Dods Family

Generation #1


Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus

baptized 1 August 1767 at Dutch Reform Church Pompton Plains N.J.

Elizabeth Manderville (Mandeviele) (Ref #7B) abt 1789 perhaps Pompton Plains


2.1.1  Maria Dods bpt 11 May 1790 at Pompton Plains DRC (N.J.)

2.1.2  John Dods born 27 December 1792 (Ref #7B) bpt 7 March 1793 at Schenectady DRC Sponsers John Schermerhorn, Annatje Frederikse

2.1.3  Antje Dods born 9 November 1795 (Ref Pearson First Settlers of Schenectady) bpt 7 Feb 1796 Schenectady DRC

2.1.4  David Mandeville Dodds born 27 August 1798 baptized 5 February 1799 at Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady (Pam Sears gives Bpt date of 27 Jan 1799 at Schenectady DRC)

2.1.5  Caroline Dods born 1804 at Phelps Ontario Co N.Y. (Ref # 2d)

2.1.6  Daniel Dods born about 1814 perhaps his mother was Margaret (Ref Aber History of Hamilton County) (Ref #4) Daniel and his wife Hannah were still in Benson in 1847 but had left the Town by 1860 (Aber Ref #21) There was a Daniel Dodds show in the 1840 census of the Town of Florida, Montgomery County and in the 1850 census of the Town of Hope in Hamilton County.

It is likely this "John Dod 1767- ?", was the one referred to by Abner in his history of Hamilton County Page 361 (Ref #21) as living on or near Lots 65 and 66 in the Benson Tract (on North Street approx 1/2 mile north of present Hamilton County Road #6).  He is also likely the "John Dodds" that appeared in the 1825 Census of the Town of Hope (Ref #13) (Ref #21) as head of the family.

It is possible that the John Dods of the 1810 Saratoga County census was John Sr. as well (Info anyone ?)

It is likely this "John" is the one that signed the petition in 1825 asking that Hamilton County be dissolved and that Benson be attached to Fulton County (Ref #21)


Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus

Baptized 14 Mar 1769 (IGI)

21 Sept 1790 to Christian Wilkie, (Ref #7A)

10 children the youngest a few months old when her husband Christian died in 1810. (Ref #2g Dorothy Freeze's letter of 1987) only names of 3 children known at present time

2.2.1  Marice Wilkie bpt 21 May 1791 (Ref #7B)

2.2.2  Christian (Spelled Chastiaan in the record) Wilkie bpt 15 Sept 1793 (Ref #7B)

2.2.3  Nelly Wilkie born 1800 (Ref #7B)

When married both Christian and Antje stated that they were residents of Remsen Bush (Town of Florida)


Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus

23 Sept 1769, Baptized 14 October 1769 at the Dutch Reformed Church Pompton Plains N.J.

John Eglin on 29 Nov 1790

18 April 1845 age 75


2.3.1  Bartholemus Eglin bpt 29 September 1792

2.3.2  Peter Doremus Eglin bpt 17 August 1794

2.3.3  Thomas Eglin born 14 July 1796

2.3.4  Annetje (Nancy) Eglin born 17 July 1798 married Alanson Avery likely in Town of Benson area They went to Oxford County Ontario about 1821/2 (Second great grandmother to RGM)

2.3.5  Cornelius Eglin Bpt 18 January 1801

2.3.6  Silas W. Eglin About 1806

See Eglin Family History and References by RGM for considerably more info on Catherine Dods, her husband John Eglin and their descendants


Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus

4 September 1771, baptized at Dutch Reform Church Pompton Plains Church on 20 September 1771. Sponsers Johannes Schemerhorn and Annatie Schermerhorn

c1790-91 to John Dehart (Ref #30) b: 13 Sep 1766 Elizabethtown, Essex Co, NJ d: Bef. 10 Apr 1833 Parsippany Morris Co, NJ

5 December 1847

Parsippany Morris County N.J.

