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Reference #1
Wills Montgomery County New York

Reference #1A.
Will of Bartholemus Dods Registered in Montgomery County Surrogate Clerks Office at Fonda N. Y.
Book 1 Pages 425-7, Dated 2 March 1808 and Registered 18 March 1808

Executors, wife Mary Dods, son Bartholomew Dods and Soloman Alexander (Soloman's relationship to family, if any is unknown

Wife Mary Listed, Children listed include Bartholomew, Jacob, John, Cornelius, Thomas, Anna Wilkie, Catherine Eglin, Jane Dehart, Hulda Flansburgh, Moriah Dods, Rachel Dods, Annequilla Van Hosen, Seaty Staley (13 in all)

Witnesses Clark Kingsbury, Micheal Watherwax, Alexander St. John

Main portion of the will is as follows

Considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound and perfect mind and memory, Blessed be God almighty for the same,

I, Bartholomew Dods of Benson in the County of Montgomery do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say) first I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary Dods the one equal third part of all my real and personal estate during her life time I do also give and devise unto my sons Bartholomew Dods Jr. and Jacob Dods two equal parts of all my land called Lot Number six in Benson and Lot Number fifty five in Benson aforesaid. Bartholomew is to have Lot Number six and Jacob Lot Number fifty five and the said Bartholomew and Jacob is of them to have the other third part of the foresaid lots after the decease of their mother Mary Dods and I also give and devise unto my son John Dods eighty four acres of land called Lot number sixty six in Benson aforesaid and I also give and bequeath unto my son Cornelius Dods the sum of Two dollars and fifty cents and unto my son Thomas Dods the sum of Two dollars and fifty cents and I give and bequeath unto my Daughters Anna Wilkie, Catherine Eglin, Jane Dehart,

Hulda Flansburgh, Moriah Dods, Rachel Dods, Annequilla Van Hosen, Seatty Staley, the sum of fifteen pounds each which said several legacies I will and order shall be paid to them within eight years after my decease and I give and devise the lands aforesaid unto their persons, their heirs and assigns for ever, except the part willed to my wife Mary Dods for her lifetime aforesaid and I also will and order that the legacies aforesaid shall be paid as mentioned beforehand

by my sons Bartholomew Dods Jr, Jacob Dods and John Dods equally and I also give and bequeath unto my sons Bartholomew Dods Jr and Jacob Dods two thirds of all my personal estate to be equally divided between them and I also give and devise unto my sons Bartholomew Dods Jr and Jacob Dods all my land in Benson called lot number four except sixty four acres sold to Micheal Weatherwax, to them and to their heirs and assigns forever to be equally divided between them and I hereby appoint my wife Mary Dods, Executrix and my son Bartholomew Dods Jr. and Soloman Alexander Executors of this last will and Testament

I have herewith set my hand and seal this second day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Eight

Signed "Bartholomew Dods" Law Stamp

witnesses Clark Kingsbury, Micheal Weatherwax, Alex St. John

(Land in Benson refers to the lots in the Benson Tract at that time likely in the Town of Mayfair and after 1860 in the Town of Benson)

Reference #1B
Will of Jacob Dods of the Town of Mayfield Book 2 page 88
Montgomery County Surrogate clerk's Office
probated 7 December 1811

No mention of a wife executor brother Bartholomew Dods, mention his mother but not named as well as Bartholomew

signed 20 October 1811

witnesses Gabriel Manny, Frederick DeGraef, Nicholas J DeGraf

Reference #1C
will of Cornelius Dods Book 8 page 170
File #8 Montgomery surrogate Clerk's office

Died July 1849, executors Wife Mary and son John Dodds

will signed 23 February 1849

Mentions sons John & Bartholomew, daughters Rachel Bloomer,

Caty Ann Severn,Nancy Putman, Maria Tuttle, Jane Peck, as well as wife Mary and grandson Nelson Dodds

Reference #1D
Petition for probate for estate of Cornelius Dods filed 8 October 1849 by John Dods Next of kin Widow Mary, children Maria Tuttle of Astoria, Roswell G. Sammons and wife Sarah Jane of Amsterdam, Bartholomew of Rochester Monroe County, David Putman and wife of Charleston, Saratoga County, VanSlyck Peck and wife Jane of Bethel Ontario County, Levi Severn and wife Catherine Ann of the Town of Hope Hamilton County, Christopher Pocklington and wife Rachel of Linsdale Lenawee Co Mich and (grandson) Nelson Dodds residence unknown.

