Cedar River Cemetery
Town of Indian Lake

by Town Historian, Bill Zullo

Located at the corner of Cedar River Road and Route 28/30. Land first purchased for cemetery in 1898. Incorporated in 1921, with Edward Brooks, Elmer Benton, and Isaac Kenwell as directors.

Surnames beginning with:A-FG-MN-Z

Surname,First NameDOBDODNotes
Gadway,Patrick A.1967  
Gadway,Tammy L.1973  
Gadway,Edward E.19491974Army Vietnam
Gadway,Rosalyn E.1947  
Gadway,Leon R.1909  
Gadway,Theresa Gregory19181989 
Galusha,Bessie E.18921953 
Galusha,Frank W.18891947 
Gardner,Emma D.6 Feb. 189214 Feb. 1933 
Gardner,Ruth A.19201965 
Gauvin,Albert K.19111990 
Gauvin,Ethel Fish19111959 
Gill,Margaret S.19061990 
Gill,Mary L.19111990 
Gill,Julia M.18731954 
Gill,Hartwell E.18711950 
Gillingham,Thomas R.19001985 
Gillingham,Effie B.19071984 
Gilson,Albert C. 24 June 1868Age 21y
Gilson,Grace Eugene 31 Oct. 1857Age 2y 9m 23d
Gilson,Nathaniel 14 Dec. 1891Age 76y
Gilson, Albert L. 23 Mar. 1877 
Gilson,Gertrude P.15 Sep. 189412 Oct. 1897 
Gilson,Don G.30 Nov. 188820 Oct. 1897 
Gilson,Lillie E.17 April 187623 Oct. 1897 
Girard,Andrew 18 Oct. 1896Age 37y 8m 14d
Girard,Lewis11 May 18333 May 1905 
Girard,Sarah E.27 Oct. 183724 Aug. 1900 
Girard,Edward 18 Jan. 1895 
Glynn,Evangeline Flynn19101983 
Golde,Max George14 Jan. 191425 Apr 1972""A man who was proud of the place in which he lived.
A man who lived so that his place was proud of him.""
Gooley,James 29 Jan. 1892Age 16y 3m
Guenther,Laura Mattison18951970 
Guenther,Karl F.19101983 
Haack,Eva R.19001988 
Haas,Ernest8 Feb. 189715 Jul 1960Army WW I
Haas,Irene C.10 Aug. 18961 Jul 1983 
Hall,C. Lee23 Apr 19116 Sep. 1986 
Hall,Betty Lee7 Dec. 1940  
Hall,C. Betty14 Nov. 190421 Jan. 1983 
Hall,Albert B.21 Apr 19215 Oct. 1986 
Hall,Vernon P.19171996 
Hall,Margaret E.19192001 
Hall,Albert L.1 June 189126 Sep. 1929Troop M 15th Cav
Hall,Beatrice Gilronan   
Hall,Junior3 Apr 191522 Feb. 1917 
Hall,Otto ""Toddy""19141989 
Hall,Theadore B.18761939 
Hall,Olive S.18801973 
Hall,George B.17 Nov. 18523 Feb. 1924 
Hall,Annis Ross24 May 18574 Sep. 1909Wife of George B.