(Re #30) Vail Genealogy an Gloria Ref #

2.4.1  Mary De Hart born 4 November 1791 died 17 July1793

2.4.2  Sarah De Hart born 3 February 1794 married 24 December 1812 to Isaac Quinby. (1788-1866) She died 4 October 1878. His father: Josiah Quinby, Jr Mother: Phebe Harrison

.........a. Phoebe Quinby b: 1815 d: 1894
.............+Davis Vail b: 1811 d: 1885 William Alonzo Vail b: 1849 d: 1904
...................+Katherine Lindsley b: 1853 d: 1886
....................5 Katherine 'DAR' Louise Vail b: New York City, NY
........................+A.A. Marsters
...............aii Mary I 'DAR' Vail b: Speedwell, NJ
...................+William Stevenson Applegate
...............aiii Emma 'DAR' Vail
...................+A. Halsey
.........b D. Eugene Quinby b: 1822 d: 1909
.............+Louise Harrison b: 1829 d: 1895 Clara Louise 'DAR' Quinby b: Hanover, NJ
...................+Edwin S. Wilson

2.4.3  Parmella De Hart born 27 September 1795 Died 1878 married Henry Harrison (1788-1866)

2.4.4  Jane Elizabeth De Hart born 5 April 1798 Died 1891 married Jacob Halloway 1784-1870 (Cheryl Hahn June/96)

2.4.5  John De Hart born 27 February 1800 died 25 September 1813

2.4.6  William De Hart born 17 June 1802 died 1 October 1813

2.4.7  Stephen De Hart born 8 July 1804 married Phebe Quinby

2.4.8  Julian De Hart born 7 August 1806 died 16 September 1807

2.4.9  Emoline De Hart born 2 November 1808 Died 1893 married Isaac Johnson - 1894 (Cheryl Hahn June/96)

2.4.10  Charles A. DeHart Born 15 February 1811 Halseytown, Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ d: 13 Jul 1894 Parsippany, NJ married Sarah J. Cobb born 1811 d: 15 Oct 1887 Newark,

.........a. Sarah A DeHart b: 10 Jul 1843 Newark, NJ d: 25 Jul 1934
.............+Benjamin S Condit b: Bef. 1843 m: 29 Oct 1867 Newark, NJ? d: 03 Sep 1903 Father: John O Condit Mother: Elizabeth Smith Jeannette W 'DAR' Condit b: 27 Oct 1868 Troy Hills, NJ
...................+John Collins b: Bef. 1868 m: 23 Oct 1884 Newark, NJ
.................... Christine Collins
.................... Marjorie Collins
...............*2nd Husband of Jeannette W 'DAR' Condit:
...................+Arnot Quinby b: Bef. 1868 m: 02 Sep 1908 Troy Hills, NJ
.................... Jeannette Quinby b: Aft. 1908
...............aii Charles DeHart Condit b: 13 Nov 1870
...............aiii Benjamin Condit b: 07 Apr 1872 d: 17 Jul 1872
...............aiv Grace Condit b: 20 Mar 1873 d: 08 Dec 1885

2.4.11  Henry De Hart born 29 March 1813 died 19 October 1813

2.4.12  John Jr DeHart (again) Born 18 November 1814 Halseytown, Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ d: 26 Nov 1880 Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ married Phoebe Hedges Baker b: 28 Nov 1815 New Jersey m: 25 Nov 1838 Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ d: 03 Jan 1914 Bloomfield, NJ Father: Jeremiah Baker Mother: Mary King

.........a. Mary Jane DeHart b: 26 Jan 1840 Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ d: 10 Apr 1907 Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ - never married
.........b John Newton DeHart, Jr, M.D. b: 15 Jul 1842 d: 29 Oct 1896
.........c Winfield Scott DeHart b: 03 Mar 1847 Halseytown, Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ d: 14 Dec 1905 Bloomfield, NJ .............+Female [_______] DeHart' m: ca 1905 New Jersey d: Deceased New Jersey

2.4.13  Mary De Hart (again) born 3 August 1820 married Michael Righter 1813-1861

The family lived at Parsippany Morris County N.J. John Dehart is also buried at Parsippany.  His will probated on 10 April 1833 names wife Jane, sons Stephen, John, Charles and Daughters Jane, Mary, Sarah, Prunella, Emeline. Executor his son in law Henry Harrison. See the Vail Genealogy (Ref #30) for info on John De Hart family.


Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus

Baptized 25 September 1774 at Pompton Plains Dutch Reform Church N.J.  Sponsers Cornelius Doremus and Antje Doremus

abt 1796 to Mary Glen (Ref# 24) (also Donald Keefer) who was born 15 June 1774 and died 10 April 1853 at the Town of Amsterdam (Ref #26) and is also buried in Dods Cemetery (Ref #18) on Cranes Hollow Road in the Town of Amsterdam

22 July 1849 at Town of Amsterdam (Ref #28)

Dods Cemetery Cranes Hollow Road Town of Amsterdam (Ref #18)


2.5.1. Maria Dods born 7 May 1797 (Ref #27) (10 May 1797 also Ref #27) Baptized 10 July 1797 at Dutch Reform Church at Schenectady.  Sponsors Bartholomew Dods and Maria Doremus. She married ? Tuttle who resided in Astoria (N.Y. City ?) in 1849 (Ref #1C & D)

2.5.2  John Dods baptized 31 May 1799 (Ref #27) (likely died young as an other child was named John)

2.5.3  Bartholomew Dods born 9 May 1803 bpt Woestina Church at Rotterdam (Ref #8) resided in Rochester Monroe County N.Y. in 1849 (Ref #1D)

2.5.4 * Jacob Dods born 27 February 1805 and died 15 April 1830 buried Dods Cemetery. (Ref #18) See after for his family

2.5.5 * John Dods born 27 November 1810 who died age 47 on 5 May 1858. He is buried Dods Cemetery (Ref #18) See after for his family

2.5.6  Elida Dods died 11 June 1824 age 11 buried Dods Cemetery (Ref #18)

2.5.7  Rachel Bloomer Dods may be Rachel Pocklington wife of Christopher Pocklington, who was living in Linsdale, Lenawee County Michigan in 1849 (Ref #1C&1D) (no Rachel Bloomer mentioned in probate)

2.5.8  Caty Ann (Catherine) Dods , She married Levi W. Severn(s) on 7 August 1838 at Presbyterian Church at Amsterdam (Ref #19D) and lived at Hope Hamilton County in 1849 (Ref #1D)

2.5.9  * Nancy Alida Dodds (Ref #16 F)(Ref #1C),

2.5.10  Jane Dods married VanSlyck Peck and lived at Bethel, Ontario County N.Y. in 1849 (Ref #1C & D)

2.5.11  Sarah Jane Dods, wife of Roswell G. Sammons who resided in Amsterdam in 1849 and in 1895 when her mother Mary died (Ref #1D & E). Roswell Sammons or the family is not listed in 1860 Census of Montgomery County

2.5.12  (perhaps) Hester Dods born 27 February 1821 and died 9 January 1848 buried Dods Cemetery Cranes Hollow Road Amsterdam (Ref #18)

The history of Montgomery County states that Cornelius settled in 1793 on the farm (in the Town of Amsterdam) that his grandson Cornelius Dods now (1878) lives on (Ref #27).  (I, RGM assume that Cornelius lived on or neat the Cranes Hollow Road between Cranesville and Manny's corners).  Cornelius was a soldier in the War of 1812 (Ref #27).  He purchased land (See Ref # 16C) from his father, Bartholomew.


(amended 1 Feb 2000 - from typed notes of Mrs. Frank Becken of the 1930's via Tom Doganieri 3668 Black Brant Dr, Liverpool N.Y. 13090 Email )

Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus

Likely the child baptized 18 September 1776 as "Feelitje" at the Dutch Reform Church Pompton Plains Church N.J.

