Hart Family of Morehouse

The following was donated by Helen Wheatley.

Taken from their family records:

William Hart, born in London, Eng. on Sept. 18, 1815, and Antoinette Olivia Herbst, born in Amsterdam, Holland, on May 2, 1822, were married by the Rev. Martin on July 28, 1843.  Both died in Morehouseville, William. on June 18, 1895 and Antoinette on April 13, 1884.

The following children were born to them:

  1. John William Joseph born in Morehouseville April 13, 1845, died Aug. 18, 1864 in Virginia during the Civil War.
  2. Anna Elizabeth born in Bethuneville on July 4, 1847, died July 26, 1908.  Never married.
  3. Margaretha Theodore born in Marcy on Jan. 10, 1849, married Giles Becraft on Sept. 20, 1877, died Warren, Pa. on Jan. 4, 1930.
  4. Anna Sophia Josephine born in Marcy on April 17, 1850, married Alvah Park in 1874, died in 1909 in Utica
  5. Walter Ulrich born Jan. 20, 1852, Marcy, married Emma Krebbs on Dec. 20, 1884, died in Utica, Feb. 5, 1911.
  6. John Alfred born April 20, 1854, Marcy, never married, died June 3, 1924 in Morehouseville.
  7. Ulric Theodore born June 2, 1856, Marcy, married Mary (?) Kreuzer. died in Albany .  (Ulric was father to long -time Town Clerk Henry Hart)
  8. Herman Edwin born May 6, 1858, Marcy, never married, died July 19, 1897.
  9. Charles Oliver born May 7, 1860 in Morehouseville, married Eleanor Boh, died ?

Additional Notes:

Rebecca Hart, sister of William Hart, was born in 1817 in London, never married, died in Town of Russia at home of her niece, Anna Sophia Park, on March 25, 1890.

Joseph Hart, brother of William Hart, was born in 1810, in London, never married, died in Morehouseville on April 27, 1873.

William, Antoinette, Margaretha (grandma), John Alfred, Herman, Anna Elizabeth, Joseph and Rebecca are buried in Morehouse in the Hart cemetery.

The Hart house was the big house with the star in the peak--has been razed.

Walter and his wife are buried in the Ohio cemetery.  Ulric, wife and son (Henry) are buried in Albany.  Charles and his wife once lived in the house where Chas.and Jan Reynolds now live.  I don't know where they are buried--probably Utica area.  Anna Sophia and her husband are probably buried in the Trenton or Utica area.


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