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John Dods father of Bartholemus Dods was born about 1715 in New York City.

As yet his parents have not been ascertained with any certainty

(He was not part of the Daniel Dod family of New England Ref #29)

John was married on 14 September 1745 at Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady New York to Catalyntje Schermerhorn. (Ref #7A)

The move to New Jersey was shortly after the marriage. although their son Bartholemus (subject of this History) was baptized at Schenectady Dutch Reform Church in May 1746

John was appointed overseer of Highway for Pequanock Township Morris County (Pompton Plains is located in Pequanock Township) on 27 March 1750.

Catalyntje died after 1752 (date of her father's will and 1769)

(Ref #30) I have 1754 in my records from Schermerhorn Genealogy (Printed)

At the time of the revolution John operated a tavern on the Road from Morristown to Two Bridges between Beaver Dam Creek and the Passaic River in present day Lincoln Park (then Pequanock Township) (Ref, A history of Beavertown and Lincoln Park See References),

John had a house on Highland Street just off Chapel Hill and his tavern was in the center of Lincoln Park and in 1971 these 2 buildings were the two oldest houses in Lincoln Park.

John's original farm consisted of 208 acres on both sides of Chapel Hill.

The history suggests that George Washington may have stopped at the Dods Tavern as the Revolution army was encamped several times from 1871 to 1781 at Two Bridges and other area locations. He along with his sons Bartholemew and Thomas claimed for damages of 30 pounds and 10 shillings in 1781 because of losses suffered in the Revolution

John remarried before 5 October 1784 to Seeleytye (Celiatia) ?probably around 1755

The Vail Genealogy states that his will (Ref #30) made 28 September 1786 and probated 16 March 1802 mentions

Eldest son by first wife, Bartholomew, his brother Thomas,

wife Celiatia Dods, sons John and Jasper, daughters Catherine and Jane Dods and step daughter Sarah

A "John Dods" lived at Pequannock, Morris County 1778-80 as did a Bartholemeus Dods (Ref #22)

some with Catalyntje Schermerhorn likely Bartholemus and Thomas only but no seems to know for sure

a.  Bartholmeus Dods bpt 18 May 1747 at Schenectady DRC (see this history)

b.  Thomas Dods born 1748 at Schnectady married 1. abt 1774 to Elizabeth Smith and 2. aft 1781 to Susanna Doremus dau of Cornelius Doremus and Antje Young (Jung)

Children likely with Celiatia

a. James Dods born abt 1760 mar 1782 to Marritje Van Schyven dau of Johannes WillemszenVan Schyven

b. Casparus Dods (written in Vail history as Jasper) mar 1782 at Pompton Plains to Elizabeth Courter (Courtier)

c. Catherine Dods (Catlyntje) born 27 Jan 1768 died 11 Oct 1822 Mar Casparis Cadmus son of Joris Cadmus and Jenneke Prior

d. Jonas Dods bpt 10 Aug 1773 at Pompton Plains DRC with Bartholemus Dods and Maria Dods

e. Jane Dods?

f. John Dods?

perhaps additional children of John Dods may have included Batje, Jacob and Johannus (this could be John or the Jonas above) all of whom had children baptized at Pompton Plains Church.


Catalyntje was baptized at Schenectady Dutch Reform Church on 15 November 1718 and was the daughter of Jan Reyer Schermerhorn and Engeltje Vrooman.

Catalyntje died 1754 likely at Pompton Plains.

There seems to be confusion re the death date of Catherine S

My info from Schemerhorn family history "Schermerhorn Family" printed 1883 and reprinted 1973 by Genealogical Publishing of Baltimore Md.

Catherine was alive in October 1752 when her father made his will

Jan Reyer Schermerhorn 1685-1752 was the son of Reyer Jacobse Schermerhorn (1652-1719) and Ariaatje Arentse Bradt (1651-1717)

Will of Jan (John )Schermerhorn Abstracts of Wills, Vol.II 1766-1771, page 86-87.Page 543.