23 Dec 1797 to Hendrick Staley

Staley Cemetery She may be buried as Decilla Dods, wife of Henry C Staley who died 29 March 1865 age 88 years 6 months and 11 days (G/S Ref) and who is buried in the Graveyard on the farm just beyond Corbin Hill School House, south of the farm house on the Montgomery - Schoharie County line (Ref #19B) referred to as the Unnamed or Staley Graveyard in the Town of Charlestown.  She was age 84 and living with her son George in the 1860 Federal census of the Town of Charlestown


2.6.1  Jane Staley born 20 August 1798 and bpt 21 August 1798 Schenectady D.R. Ch.  Listed as Jenny in Pearson's First Settlers of Schenectady page 175.  Died Nov 1898 buried Staley Graveyard.  Jane married Wm Suiter who seems to be missing from the list of occupants of the Staley Graveyard

children all buried Staley Graveyard

  • William L Suitor died 22 Aug 1830 age 2 yr 0 mons and 6 days
  • Susan Suitor died 18 Aug 1839 age 5 yrs 2 mo and 22 days
  • John B. Suitor died 11 Sept 1848 age 9 yrs 0 mons 17days
  • Thomas W. Suitor born 23 December 1829 and died 3 April 1880
  • Her father's will refers to her as "Jane Shoots"

    2.6.2  Maria (Minervia) Staley bpt 5 December 1799 Schenectady D. R.C.  Listed as Mary in Pearson's "First Settlers of Schenectady." She married Milton Woods.  She died 11 March 1822 and is buried Staley Graveyard as Maria Staley Wood age 22 yrs 3 mon and 6 days as wife of Milton Wood.  Milton died May 25 1848 age 48 and is also buried Staley Graveyard.  Anglica Wood, also wife of Milton Wood buried Staley Graveyard.  She died 18 Nov 1856 age 52 yrs 3 mon and 0 days and 2 of Milton's children Richard Wood died 8 Feb 1856 age 29 yrs 5 mons and 26 days and Aaron M. Wood died 12 November 1853 age 25 years 6 months 5 days.  There was also a child George Wood.  Maria was not mentioned in her father's will as she was deceased

    2.6.3  George Staley born 10 January 1802 (not mentioned in Mrs Becken' notes and not in Henricks will) In the 1860 census of Town of Charlestown, Montgomery County page 125.  The following are listed George Staley 59, Susan 42, Rebecca?? 23 and George 15 also living with them is George's Mother, Celia (Dods) Staley age 84

    2.6.4  Oliver Staley born 20 November 1804 bpt Woestina Church at Rotterdam (Ref #8) (Ref #25 gives 20 November 1803) (not mentioned in Mrs Becken's notes and not in Hendricks will)

    2.6.5  Sally Ann Staley born 31 May 1806 married ? Little (Littel)

    children Decilla Littel and Mary C. Littel (in her father's will)

    2.6.6  Susan Staley born 16 June 1809 died 19 December 1864 age 55 yrs 6 mons and 9 days buried Staley Graveyard Town of Charlestown (seems to have been unmarried).  Her will gives some additional family info (but I do not have the will) Mentioned in her father's will

    2.6.7  Jacob Staley born 11 August 1811 died 20 January 1895 and buried Staley Graveyard married E. Jane Winter born 15 July 1814 and died 22 Sept (1909?) also buried Staley Graveyard.

  • Daughter Julia H Staley buried Staley Graveyard born 1838 died 1839.
  • William J Staley 1842-1862, likely a memorial Gravestone
  • Adelbert D. Staley 1843-1863, likely a memorial Gravestone
  • GAR markers on both graves one or both killed in Civil War.  Jacob was in his father's will.

    2.6.8  Eliza Esther Staley born 25 May 1817 died 29 March 1894 bur Staley Graveyard married John A. Phelps G/S in Staley Graveyard but no dates

  • dau Emma Adell Phelps Mentioned in her father's will
  • 2.6.9  William H. Staley born 8 August 1819 Montgomery County went to Schoharie County 12 April 1833, married Rebecca Ottman of Steward 11 October 1849

  • children Virginia, Maria A., Wesley, Leslie. lives Town of Sharon, Schoharie Cty, Post Office Sharon Springs, farmer 115 acres and assessor (Reference page XXIV of History of Schoharie County New York 1713-1882 Volume 1 by William E Rosco)
  • 2.6.10  Catherine mentioned in her father's will but not in Family records. marr Un/K Barhuff

    Hendrick had grandchildren Jerome H, John ,Rebecca, Lodusky and Josephine Staley and grandau Mary? Bowman (whose children these were is not known)

    Mrs Becken refers to the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record of July 1926 (or 1928) page 270 or 276 (can't read numbers)

