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Reference #20
(See also Reference #20A)
Pompton Plains N.J. Dutch Reform Church Baptismal Records
Received Jan 1989 from Marion Snedecor Ackerman Family Genealogist 806 Phelps Road, Franklin Lakes N.J. 07417

1746 Marretje dau of Cornelis Doremus and Antje Doremus wit. Marretje Joons

8-1-1767 Johannis, son of Bartholomeus and Marytje Dods Wit. John and Selletie Dods

3-14-1768 Antie dau of Bartholemeus and Maria Dods no Wit

born 9-23-1769 bap 10-14-1769, Cathalyntje dau of Bartholomeus and Marytje Dods Wit Thammes and Marytje Dods

born 9-4-1771 bap 9-20-1771 Jannetje dau of Bartholomeus and
Maria Dods Wit Johannis and Annatie Schermerhorn

9-25-1774 Cornelis son of Bartholomeus and Maria Dods
Wit Cornelis and Antje Doremus

9-18-1776 Feelitje ? (Could be Seelitje or Seelite RGM) dau of Bartholomeus and Maritje Dod Wit John and Feelitje ? Dods

8-21-1778 Thomas son of Bartholemeus and Maria Dods Wit Taime and Elisabeth Dods

10-12-1780 Aaltje dau of Bartholemeus and Maria Dods no wit

10-18-1782 Maartje dau of Batje (assumed Barth.) and Maartje Dods
wit. John and Jannitje Dey

8-10-1773 Jonas son of Johannus and Felytje Dods
Wit Bartholemeus and Maria Dods

See also Reference #20 above
Genealogy of some of the Vail Family descended from Thomas Vail at Salem Ms. 1640
By Wm Penn Vail MD 1937 page 306

The Doop Boeck (Baptismal record of Pompton Plains Reformed Dutch church gives the dates of his (Bartholomew Dods) childrens' baptisms)

Johannes 1 August 1767, Antie 14 March 1769,
Jannettie 4 September 1772, Corneelus 25 September 1774,
Seeltye 18 September 1776, Thomas born 21 August 1778,
Altye bapt. 12 October 1780, Martye 8 October 1782
Rachel and Engeltie (twins) born 16 December 1789,
Jacob born 21 April 1787 (Pearsons First Settlers of Schnectady)

Reference #21
Ted Aber's history of Hamilton County

page 162
signed petition in 1838 to dissolve County of Hamilton and have Town of Benson joined to Fulton County
Charles and Albert Cragin, Albert Bodine, D. M. Bodine and John and Daniel Dodds

page 360

page 361
John Dods living on or near lots 65 and 66 in 1824 (on North Street about 1/2 mile north of present Hamilton County Road 6)

page 363
Road District #3 in Benson in 1847 included Daniel and John Dods

page 364
Lumbering came early to Benson. West Stoney Creek was a highway into the rich forests (The Eglin mill lot in Lot 34 of the Glenn, Beecher and Lansing Patent was very likely the site of a sawmill on the North Branch of West Stoney Creek (transfer of property from John Eglin in 1831 to William Rood)

page #395
Heads of Families in the Town of Benson, Census of 1825
(Town of Benson was not set off from the Town of Hope until 1860)

Peter D. Eglin, Isaac Bodine. Albert Bodine, John Dods

Reference #22
Revolutionary Census of New Jersey by Kenn Stryker-Roda
Republished 1986 by Hunterdon House Lambertville N.J.

Tax Rateables listing
Parts of Sussex County including Hardwick Township missing

List #2 page 211 1778-80
Dods include Barthlomeus and John Pequannock Morris County

List #2 page 212 1778-80
Doremus, Cornelus, EA Acquackanonck Essex County

Reference #23
New Jersey Marriages 1665-1800 by William Nelson Published 1973 by Genealogical Publishing Co Baltimore Md. (City of St Thomas library)

page 484 Bergen Dutch Reform Church Records (Jersey City)
Dorremus Tomas born and lives at Acquiggenonck and
Anneke Abramse Ackermans born and lives Bergen N. J., 4 Oct 171

Reference #24
Larrabee Family via Donald Keefer of 2107 West Glenville Road
Rd#3 Amsterdam NY 12010, Nov/94

1. Sarah Larabee born abt 1812 (1850 census) 4th child of Seth Larrabee and Nancy Groat likely in or near the Town of Florida Montgomery Cty N.Y. married 28 Feb 1839 to John Dods, occ. mason, at Presbyterian church of Village of Amsterdam, both residents of Amsterdam. She died 13 July 1860 age 48 obit in "Amsterdam Recorder" newspaper of 13th

Mrs Sarah Dodds widow of late John Dods (and this is were we run into trouble as according to G/S John son of Thomas did not died until 12 June 1864)

John son of Cornelius did died 5 May 1848 but G/S of Sarah W Palmer reads wife of Jacob and John Dods died 21 March 1895 long after either John had died.

