Dods Family

Bartholemeus Dods of Benson Twp

John Dods and Catalyntje Schermerhorn (Ref 7A &B)

Bpt 18 May 1746 at Schenectady Dutch Reform Church (Ref #7B)
(Ref #30)
Sponsors Jan Reyer Schermerhorn and Engeltje Vrooman,

14 Sept 1769 at Pompton Plains Dutch Reform Church Morris County. N.J. to Mary (Maria) (Marjyje) Doremus daughter of Cornelis Doremus and Antje Yong (Ref #2, #3) (note that Baptismal records of the Dutch Reform Church at Pompton Plains Church records indicate that John, Anna and Catherine were all born prior to the marriage date.

However the Vail Genealogy (Ref #30) states that they were married c 1766. (which seems more likely and I am assuming is reasonably correct)

Mary was born 17 May 1746 and was the daughter of Cornelius Doremus and Antje Yong (See after for Doremus Family)

March 1808 in the Town of Benson, Hamilton County N.Y (Ref #4)

likely Town of Benson altho the location is u/k (Ref Abner history of Hamilton County)

It is not known how long that Bartholemeus Dods and his wife Mary Doremus remained in Morris County N.J. after they were married in 1766. They likely remained there until after 1782. He owned land at Beavertown N.J. in 1773 (Ref #30)

A "Bartholemeus" and a "John Dods" were listed at Pequannock Morris County in the 1778-80 Revolutionary Census of New Jersey (Ref #23). He was of Beaverstown (Ref Whittemore's Orange N.J.)

It appears that Bartholomeus served in the Revolution on the American side as one of descendants (Ref #28) made application about 1940 to join the DAR using a letter from the Adjutant General of New Jersey.

In the Vail Genealogy (Ref #30) it states that Bartholomeus and his brother Thomas and his father John Dodds put in claims for damage that occurred during the Revolution in amount of 30 Pounds 10 shillings in 1781.

Bartholemeus was in New York City in May of 1781 when son Bartholomew was baptized but back in Pompton Plains when daughter Maartje was baptized in October 1782.

Bartholemus moved to Schenectady after 1872 and settled on lands that he inherited from his mother Catherine Schermerhorn.

The family were in the Schenectady N.Y. area by April 1787 when son Jacob (child #12) was baptized at Schenectady Dutch Reform Church.(Ref #7B)

In May 1788, Bartholemeus purchased a portion of Lot 22 of the Patent granted to William Corry in the present town of Charlestown Montgomery County (Ref #16A).

In the 1790 Federal census of Montgomery County in the Town of Mohawk, Bartholemeus is listed as 4 males 16 years and up , 2 males under 16 and 8 females

In March 1793 the Town of Mohawk was divided into the Town of Charleston and Florida

In September of 1790 the Dods were living in the Town of Florida (Montgomery County) as the marriage records of the Schenectady Church give the residence of both Antje and Catherine Dods as Remsenboss (Town of Florida). However by 1797 when Seatty (Sarah) Dods was married to Hendrick Staley their residence was given as Corry's Boss (Town of Glen) (Ref #7A) (If entry was intended to be Corry's bush then the residence was in the Present day Town of Princeton, Schenectady County)

On 11 May 1801 Bartholemeus purchased 348.25 acres then in the Town of Mayfair in Fulton County and gave his residence as the Town of Florida (Ref #16B). This property, Lot 6 and 55 of the Benson Tract at the intersection of Hamilton County Road 6 and North Street was in the present Town of Benson after Hamilton county was created and the Town of Benson "set off" from The Town of Hope in 1860. North Street runs northerly from Road 6 between along the east side of Lots 55 and 66 toward Cathead Mountain. Altho Bartholomeus may have been a farmer in the Town of Florida, it is likely he purchased the Town of Benson property for the timber. Altho portions of Lot 6 have been cleared and farmed at one time, Lot 55 appears too rough and rocky to have been farmed on any meaningful scale.

It appears that Bartholomeus' son-in-law, John Eglin engaged in the lumber trade as when in 1830 and 1831 the Eglins (Thomas and John) transferred part of Lot 34 of the Glenn, Beeker and Lansing patents (about 2 miles west of the Dods property), the transferred property was referred to as the Eglin mill lot (the North Branch of Stoney Creek runs thru lot 34 and one might presume that the Eglins had built a saw mill on the property.

In February 1804 Bartholomeus sold a portion of Lot 9 in the Subdivision of Lot 4 of XIII Allotment of the Kayaderosseras Patent to his son Cornelis Dods. This property appears to be on the Crane's Hollow Road in the Town of Amsterdam (Montgomery County) about a half mile south of the Saratoga road (New York State Highway # 67). This property likely included the present Dods Cemetery on Crane's Hollow Road. (Ref #16C) In June of 1806, he sold Lot 4 of the Benson Tract and the southern part of Lot 57 of the Benson Tract in the Township of Benson.

In his will (Ref #16A) Bartholomeus gave property to his sons

To Bartholomew Jr, he gave lot 6 of the Benson Tract and to Jacob, Lot 55 of the Benson Tract. He also gave them a part of Lot 4 of the Benson Tract (south side of Road 6, approx 1 mile east of North Street.