    Hendrick Staley was son of George Staley and was baptized 9 June 1777 at Schenectady N.Y. He made his will 23 June 1837. He died 24 June 1837 at age 60 years 1 month and 2 days. His will was proven 21 August 1837. Montgomery County Wills.  He was buried Staley Cemetery. (Ref #27) When they married their place of residence was given as Corry's Boss (present Town of Charlestown Montgomery County)(See ref #7A) (info credited to Laduska Staley (Relationship U/K).  Staley Graveyard info from Montgomery County Genweb see More Small Cemeteries of Charlestown Montgomery County

    George Staley was born 6 July 1753 in Tewsbury Twp Hunterdon N.J. Died 29 March 1819 (poor writing) George married 1775 by Rev Johnson temporary pastor of Duanesburg and Schenecatdy to Jane (Jenny , Janett) Mackall (McColl) born 21 June 1753 died 5 July 1818

    George in 1790 census of Schenectady Florida Church from Schnectady in 1808 children Anna, Hendrick, Maria, Betsy, Susan and George

    George Staley' father died 1782 and live Hunterdon Cty by 1753 He bought land in Corry 's Bush Montgomery Cty in 1764. Children given as Matthias, Harmanus, Hendrick, Jacob George, Rulif (Oliver?) and maybe 5 daus

    THOMAS DODS #1.7

    Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus

    Baptized 20 August 1778 at Pompton Plains Dutch Reform Church. Sponsers Tamme Dods, Elizabeth Dods

    1. 24 Feb 1802 to Lodewe Filkins at Schenectady Dutch Reform Church (Ref #7A). She was the daughter of Jacobus(James ) Filkins born 1739 and Eleanora Phillips born 1731
    2. perhaps Amy ? Cheryl Hahn (June /96) gives second wife as Elizabeth Van Houten

    12 November 1840 age 62

    Buried Dods Cemetery (Ref #18)


    2.7.1.  Sally Ann Dods born 13 November 1803 Bpt Woestina Church Rotterdam N.Y.(Ref #8)

    2.7.2.  Samantha Dods born 12 Sept 1805, Baptized 20 October 1805 Woestina Church (Ref #8)

    2.7.3  Perhaps John H. Dods born 5 March or May 1807 died 12 June 1864 Buried Dods Cemetery shown on Grave Stone as son of Thos. & Amy (Ref #18).  Likely the same John Dods who married Sarah Laribee (who was born about 1812) at Presbyterian Church at Amsterdam on 28 February 1839 (Ref #19D) Sarah died 13 July 1860 at age 48 (Ref #24) At the time of her death she was described as the widow of John Dods.

    But this John did not die until June 1864 so maybe she married a different John Dods HELP !

    This seems to be the same family that is listed in 1860 census of the Town of Amsterdam page 571 Family #561 house #521 , John Dods age 53, farmer, Sarah W. Dodds age 49, both born Town of Amsterdam Living with them in the same house was perhaps a Hammond (or Hammauer family) (the writing is impossible.) He was 28, wife Margaret 26 and son William 2

    HULDAH DODS #1.11

    Bartholomew Dods and Mary Doremus

    Mentioned in her Father's will as Huldah Flansburg (no baptism yet found)

    by 1802 to Joseph Flansburg who was bpt 15 Nov 1781 in Schenectady DRC N.Y


    2.11.1  Richard Flansburg born 5 Feb 1803 bpt 8 May 1803 Schenecatdy DRC

  • son William born abt 1837 who married Jane and had 3 children
  • Frank Flansburgh born abt 1859, William born abt 1865 and Birtha born abt 1874
  • 2.11.2  Maria Flansburg born 20 July 1804, bpt 16 sept 1804 at Schenectady DRC

    2.11.3  * Bartholemew Flansburg born 2 July 1809 died 2 May 1882

    Joseph Flansburgh was the son of Dirk Flansburgh 1751-aft 1832 and Alida Vander Werken 1758- Married 22 Oct 1779 at Albany. Dirk's parents were Joseph Flensburgh (1720- ) and Elisabet Feling (1727-) who were married 8 Nov 1749 at Schenectady DRC (info from Darin Flansburg) ( .asp)

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