Weird but did Sarah Palmer marry 1. Jacob son of Cornelius and when he died in 1830 marry his cousin John son of Thomas and of course long outlived him too ?? That would work but strange wording on the G/S Wrote Mr Keefer for hisd thoughts.

2. John Dods son of Cornelius and Mary Glen (or Glenn) born Nov 27 1810 G/S
died May 5 1858 aged 47 years Amsterdam Recorder newspaper obit of Tuesday 18 May 1858
"In Amsterdam on the 5th instant, John Dodds son of Cornelius and Mary Dodds age 47 years"

Mary Malissa Knights of West Glenville Diary
May 5 1858 John Dodds died this morning
May 7 1858 Mr Dodds buried to day at 10 o'clock

Dods Cemetery G/S John Dods died May 5 1858 aged 47 yrs 5 mos and 8 days

Children of John Dods and Sarah

  • 1. Female born 9 Oct 1840 (Dr. E.A. Young's Births West Glenville Prob Dau Nancy born c1841 (1850 Census)
  • 2. Mary E. Dodds born 13 April 1843 age per G/S, died 19 Sept 1844 age 1 yr 5 mos and 6 days G/S Buried Dods Cemetery (see Ref #18)
  • 3. Cornelius Dods born 10 May 1845 Cranesville (family record) G/S 1845 died G/S 1923. Died 4 November 1923 in 79th yr obit in Amsterdam Recorder.  See after, Buried Dods Cemetery Cranes Hollow Road
  • 4. Hester Dodds born c 1847 (1850 census)
  • Cornelius Dodds married

    1. to Catherine (or Cathaline, Catholine) Milroy dau of John E. Milroy and Ann M. Haswell on 15 July 1847 (church records) Baptised 25 April 1858 at First Reform Dutch Church of Glenville. Died 4 Sept 1870 age 23 yrs 1 mo and 19 days G/S buried Dods Cemetery

    Cornelius married secondly to Harriet (Hattie) C. Thayer on 14 November 1871 at Springfield Otsego County N.Y. She was born 1 July 1848 (G/S) Died 3 May 1894 (G/S) Buried Dods Cemetery

    Marriage Records

    1. Presbyterian Church of the Village of Amsterdam
    31 December 1863 Cornelius Dodds, a farmer of Amsterdam & Catherine Milroy of Glenville
    (Catherine was a sister of Donald A. Keefer's Gr. Grandmother Ann Milroy Dawson)

    2. Married DODDS- THAYER
    In Springfield November 14 1871 at the residence of her uncle Colonel John D. Shawl by the Rev L.E. Marvin, Cornelius Dodds of Amsterdam Montgomery County to Hattie C. Thayer of Springfield Otsego County Ref Amsterdam Recorder newspaper

    Reference #26
    David Ackerman Descendants-1662 806 Phelps Road Franklin Lakes N.J. 07417
    Marion Snedecor, Membership Genealogist Jan 1995

    "The Doremus Family in America" by Nelson Printed 1897
    (she knows of none other suggests contacting N. J. Historical Society 230 Broadway Newark N.J.

    Ms. Snedcor knows of no Eglin or Dod genealogy nor of anyone researching family. Has put inquiry in file so that any one interested could make contact.