Reference #1E
Dodds Sarah W. died 21 March 1895 in the City of Amsterdam
Letters of administration File #68

Petition filed 1 May 1895 by Sarah J. Sammons, daughter, of the City of Amsterdam. Next of kin, Sarah J. Sammons, Nicholas S. Dodds of the State of Idaho and William O. Dodds of Amsterdam, grandsons of the deceased, being sons of Sylvanus N. Dodds, a son of the Deceased all over the age of 21

Reference #2.
Info from LDS IGI
LDS IGI Batch #8427203 Bartholomeus Dods married at Pompton Plains N.J., Dutch Reform Church 14 Sept 1769 to Marjtje Doremus

Misc Info from IGI

Dorothy Freeze 54 North First Ave P.O. Box 284, Driggs Indiana 83456 (in November 1990 in a nursing home and did not have any records with her, Descendant of Anna Wilkie I think)

Reference #3.
History of the Doremus Family

Mary (Maria) (Marjtje) was born at or near Montville (several miles south of Pompton Plains) and was the daughter of Cornelis Doremus and Antje Yong

Reference #4.
History of the County of Hamilton by Abner and King (see Eglin References) page # 360 Bartholomew Dods died in the Town of Benson March 1808 (place of burial unknown to RGM)

Reference #5.
the Towns of Florida and Charlestown (Montgomery County) were formed from the Town of Mohawk in March 1793

Reference #6.
Records of First Dutch Reform Church Records of the Town of Amsterdam Montgomery County at Manny's Corners

Mary Dods died 16 August 1821 age 74

Reference #7A
Marriage Records Of Schenectady Dutch Reform Church New York State 1694-1852 by Donald Keefer February 1988 Published at Rhinebeck N.Y.

John Dodds of New York to Catalyntje Schermerhorn
(both residents of Schenectady) 29 September 1745 page #65

#1117 Christian Wilkie to Antje Dods Sept 21 1790
both of Remsenbos (Town of Florida Montgomery County) page #26

#1126 John Eglington (Eglin) to Catalyntje Dods,
Bans 11 November 1790 Married 29 November 1790
both of Remsenboss page #26

Hendrik Staley to Sarah Dodds both residents of Corry's Boss (Town of Glen, Montgomery Co.?)
(If the entry was intended to be Corry's Bush the area became the town of Princetown Schenectady County)
Married 31 December 1797 page #49

Thomas Dodd to Lodewie Filkins (of Woestyne)
married 24 February 1802 page #59

Ezra Dodd to Caty Wood (Wrod?) of Schenectady
married 19 February 1808 page #71

Baptismal Records of Schenectady Dutch Reform Church 1694-1811 published by at Rhinebeck N. Y. May 1987 Compiled by Arthur C. M. Kelley

#1658  Batholemus Dod to John Dods & Catalyntje Schermerhorn
Bpt 18 May 1746,
Sponsors Jan Reyer Schermerhorn & Engeltje Vrooman
page 109 vol 1

#6176 Jacob Dods to Bartholemus Dods  & Marytje Doremus
Born 21 Apr 1787
Bpt 24 June 1787
Sponsors Hendrick Barta & Engeltje Schermerhorn
page 52

#6618  Polly Bovie to Jacob Bovee & Jannetje Dodge
Bpt 25 October 1789
Sponsors Nicholas Bovie  & Sarah Bovie
page 74

#6695  Rachel Dods to Bartholomeus Dodge & Maria Doremus
Born 16 December 1789
Bpt 7 March 1790
Sponsors Johannes Van Wurmer & Rachel Van Wurmer
page 78

#6696  Engeltje Dods to Bartholomeus Dodge & Maria Doremus
Born 16 December 1789
Bpt 7 March 1790
Sponsers Adam Vrooman & Engeltje Schermerhorn

Marice Wilkie to Christinan Wilkie & Ann Dodd
Born 21 May 1791
Bpt 14 Jul 1791
no sponsers listed
page 89

Selina Bovee to Jacob Bovee & Jannetje Dodge
born 21 May 1791
Bpt 18 July 1791
Sponsers Nicholas Bovee & Sara Bovee

Chastiaan Wilkie to Christinan Wilkie & Anna Dodd
Born 15 September 1792
Bpt 3 Jan 1793
page 101

John Dodd John Dodd to Elizabeth Mandevielle
Born 27 December 1792
Bpt 6 March 1793
Sponsers John Schermerhorn  & Annatje Frederikse
page 104

Matheus Dodd (should be Bovier) to Jacob Bovier & Jannneke Dodd
Born 24 July 1793
Bpt 8 December 1793

Baptism Records of First (Woestina) Dutch Reform Church of Rotterdam (Schenectady County) by Donald Keefer 1977 (Montgomery County Archives Fonda)

#13  Nelly Wilkie to Christian Wilkie & Anne Dodds
born Dec 12 1800
Bpt 28 December 1800

#32  Philip Bovee to Jacob M. Bovee & Jenny Dodds
born 12 June 1802
Philip Vedder(Veeder?), Margaret Vedder, John Eglen,
Cornelus Dods & Cateleynche Dodds
July 4 1800

Bartholmey Dods to Cornelius Dodds & (Bartholomey) Egleton
(her first name likely written in error RGM)
born May 9 1803
Baptised 19 June 1803

Jacob Dods to Cornelius Dodds & Polley Egleton
(her first name on her grave stone was Mary)
Baptised 11 Aug 1804,
born 17 Feb 1804

#11  Sally Ann Dods to Thomas Dods & Lodamia Filkins
born 13 November 1803

#70  Samatha Dods to Thomas Dods & Lodina Filkins
born 12 September 1805
Bpt 20 October 1805

Oliver Staley to Henry G. Staley & Salley Dods
born 20 November 1804


Reference # 9
Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families by Maryly B. Penrose pub by Genealogical Publishing Co Inc. page 199 Lists probate Info of wills of Bartholomew Dods and

Jacob Dods See Reference #1 above for more complete info.

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