Hall,George A.24 Jul 19106 Oct. 1970WW II
Hammer,Jack A.19322001 
Hammer,Jack ""Tony""19621978 
Hartwig,Angela16 Jul 1975 14 hours
Hayes,Florence Raedell Preiss22 May 19114 Feb. 1981 
Hebeart,Joseph G.18821952 
Hebeart,Helen A.1888  
Hebeart,Cornelia A. 11 Jul 1918Age 2d
Hebeart,Lucy S.13 Apr 193019 Sep. 1930 
Heitz,Kenneth P.1946  
Heitz,Vicki I.19611988 
Higgins,Norma D.19081979 
Higgins,Emmett P.18991981 
Hill,Chauncy A.13 Aug. 18506 Aug. 1921 
Hill,Ada A. Brooks25 June 18502 Jan. 1918 
Hill,Roxcy11 May 187118 Nov. 1881 
Hill,Musie6 June 18747 Nov. 1881 
Hill,Josephine16 Aug. 187824 July 1880 
Hill,Walter11 Dec. 187229 Dec. 1872Son of Chauncy & Ada
Hill,Ira C. 5 May 1883Age 72y 2m
Hitchcock,Wilbur 29 July 1890Aage 31y 9m 5d
Hitchman,Frederick5 Dec. 1968  
Hitchman,Edna Rust15 Jan. 1970  
Holland,Earle C.19141980 
Holland,Nedra Huddleston19171967 
Holland,Frances S.Jul 1918Dec. 1983 
Holm,William P.19 Aug. 19142 Oct. 1969WW II
Hooper,B. Emma18781953 
Houghton,John B.18911961 
Houghton,Blanche Wamsley18931980 
Houghton,Harold F.28 Apr 192028 Jan. 1988Army WW II
Houghton,Kathleen Parker19271988 
Houghton,Ada T.18951980 
Houghton,C. Harold18941962 
Howenstein,Fred15 July 18952 Sep. 1972 
Howenstein,Marguerite3 Aug. 189212 Nov. 1954 
Hunt,Almon S.17 April 18888 Jan. 1966 
Hunt,Mable E. Morehouse28 Nov. 18854 Nov. 1987 
Hunt,Rose Estella15 Sep. 191814 Feb. 1920 
Hunt,Francis L.19081988Army WW II
Hunt,Peter R. 3 Feb. 1981Age 49y
Hunt,Melissa 6 April 1891Age 66y
Hunt,Emma E. 6 April 1871Age 13y
Hunt,Charles F.27 July 18567 Jan. 1924 
Hunt,Myra Blanchard15 Aug. 18582 Apr 1949 
Hunt,Hannah A.24 July 18462 Aug. 1907Wife of William H.
Hunt,William J. 15 Aug. 1879 
Hunt,Margaret H. 27 April 1876Age 3y
Hunt,Grace E.18811948Wife of Charles
Hunt,Roy S.20 Sep. 19153 Aug. 1993Navy WW II
Hunt,John Peter12 Apr 19374 Nov. 1984Navy Vietnam
Hunt,Guy30 Jul 19067 Jun 1978U.S. vet.
Hunt,Peter J.15 Nov. 18745 Apr 1943 
Hunt,Betty Lou Farrell19401993 
Husson,Earl C.18981952 
Husson,Stella Daniels18781967 
Husson,Gerald Dyer1926  
Husson,Mary Mosher19341975 
Hutchins,Lester J.27 Aug. 19323 Apr 1976Army Korea
Hutchins,Barbara L.1937  
Hutchins,Herman E.1930  
Hutchins,Vaneta J. Mitchell27 Apr 193711 Dec. 2001 
Hutchins,Horace E. Sr.16 April 18981976 
Hutchins,Mary King30 Sep. 189816 Dec. 1971Wife of Horace
Hutchins,Addie 6 Sep. 1908Age 25y
Hutchins,George H.18801956 
Hutchins,Lilian M.18761880 
Hutchins,George Walter18811969 
Hutchins,Susie Bennett18871964 
Hutchins,Ernest C.15 Apr 191031 Dec. 1971 
Hutchins,Ethel Decker17 Oct. 191810 Dec. 1983 
Hutchins,Dora L.19141918 
Hutchins,Edmund P.19161918 
Hutchins,Roger G.19081918 
Hutchins,Walton F.30 July 185311 Mar. 1890 
Hutchins,Maria P.18551898 
Hutchins,Jean E.19131991 
Hutchins,Walton H.19151988Army WW II
Hutchins,Bradford B. 10 Feb. 1860Age 41y
Hutchins,Lucy St.Onge18881949 
Hutchins,Esther A. 29 Jun 1901Age 45y