    Sept /95
    Info from Mary Jane Dodds Unit #1
    101 Van Dyke Place, Guilderland N. Y. 12084

    Typed sheets maybe from the 1940's that Mary Jane received from her cousin Pat Hayner

    Info not contained in above references

    1. Family Bible shows date of birth of Sarah W. Palmer (wife of Jacob and John Dods) as 9 November 1812
    2. Children of Cornelius Dodds and Hattie C. Thayer

    Sarah C. Dodds born 5 October 1872
    Mary Dodds born 22 June 1874
    Cornelius Dodds born 10 October 1876
    John E. Dodds born 9 September 1883

    3. History of Montgomery County by Beers published 1878, page 86

    "Cornelius Dodds settled in 1793 on the farm now owned by his grandson C. Dods. He was a soldier in the war of 1812"

    4. Records of Dutch Reform Church of Manny's Corners N.Y.

    Cornelius Dodge, Maria Glen, John Dods Baptised 31 May 1799

    5. Quote from Whittemore's Orange N.J.

    re Bartholomew Dod, He was of Beaverstown N.J.

    6. Anna Dods married Christian Wilkie 2 September 1790 both of Remsen Bush (Pearson's First Settlers of Schenectady)
    7. Cornelius Dodds and Mary Glen had Maria born 7 May 1797

    ref Pearson's Schenectady (the date of 10 May 1797 is also given. Check at some point)

    Baptised 10 July 1797 at Dutch Reform Church of Schenectady
    sponsers were Bartholomew Dods and Maria Doremus

    8. John Bpt 31 May 1799 at First Presbyterian Church Amsterdam
    9. David Madeville Dods born 27 August 1798 baptised on

    5 February 1799 at Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady
    son of John Dodds and Elizabeth Mandeville
    no sponsers

    10. Hendrick Staley was son of George Staley and was baptised 9 June 1777 at Schenectady N.Y. He made his will 23 June 1837. He died 24 June 1837 at age 60 years 1 month and 2 days.

    His will was proven 21 August 1837. Montgomery County Wills.
    He was buried Staley Cemetery.
    Married 31 Dec 1797 to Salley Dods
    She may be buried as Decilla Dods, wife of Henry C Staley
    died 29 March 1865 age 88 years 6 months and 11 days in Staley Cemetery


    Jane Staley born 20 August 1798 married Wm Suiter
    Minervia Staley born 5 December 1799 second wife of Milton Woods
    George Staley born 10 January 1802
    Oliver Staley born 20 November 1803
    Saley Ann Staley born 31 May 1806 married ? Little
    Susan Staley born 16 June 1809 died 19 December 1864
    Jacob Staley born 11 August 1811 married E.J. Winter
    Eliza Staley born 25 May 1819 married John A. Phelps
    Catherine mentioned in her father's will but not in Family records.

    (Staley info credited to Laduska Staley (Relationship U/K)

    Sept /95
    Info from Mary Jane Dodds Unit #1
    101 Van Dyke Place Guilderland N. Y. 12084

    Typed sheets maybe from the 1940's that Mary Jane received from her cousin Pat Hayner
    Copy of work sheet of application of Mabel Dodds McClumpha of
    56 Church Street, Amsterdam to join the Daughters of the Revolution, no date but appears about 1940

    1. Mabel Dodds wife of Alfred b. McClumpha

    2. Her parents William O. Dodds born at Amsterdam on 11 February 1859 married 31 December 1884 to Ella House. She was born 7 August 1862 and died at Amsterdam on 31 March 1932. William died at Amsterdam on 6 September 1936

    3. William's parents Sylvanus N. Dodds born 10 June 1828 and died 1862. He married in 1852 to Emeline Evans who was born 21 February 1836 and died 12 February 1909.

    4. Sylvanus' parents Jacob Dods born 27 February 1805 and died 15 April 1830 at Amsterdam He married Sarah W. Palmer on 3 May 1827 at Amsterdam. She was born 5 June 1810 or 9 November 1812. She died at Amsterdam on 21 March 1895.

    5. Info on Cornelius and Bartholomew Dods covered in previous references

    6. References cited

    Cemetery records of Fairview Cemetery, Amsterdam
    Dods Cemetery Crane's Hollow Road, Amsterdam
    Pearson's first Settlers of Schenectady
    New York G & B (Biographic ?) Record Volume 36 Pages 257-8
    Whittemore's Orange N.J.
    Doremus Genealogy

    7. Letter re service in the Revolution by Bartholomew Dods from Adjutant General of New Jersey dated 25 March 1940
    (no copy of letter or service record received)

    REFERENCE # 29
    Mrs Avlyn Dodd Conley, 8177 Turn Loop Road, Glen Burnie Md 21061-1113

    Letter of Nov/95 She is updating the Daniel Dod history (New England) and advises that our John Dods is not of that family

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