Aber and King in their "History of Hamilton County" page 360 state "Bartholomew and Mary Dods came to Benson from New Jersey about 1800. Bartholomeus died there in March 1808. His son John Dods born in 1764 remained in Benson with his wife Margaret, born in New York State until after 1850. John's son Daniel Dods, born in 1814 continued to live in Benson with his wife Hannah and parents during the 1850's. By 1860 the Dods had left town."

The 1825 New York Census of the Town of Hope lists John Dodds (Ref #13). It is likely that this was Bartholemeus' son John.

Mary Dods' son Jacob Dods, in a will made 20 October 1811 and probated 7 December 1811 (Ref #1B), left his property in the Town of Mayfair to his mother (who was not given a name in the will) and very likely left Lot 55 of the Benson Tract to his brother Bartholomew Dods (altho the exact property was not named in the will). (The Town of Mayfair altho now in Fulton County was not "set off" from Montgomery County until 1838)

Just when Mary Dods moved from Benson to the Town of Amsterdam, Fulton County is not known but her death is recorded in the records of the First Dutch Reform Church of Amsterdam at Manny's Corners as the 16th August 1821 at age 74.(Ref #6)

Whether she was buried in the Dods Cemetery is not known but as the oldest gravestone is dated 1824 (Elida Dods) one might believe so. (Ref #18)

The 1850 Federal census (Ref #11) lists a "John Dods" age 86 (thus born about 1764

{This poses a question as Bartholemeus and Maria Doremus did not marry until 1769 or at the earliest 1766) and the only Johannis found was born in 1767. Is the record (age in 1850 census) in error (not unusual) and thus Aber's assumption re birthdate incorrect.

Did Bartholemeus have another wife Maria before Maria Doremus, in this case he would have had children when he was about 18 years of age or was this John not a son of Bartholomew)

(We however end up with a lot of children for Bartholomeus (14 in all for sure. Perhaps he had a brother(s) in the area. HELP!!} See after for Doremus Family


14 at least, 13 mentioned in his will (Ref #1A) Engeltje was not mentioned in her fathers will Cheryl Hahn (June /96) adds Altye Dods.  The name Dods is on occasion written in the records as Dodd, Dodds and Dodge

* indicates more info after

1.1  * John (Johannis) Dods, baptized 1 August 1767 at Dutch Reform Church Pompton Plains N.J.

1.2  * Anna (Antje) Dods, baptized 14 Mar 1769 (IGI)

1.3  * Catherine Dods born 23 Sept 1769, Baptized 14 October 1769 at the Dutch Reformed Church Pompton Plains N.J.

1.4  * Jannetje (Jane) Dods Born 4 September 1771, baptized at Dutch Reform Church Pompton Plains Church on 20 September 1772.

1.5  * Cornelius Dods Baptized 25 September 1774 at Pompton Plains Dutch Reform Church N.J.

1.6  * Seaty (Seeltye) (Sarah) (Sally) Dods.  Likely the child baptized 18 September 1776 as "Seelitje" at the Dutch Reform Church Pompton Plains Church N.J. Sponsers John Dods and Selitje Dods (grandfather and his second wife)

1.7  * Thomas Dods Baptized 21 August 1778 at Pompton Plains Dutch Reform Church.

1.8  Annequilla Dods Perhaps the "Aaltje" that was baptized 12 October 1780 at Pompton Plains Church. She married ? Van Hosen (Ref #1A)

1.9  Bartholomew Dods Baptized 6 May 1781 at New York (Ref #2f).  Mentioned in his father's will of March 1808 (Ref #1A).In the Federal Census of 1830 "a" Bartholomew Dodds was listed in the Town of Cambridge, Washington County N. Y. (Ref #14). Not listed in 1860 census of Montgomery County

1.10  Moriah Dods perhaps the Maartje baptized 18 October 1782 at Pompton Plains. Single when her father died in 1808 (Ref #1A)

1.11  * Huldah Dods married Joseph Flansburgh (Ref #1A) (Ref #31) (Leatrice Doolen July /99)

1.12  Jacob Dods Born 21 April 1787 and baptized 24 June 1787 at Schenectady Dutch Reform Church (Ref #7B) Sponsors were Hendrick Banta and Engeltje Schermerhorn. He died October-November 1811, likely in the town of Mayfair, was unmarried (as no wife mentioned in his will) (Ref #1B)

1.13  Rachel Dods born 16 Dec 1789 and baptized 7 March 1790 Schenectady Dutch Reform Church (Ref #7B) Sponsers Johannes Van Wurmer, Rachel Van Wormer She was single when her father died in 1808 (Ref #1A) She married Isaac P. Mead (June/96 Cheryl Hahn)

1.14  Engeltje Dods born 16 December 1789 Schenectady Dutch Reform Church twin to Rachel and baptized at same time, Sponsers Adam Vroman, Engeltje Schermhorn (Ref #7B) not mentioned in her father's will in March 1808 (Ref #1A) so it is presumed she died young.

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