Hutchins,Oliver J.18851950 
Hutchins,Vina M.1891  
Hutchins,Carlos22 Mar. 185522 Nov. 1943 
Hutchins,Minnie B.18 June 18603 Dec. 1936 
Hutchins,Sherald ""Lum""1928  
Hutchins,Frances Austin1928  
Hutchins,Horace Herman1927  
Hutchins,Laura Jane Locke4 Feb. 19351992 
Ida (Ida M. Taylor) buried
April 5,1931
Probably Mrs. Carroll's cook. age 61
Iverson,Alfred H.18921962 
Iverson,Mabel K.18941963 
Jackson,R.B.30 Sep. 182829 Jul 1911 
Jackson,Emogen Cowles17 Feb. 18332 May 1900 
Jackson,Eugene14 Dec. 185911 Oct. 1881 
Jager,Helen S.1906  
Jager, Frazier19061961 
Johnson,Vincent H.26 May 19157 Apr 1980 
Johnson,Gertrude D.5 Jan. 191712 Apr 1976Wife of Vincent
Johnson,Sara B.18801959 
Johnson,Mary Payne18671955 
Johnson,Hilda E.19112000 
Johnson,Martin E.19071977 
Johnson,Bruce8 Oct. 1946 Baby
Johnson,Martin H.18721948 
Jones,Myron H.18871948 
Jones,Lucy J.   
Juckett,Reuben E.19472001Vietnam Vet.
Juckett,Henry J.1926 Age 10 weeks
Juckett,Reuben S.18981982 
Juckett,Esther Moulton19011966Wife of Reuben S
Juckett,Gerald C.5 Dec. 19196 Sep. 1980 
Juckett,Emily T. Wells15 May 192328 Oct. 1975Wife of Gerald C.
Juckett,Julius F.18651942 
Juckett,Addie Steaves18721939Wife of Julius F.
Juckett,Reuben S. 14 Nov. 1895Age 62y
Juckett,Esther Plue 15 Jul 1929Age 89y
Junghanns,Emma K.19072000 
Kalber,William A.18871963 
Kapitonoff,Robert T.19461986 
Kapitonoff,Theodore K.19551981 
Kartnick,Charles 11 Mar. 1955 
Kenwell,Olive Hunt18531921 
Kerst,William B.18721950 
Kerst,Carrie Fish18751954 
Kerst,Grant Leo19051959 
King,Howard C.19241999WWII
Kerst,Edna Morehouse190529 Jun 1996 
King,17 Mar. 1960 Inf. dau. of Verne & Maria.
King,Henry B.7 May 19023 Jul 1986 
King,Joyce O.30 Oct. 190416 Jan. 1973 
King,Richard B.19001962 
King,Madeline Payne19061978 
King,Myrtle Hutchins19201948 
King,Mabel23 Apr 19082 Jul 1944 
King,Howard S.27 Mar. 189116 Jan. 1951 
King,Frank G.6 Dec. 186711 Jul 1940 
King,Nancy A.6 April 18722 May 1943 
King, Roy H. 22 Aug. 1906age 3 m
King,Charlie 11 Sep. 1888age 5m 8d
King,Ernest 21 Oct. 1891age 1y 4d
King,Henry W.4 Jan. 1897age 9m 4d
King,Mary18671921wife of Joseph
King,Oria6 Mar. 1879Oct. 1951 
King,Joseph14 Sep. 1933  
King,Joan Benton193517 Oct. 1974 
Beecher King24 Sep. 19235 Feb. 1995WWII
King,Eleanor Zecha1922  
King,Vivian J.1919  
King,Erna Vallon1921 wife of Vivian King
King,Verne B.31 Jan. 192712 Nov. 1980Army WWII
King,Emmett L.24 Aug. 192630 Jun 1978Army WWII
King,Hattie F.18811958 
King,Dorothy H. 16 Feb. 1905Age 5mo. Dau of Emory and Addie
King,Hubert E.1 Mar. 190816 Feb 1930son of Emory & Hattie
King,Arlene M.19601962 
King,Robert J.17 Apr 194926 Jul 1966 
King,Floyd L.19272002 
King,Ida M.19271986 
King1945 baby
King1946 baby
King1947 baby
King,Lester P.18931991 
King,Lois Hutchins18981976wife of Lester
King,Agnes A.17 Apr 193123 Apr 1931 
King,Lena,Joe,& Joan1959  
King,Stella Brooks21 June 188723 Jul 1963 
King, Edward J.18761951wife of Edward J.
