Eglin Family

This is a wonderful genealogy of the Eglin family of Hamilton county with links to members of the family in other states!  It contains several generations and a lot of detailed sources.  Even if this is not your own family, the sources used might be beneficial to you as examples of the type of material available on Hamilton ancestors, especially for the towns of Hope and Benson! - Lisa

Draft #5 August 1999 amended Sept/99 Cornelius Eglin and descendants

amended March 2000 with 1860 census info of Hamilton and Montgomery Counties

The generation numbers in the Eglin and Dolson Families correspond that is where a person appears in Generation #3 in one history they also appear in Generation #3 in an other. For uniformity the Generations Numbers in the Moore and Avery Family history are the same as the generation numbers for the Eglin Family.


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