.4 Sep. 191921 Aug. 1973Navy WW II
Squires,Robert B.25 April 189530 Sep. 1958WW I
Stanton,Donald W.19151989 
Stanton,Emery H.18821964 
Stanton,Nancy J.18911969 
Starbuck,William 24 Dec. 1911Age 59y
Starbuck,Thomas24 Mar. 19061 Oct. 1967Army WW II
Steeg,Daniel1 Feb. 189812 Jan. 1971Army WW I
Steeg,Mary C. Brewster19241986 
St.Onge,Mary J.18561913 
Ste. Marie,  Age 3y
Ste. Marie,Martha9 Jan. 18592 Jan. 1940 
Ste. Marie,Oliver23 April 18499 Dec. 1917 
Ste. Marie,Guy R.16 Mar. 188010 Mar. 1945 
Stevenson,Dr. Fred18511928 
Stevenson,Florence Carter18461928 
Stevenson,Martha Carpenter18211900 
Suhrland,Carl Einar8 May 191324 Jul 2000 
Sullivan,Joseph M.19121967 
Sullivan,Ruth G.19112000 
Taylor,Julia M. 20 May 1882Age 20y 7m
Thayer,Charles H. 8 Aug. 1873Age 45y 8d
Thayer,Sadie Brown 9 Aug. 1917Age 63y
Thibado,Eva Johnson18971960 
Thieverge,Zoe I.1929  
Tice,Nyomi A.19601976 
Tice,Hope S.19631980 
Tice,John E.19091963 
Tichenor,Robert P.19181973 
Tichenor,Elizabeth A.19171966 
Tichenor,June E.1926  
Tracy,Gertrude Parker19041989 
Tripp,George H.24 Nov. 185424 Jul 1926 
Tripp,Susan Orton15 June 185418 Aug. 1919 
Tripp,Roscoe C.18871943 
Tripp,Ethel Maxam18951995 
Tubby,Josiah T.18741958 
Tubby,Mary Peckham18761958 
Tubby,Ruth P.1903  
Tucker,William H. 13 Jan. 1897Age 29y 9m
Turner,Lenora M.1911  
Turner,Isabel F.19051993 
Turner,Fred W.4 Aug. 190815 Aug. 1991 
Turner,Jean22 Aug. 1925  
Turner,Edith Parker19089 May 1972 
Turner,Julia M.19121988 
Tyrel,William E.18 Mar. 185827 Dec. 1928 
Tyrel,Effie A. Reed8 Sep. 186828 Aug. 1955 
Vail,Alice B.18831969 
Vandeverg,Janet Branigan26 Aug. 19244 Mar. 1995 
Vanderwarker,Gladys Benton19201949 
Vanderwarker,Clark D. 11 Feb. 1927 
Vanderwarker,Deborah 23 Jul 1913Age 71y
VanDusen,Harry E.19011975 
Verbiest,Peter19 Nov. 191011 Dec. 1989U.S. Army
Virgil,Erwin E.19222004 
Virgil,Ernest D.18961944 
Virgil,Mae Bennett18981981 
Virgil,Nancy J.19271974 
Virgil,Roger30 Oct. 192617 Dec. 1991Army WW II
Virgil,George L.18891987Army WW I
Virgil,Beatrice G. Brown19002000 
Virgil,19241924Infant son
Wakeley,William S.187920 Aug. 1956 
Wakeley,Cora P. Wood189412 Dec. 1942 
Wallace,Frank 11 Feb. 1897Age 6y 11m
Ward,Nancy Locke14 June 187130 Oct. 1953 
Ward,William S.2 April 185913 Jan. 1932 
Ward,Harry M.5 Feb. 185515 Sep. 1905 
Wardell,Lawrence Y.19101975 
Waring,Harold L.30 Jan. 191631 Jul 1984Army WW II
Waring,Laura Peckham18771942Wife of Harold
Waring,Edward Hileman18751964 
Waring,Walter F.19131990 
Waring,Mildred M.19162003 
Warner,Dorothy L.19501963 
Warner,Leona R.1925  
Warner,Ernest D.19271996Army WW II
Washburn,Dora Brown19011987 
Washburn,G. Jane Turner19311999 
Washburn,Milo E. 16 May 1877Age 56y G.A.R.
Washburn,Esther 9 July 1872Age 79y
Washburn,Harriet L.26 June 181327 Dec. 1894 
Washburn,John C.18581898 
Washburn,Stephen 4 Feb. 1906Age 25d
Washburn,C.E.11 Oct. 18782 Mar. 1970 
Washburn,Gretchen Bevins189518 Jul 1987 
Washburn,Grace L.7 Dec. 187911 Apr 1968 
Washburn,Francis F.4 Mar. 185422 Jul 1924 
Washburn,Cleora P.4 Sep. 185720 Jul 1933 
Waterston,Minnie Robillard18881974 
Waterston,Jennie Wright19011957 
Webb,Noel21 Dec. 194012 Oct. 1966 
Webendorfer,Lillian 1961 
Webendorfer,August 1958 
Welsh,Leonard O.19132001 
Welsh,Esther H.1911  
Wenger,Elizabeth17 Sep. 189526 Nov. 1975 
Wenger,Frank Lewis5 Oct. 18927 Nov. 1967WW I Marine
Wilcox,Cordia 5 Mar. 1900Age 5y 6m
Williams,Donald31 Oct. 19243 Feb. 1990 
Williams,Phyllis4 Aug. 1928  
Wilson,Clara M. 11 Oct. 1881Age 1y 6m
Wilson,Olive G. 6 Oct. 1881Age 4y 7m
Wilson,John H. 12 July 1885Age 6y 6m
Wilson,S.H. 4 Mar. 1888Age 30y
Wilson,Wesley19051970WW vet.
Wright, Harold19221930 
Zecha,Agnis Fliss   
Zellner,John H. Sr.18861969 
Zellner,John Henry Jr.5 Feb. 192211 Jan. 1993Army WW II
Zellner,Grace A.1938  
Zerrener,Martha N.18961967 
Zullo,Jane Carr6 Apr 19498 Dec. 1964 
Zullo,Jeff Carr6 Apr 1949  
Zullo,James E.19162003 
Zullo,Helen Cross19211997 

Surnames beginning with:A-FG-MN-Z


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