King, Nora Bennett18851960 
King, Earl F.19041962 
King, Celia Parker19051983 
King, ,Louis G18821964 
King, Edith Locke18731973 
King,Jack24 Mar. 19289 Oct. 2000 
Kirpens,William E.18841966 
Kirpens,Marie O.18951942 
Konis,Elizabeth M.1926  
Konis,Richard A.19321994U.S. vet.
Kuhn,Katherine Roppelt27 Nov. 18901 Apr 1984 
LaDuke,Wilma Jean Durking19532003 
LaForest,George L.14 Jun 1924  
LaForest,Jean Haas25 Sep. 193117 Jan. 1992 
Lambert,Robert,Sr. Nov. 1910 
Lanphear,Beecher19081976Army WW II
Lanphear,Viola Donohue19321969 
Lanphear,Rupert B.19042001 
Lanphear,Nina Vanderwarker19061998 
Lanphear,Stanley George19161941 
Lanphear,Hazel McCane18931990 
Lanphear,M. Arnold19121942 
Lanphear,Elizabeth H.18911974 
Lanphear,Stillman2 Nov. 186226 Apr 1937 
Lanphear,Christa23 Sep. 187625 Sep. 1895 
Lanphear,Emma Osgood15 Feb. 188823 Apr 1974 
Lanphear,11 May 1960 Baby
Lanphear,Bernard R.19281991 
Lanphear,Beverly R.1934  
Lanphear,Wilbur18 Sep. 191622 Apr 1970Army WW II
Lanphear,Earl F.19141986 
Lanphear,Doris L.19172003 
Lanphere,A.W. 31 Dec. 1893Age 73y
Lanphere,Myra 13 Apr 1903Age 77y
Lanphere,H.W. 8 Nov. 1901Age 73y
Lanphere,Elisabeth 3 Jan. 1899Age 64y
Lanphere,Ida E.9 June 186710 Mar. 1924 
LaVergne,Thomas S.5 June 18661 Mar 1930 
LaVergne,Huldia Bennett9 Aug. 187629 Nov. 1958 
LaVergne,Phillip26 Nov. 193617 Mar. 1992 
LaVergne,Martha B.1934  
LaVergne,Christine Ruby10 Jul 1964  
LaVergne,Louis C.19201984 
LaVergne,Mona E. Aldous1923  
LaVergne,Charles L.18951984 
LaVergne,Ruby Benton18971989 
LaVergne,Donald J.9 Aug. 193517 Feb. 1987 
LaVergne,Gordon L.19101978 
LaVergne,Grace M.19161973 
Leonard,Patricia A.1935  
Leonard,Mary L.1935  
Leonard,Richard J.1932  
Leonard,Beatrice Donahue19001985 
Lewis,Richard B.1926  
Lewis,Virginia D.19251990 
Liddle,Ernest H.19061955 
Liu,Leon Yi 27 Apr 1993 
Locke,Kenneth L.1950  
Locke,Jane E.1955  
Locke,Francis D.27 Apr 192725 Dec. 1982Army WW II
Locke,Violet Pashley18881971 
Locke,Jessie L. 16 Aug. 1910Age 1y 3m
Locke,Helen E.26 May 1981  
Locke,Gerald E.15 Dec. 19236 Oct. 1980Army WW II
Locke,Laura G.19241998 
Locke,John E.19551998 
Locke,Martin A.18811960 
Locke,Mary E.18981983 
Locke,Bernard P.19111962 
Locke,Fred J.19111976Army WW II
Locke,Francis C.19061958 
Locke,Mazella H.19071969 
Locke,Florence T. Hunt19011973 
Locke,Leda M.19132000 
Locke,J. Nathaniel18671954 