--In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN SCHERMERHORN, of the Township of Schenectady, farmer, being weak in body, this 28 of October, 1752. I leave to my son, Reyer Schermerhorn, o5, "for his primogeniture, or elder sonship"; I leave to my wife Engelie the use of one third of my lands and grist-mill, during her widowhood, and the house where I dwell; also all the money that I may have, and my Negro wench, and household furniture. After her death I leave all my personal estate to all my children equally. I leave to my son Reyer all my real estate, lands, mills, farm, barracks, except as here given. I leave to my son Symon a lot in Schenectady next to the lot of Petrus van Driese, with the creek.

I leave to my son Jacob four morgen of land next to the land of Wouter Vromanon one side, and the land of Nicholas A. van Petten on the other.

My two sons, Symon and Jacob, are to have the privilege to saw 200 logs yearly at my saw-mill. I leave to my son Johanes my land in East Jersey which I bought of my two brothers, Jacob and Arent. I leave to my son Jacob the house where I now live. I leave to my son Johanes o100, to be paid in eight years after my wife's decease.

I leave to my son Symon a lot in Schenectady, southeast thereof, adjoining the lot formerly of Hendrick Vroman, and the road to Albany, being four morgen, with the creek or stream, with the liberty of building a dam and mill; and he has the privilege of sawing 200 logs yearly at my saw-mill. I leave to my daughter Adriantie, wife of Claas De Groff, o100; to my daughter Gesina,

wife of Philip van Petten, o100; to my daughter Catlyna, wife of John Dodde, o80; to my daughter Nieltic, wife of Claas Vielen, o100; to my daughter Magdalena, o130. I make my sons, Reyer, Symon, and Jacob, executors.

Witnesses, Hendryckes Feder, miller, Jacob Vrooman, Hermanus Terwellgen. Proved, July 27, 1767, in Albany, before William Hanna, Surrogate.

For additional Information see

A. "Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt" by Cynthia B. Biasca published June 1991 by Henington Publishing of Wolfe City Texas.  The Bradt (Bratt) family also includes the De Vos family (Andries 1599-after 1648 at Albany N.Y.)

B. "Schermerhorn Family" printed 1883 and reprinted 1973 by Genealogical Publishing of Baltimore Md.

Engeltje Vrooman (1695-1754) was the daughter of Jan Hendrikse Vrooman (1653-1732 and Grietje Veeder (1659-1734).  For additional information see the history of the Vrooman Family and the history of the Veeder Family


Mary Doremus was the daughter of Cornelis Doremus (1714-1803) and Annie (Antje) Yong (about 1720-after 1803)

Mary was baptized 17 May 1746 at Dutch Reform Church at Pompton Plains Morris County New Jersey. The Doremus family lived at Montville, Morris County.

Cornelis Doremus was the son of Thomas Cornelis Doremus

(1687-1748) and Anneken Abramse Ackerman (1691-after 1715).

Mary and Cornelis were married at the Bergen Dutch Reform Church (now Jersey City) on 4 October 1812. (Ref #23)

Anneken was born at Bergen but was living at Acquackanonck Essex County at the time of marriage. Cornelis was stilling living there in 1778-80 (Ref #22).

Other children of Cornelis Doremus were

-Hendricus born 19 February 1739 married Peggy Van Winkel

-Thomas born Aug 1740 married Rachel Spier born 6 Aug 1745.  James Dods son of Thomas and Rachel died 13 Nov 1819 age 19 and is buried Edgewater cemetery river Road Edgewater, Bergen Cty N.J

-Annatje baptized 1742 married Peter Francisco

-Peter bap 8 June 1744 married Marritje Dey

-Johannis born 11 Oct 1751 married Sarah Mandeville

-Jannetje born 7 July 1754 married John Dey

-Susan Doremus b 12 Dec 1756

-Aaltje Doremus b u/k first Peter Riker 2nd Simon Van Ness

Other burials Edgewater cemetery

Hannah Maria wife of Henry Dods died 27 Dec 1840 age 20 yrs one month and 7 days

Jacobus Dods b 1 Dec 1792 d 21 May 1844

For more info see the Doremus Family History and the Ackerman Family History

Antje Yong was born about 1720 at Hanover Middlesex County New Jersey and was the daughter of Pieter (De Jong) Yong and Antje Smith both from Germany who came to America before 1710. They had 4 children. (see also Vail Genealogy)

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