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A. Jannetje DODS

In my previous drafts of the Dod History I had listed Jannetje (Jane) Dods as a daughter of Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus but a "Jane Bovie" was not mentioned in Bartholomew's will probated 18 March 1808

(Ref #1A) (the only Jane mentioned in the will was Jane Dehart and as she had numerous children the two Janes are not one and the same.)

Checking the Vail genealogy (Ref #30) I am now wondering if the Jane Dods mentioned in the will of John (see section on John following) as a daughter is perhaps the Jane Dods who married Jacob Bovie and whose children are baptized at Schenectady (Ref #7B)

This marriage might have occurred at Pompton Plains N.J.

their children

a. Polly bapt 25 Oct 1789 at Schenectady DRC Ref #7B "Jannetje Dodge"
b. Selina bapt 18 July 1791 at Schenectady "Jannetje Dodge"
c. Matheus bapt 24 July 1793 at Schenectady "Janneke Dodd"
d. Philip bapt 12 June 1802 at Woestina (Rotterdam) "Jenny Dods"

perhaps others

B. Jane Dodds

the following "Dodd" is unplaced as of Sept/95 but is likely of family of #5 Cornelius or #7 Thomas

B. Jane Dodds who married John Baptist Swart on 20 September 1834 at Presbyterian Church at Amsterdam (Ref #19D)

Info from one of Descendants Dorothy Muirhead (Ref #31)

indicates that Jane was born 1820 and thus married at age of 14

Jane died 9 May 1854 at Jackson Michigan and is buried in Mount Evergreen Cemetery at Jackson. 8 children born between 1836 and 1849 (Ref #31) The 1850 census of Jackson lists John Swart age 36 farmer and Jane age 30 as wife "born in Canada" and 7 children

At one time I time I had thought Jane might have been Jane Daughter of Cornelius Dod #1.5 and his wife Mary Glen with Jane's husband John Swart having died in the interval between her marriage in 1834 and Cornelius's will in 1849 and Jane remarrying to Vanslyck Peck

As John Swart was living in 1850 then I do not believe that this Jane was a daughter of Cornelius. It also seems unlikely that she was the daughter of any of Corneluis brother's Thomas, John or Bartholomew (There would likely have been baptismal records at RDC in the area if she was)

This leads us to consider if she was daughter of Bartholemew's brother's children born and Baptized perhaps at Pompton Plains (or wherever their children may have gone)

I have no records of any of the children of Bartholemew's let alone their grandchildren

An interesting item is the fact that several of John Swart and Jane Dod's children were born in Ontario County New York before the family moved on to Jackson County Michigan by 1850 and Jane Dods #2.5.10 and her husband Vanslyke Peck lived at Bethel Ontario County in 1849

An other of Cornelius' Children Rachael Pocklington lived at Lindsale Lenawee County in 1849 (The 2 counties adjoin each other)

If Jane was born in Canada (tho with further proof this seems remote) the only info other than scattered records is the militia rolls of 1828-29.

3 of Catherine Dods Eglin's Children went to Canada

Nancy married Alanson Avery and went to Oxford County Ont about 1822

2 of her brothers Thomas and Cornelius were in Ontario with Cornelius being in Oxford by 1826 and being married there (but they do not show in the Oxford County 1828-9 militia Records nor are there any Dods however Alanson Avery is listed) (Thomas returned to Fulton county and Cornelius went to Indiana (See Eglin History by RGM)

The only Dods listed in the Militia Records of 1828-9 are John age 22 and Thomas age 25 both in the second regiment of Lanark County Smith Falls west of Ottawa (and there is no assurance that these 2 are in any way related to our Dods Family)

Feb 2000

enlisted in Union army on 9 May 1861 at Amsterdam New York age given as 43

Company "D" 32 nd Infantry Regiment of New York

discharged 5 Sept 1861 because of disability at Camp Taylor Virginia

so far no John that would fit was he a descendant of Bartholemew's Brothers or a complete stray

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