Locke,Lucy Vanderwarker18711958 
Locke,Joseph24 April 185329 May 1936 
Locke,Mary L. McCane17 April 18705 Aug. 1929 
Locke,Kenneth Lee 27 Dec. 1920Age 2w
Locke,Ann11 Sep. 191112 Mar. 2002 
Locke,Ned W.16 Jul 19147 Nov. 1985Army WW II
Locke, 28 Nov. 1909Infant son of Ralph & Vivian
Locke,Robert 22 Mar. 1927Age 50y
Locke,Flora Juckett 29 Aug. 1911Wife of Robert
Locke,J. Orvis18861970 
Locke,Hosea G.21 June 184820 Oct. 1937Civil War
Locke,Mary Napier16 Mar. 185225 Feb. 1881 
Locke,Joseph June 1872Age 77y Comrade of 1812 G.A.R.
Locke,Willard R. 3 Mar. 1910Age 66y Pvt. CoD 175 Reg. NYSV
Locke,Eliza18451933Wife of Willard
Locke,Sarah E. 21 Apr 1907Age 14y
Locke,Marvin P.4 Oct. 185726 Dec. 1927 
Locke,Marie S. Wilson14 July 186320 Oct. 1918 
Locke,Glen E.19121998 
Locke,Rachel H.1919  
Lovejoy,John M.18341916 
Lovejoy,Burton J.20 July 187610 Jun 1949 
Lovejoy,Lofie 28 May 1893Age 19y
Lynn,Agnes Wilson25 April 188120 Jul 1919Wife of Daniel L.
Mahoney,William J. ""Bill""19481966 
Mahoney,Thomas19161982U.S. vet.
Mahoney,Ruby V.19211998 
Mahoney,Bernard F.1919  
Mahoney,Betty L.19281992 
Malone,Christine M. DeMarsh19512002 
McCabe,Boney25 Sep. 186512 Feb. 1956 
McCabe,Lovina Payne26 May 18737 Jul 1906Wife of Boney M.
McCane,Nancy Brown19322003 
McCane,Milford1 Apr 19061971 
McCane,William B.18891970 
McCane,Lillian M.18841950 
McCane,Carl M.18921945 
McCane,Burlin B.19141997 
McCane,Ivetta E.1917  
McCane,Gertrude 10 Jan. 1906Age 30y
McCane,Elizabeth 2 Jun 1935Age 62y
McCane,James B.19401988 
McCane,Alice17 June 189622 Jan. 1934 
McCane,Emily C.18441892 
McCane,Edna 11 Nov. 1882 
McCane,George L.18651941 
McCane,Meta J. Reed18701957 
McCane,James24 Aug. 18474 Jan. 1923 
McCane,Julia M. Fish 22 Jan. 1896Age 46y
McCormick,James12 Nov. 184424 Apr 1911 
McCormick,Ellen M. Locke3 Aug. 184624 Apr 1924 
McCormick,Thomas2 April 188629 Apr 1926 
McCormick, Bertha Starbuck1 April 188926 Aug. 1977 
McCormick,Hugh 10 Feb. 1906Age 59y 10m Co.E 2nd Reg. NY Vol. Cavalry
McCormick,James 18 Nov. 1885Age 1y 6m
McDonald,Peter18 Aug. 192718 Sep. 2000 
McDonald,George R.1 Jul 19001960 
McDonald,William H.1873  
McDonald,Emma Tripp1879 Wife of William
McDonald,Gerald Verne24 Nov. 19159 Feb. 1916 
McDonald,Frank E.21 Jan. 18991952 
McDonald,Catherine McGinn19001993 
McGinn,Donald J.Apr 1905Oct. 1994 
McGinn,Mararet H.Jun 1913Apr 1979 
