George and Maude Buyce Schuyler of Gloversville

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The following information was compiled primarily from "A Brief History of the Nineteenth Century Hamilton County, New York Families Morrison, Buyce & Gallup; An Unpublished Work," by Harry E. Buyce, copyright April 2000 with some additional information provided by the author.

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George Schuyler
1891 - 1968

A Veteran of the
Mexican Campaign

This photo was taken during World War II, sometime after July 1942.  He is wearing the standard dress blue uniform of a U.S. Navy First Class Petty Officer with the "CB" flash of the newly formed Sea Bee units.  The outboard medal on his breast is the World War I Victory Medal and the inner medal is the Mexican Campaign Medal.

Maude Buyce Schuyler's Parents:

The Family of 
James & Lillis Morrison Buyce

This picture was taken in Wells, NY in 1913. 

First row, left to right, Dorothy Buyce Lawton, age 5 - James Buyce, age 52 - Lillis Morrison Buyce, age 43 - Roland Buyce, age 1. 

Second row, left to right, Lydia Buyce Sweet, age 10 - Ruth Buyce Gallup, age 16 - Glenn Buyce, age 12 - Maude Buyce Schuyler, age 15 - Marie Buyce Murray, age 7.


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