McGinn,Frank J.23 May 189528 Oct. 1969Army WW I
McNamee,Della A. Plue18651932 
McPhail,Lindsay9 Nov. 18953 Mar. 1965Army WW I
Meachem,Charles L. ""Chuck""17 Feb. 1946  
Meachem,Charles P.29 Dec. 190328 Jun 1962Army WW II
Meachem,Linda J.26 Sep. 19499 Sep. 1987 
Mead,Emma11 Sep. 18664 Dec. 1934 
Mead,Bessie14 July 188622 Feb. 1890 
Meade,Carol A.1938  
Meade,Edwin L.1938  
Mearian,Gordon J.19001955 
Medearis,Loyal L.18951976Army WW I
Mellor,James A.18971975 
Merwin,Cora M.18951968 
Merwin,Walter C.18891978 
Miller,Rev. Edward M.7 Nov. 191726 Oct. 1985 
Mitchell,Edward C.18751954 
Mitchell,Gertrude King18931973 
Mitchell,Eugena L.19241926 
Mitchell,Mary D.18931934 
Mitchell,Frances 12 Nov. 1883Age 10m 10d
Mitchell,John8 Mar. 183411 Jan. 1920 
Mitchell,Julia185220 Dec. 1891 
Mitchell,Francis E. 12 Nov. 1883Age 10m Child of John & Julia
Mitchell,Mary E. 12 Oct. 1888Age 2m Dau. of John & Julia
Mitchell,Marian E. 13 Sep. 1889Age 1y Child of John & Julia
Mitchell,Franklin G.1 Mar. 192016 Jul 1990Army WW II
Mitchell,Edith Dykstra1927  
Mitchell,10 Jul 1951 Baby girl
Mitele,Almeda G.1916  
Mlodzinski,Thaddeus A19231995 
Mlodzinski,Anne M.19191988 
Moberg,Gladys M. ""Bonnie""1916  
Monroe,John H.1882  
Monroe,Elsie Eldridge18881938 
Monroe,John Jr.19221937 
Montgomery,Carl G.19001983 
Montgomery,Florence Brown18971993 
Monthony,John J.19352003U.S. Army Korea
Monthony,23 Aug. 1960 Baby son
Monthony,H. Scott18861942 
Monthony,Sarah M.18801954 
Monthony,Hilda E. 10 Dec. 1912Age 2d
Moody,Dwight 30 May 1890Age 8y 4m 8d
Moore,Richard 'Rip'19332000 
Morehouse,Francis Katherine Washburn   
Morehouse,Walter W.18981958Husband of Emma
Morehouse,Emma M. LaClare18911941 
Morehouse,Walter P.2 Nov. 18677 Aug. 1958 
Morehouse,Jennie Farmer18751933 
Morehouse,George S.16 May 186015 May 1922 
Morgan,Pauline J.18971978 
Mosher,Kenneth E.19031972 
Mosher,Kathryn A.19021985 
Moulton,Harry A.29 Nov. 191523 Mar. 1991 
Moulton,Eddie A.18701937 
Moulton,Roy M.19081971Army WW II
Moulton,Eunice2 May 188219 Jun 1961 
Moulton,Henry15 May 186621 Jul 1936 
Moulton,Reta J.19351949 
Moulton,Beatrice King19051948 
Moulton,Arvin18 Aug. 189411 Aug. 1970Army WW I
Muller,Raymond F.18971987 
Muller,Alice W.18961985 
Murphy,Kathryn Fish19231986 

Surnames beginning with:A-FG-MN-Z


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